VAEGABOND - Soon we'll go on – The permit is here

There we are again and now it's finally time: We have a residency permit for Turkey! After calling the authorities in Antalya multiple time (with no reaction), we ended up coming there without an appointment. Our papers were taken our of a shelf being pretty crunched up and after 3 months of waiting we were told, that our pass photos are not biometric enough for Turkey. Funny, even more biometric than in Germany, is that even possible? They told us to make new ones. Alright, but couldn't they have just told us that a few months ago? Blank faces, unfortunately we didn't get an actual answer to that. So we went ahead and made sure we'd get those photos and not even 1 week later we had the residency permit in our hands. We paid 330€ each for that including additional turkish health insurance (non turkish insurances do not get accpeted), all extra costs as well as noatry etc.

We have even more news! Not long ago we got together with other bike travelers and founded a bike travel regular table. The first meeting has already taken place – and that in our livestream on Things like this will come more often from now on, where all participating globetrotters will unpack all types of interesting travel stories and answer the questions of the viewers. An amazing format, that we will definitely further work on.

In the past months we have done an incredible lot of things, enhance the website, wrote manynew articles, for example about navigation on bike tours, how to properly save money for your tour and an article on perfect wild camping. We're so unbelievably glad, that we found new friends here in Antalya, whose couch we could use the entire time! This way we could save a bit of money for times, when we really need to go to a hostel... Who know us knows, that our current daily budget is between 3,50€ and 5€. Therefore we are even more thankful for our turkish friends, for sharing their roof with us so we can work.

Because if you'd calculate it correctly, our savings are absolutely not enough for the way over to Japan. That's why we try to organise it as good as possible and also earn a little bit on the way. Keep your fingers crossed for us, that it works out! We will definitely continue living our dream and share all our experiences with you!

We super thrilled we urgently want to cycle on. That's why we've got enough from the computer now and absolutely want to cycle on. The route will lead us further to the east to Mardin and towards the georgian border. We'll see if they're even open when we get there. We're excited! 

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