VAEGABOND - Our book, our new setup & our world tour through India as well as Nepal

We're really exhausted, everything, that's happened lately and everything that's still to come... but of course, we're super excited about that! It has been 3,5 years since we've started this world tour, it's crazy how the time flies by! Last time, we've been back in Germany for a very short time to replace our entire equipment and organize our book! Yes excactly, OUR FIRST BIKE WORLD TOUR BOOK! We can't believe we're authors now :)
„VERREIST, VERFOLGT, VERHEIRATET. Eine abenteuerliche Radreise durch Marokko!“ This is the title of our first book, which we've finally released just lately! The book is for every dreamer, traveller & explorer and is perfect for a gift. We're so proud and happy, that we could realize our heart project. Also a big thanks to all, that supported us over the book campagne or donations and that contributed to this! THANKS! More about our first world tour book and a glance into the book here:
The second big change is about our equipment! Day for day, we are dependant on our reliable and waterproof equipment for in total 5 years (or more?), with every weather, every season and in every terrain from desert to mountain stage - that doesn't only concern the tents or the bike bags. Afer 3,5 years of touring the world by bike, we're now switching to new bikes, that are not only a well fit for normal paved paths, but also off road paths. Both are now equipped with a Velotraum Finder of which we've adjusted the components to our needs. Of course, we chose the maintenance low Rohloff hub again, that completely convinced us and provided us with excellent service over the past world tour years. We already really looking forward to go off the road with our bikes, because there's one thing we already know - the route of our coming stages is not for the weak :)
Mittlerweile sind wir schon in das 22te Land unserer Fahrrad Weltreise eingeradelt – nach Nepal! Gerade bereiten wir uns auf die kommende Etappe vor, denn wir wollen den Annapurna Circuit radeln. Das wird zwar richtig anstrengend, wir müssen wahrscheinlich sehr viel schieben, aber die Aussicht soll gewaltig sein! Wir sind richtig gespannt, welche Abenteuer uns dort erwarten!
After a short break in Delhi, we already moved on to Varanasi, which is often described as the cultural capital of India. The place is one of the oldest habited cities in the world. Aside from the what felt like thousand of other indians and a few tourists trying to squeeze through the alleys with us, you could really feel the spiritual character of the city a bit. Varanasi lies directly at the river ganges, that is holy for the Hindus and where many pilgrims wash off their sins. There are also many Hindus coming here, that are about to die to break the everlasting cycle of being reborn with a traditional cremation. In the evening we were able to get one of the many boats so we could watch the so called „Puja“, a worshiping ceremony on the land. Really a extraordinary experience!
We've now come to the 22nd country of our world tour - Nepal! We are currently preparing for the coming stage, because we want to cycle the Annapurna Circuit. That will be really exhausting, we will probably have to push a lot, but the view is rumored to be breathtaking! We really excited for what adventures await us there!

Best wishes from on the way, Melli & Dani Gree
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