Company Philosophy

A good company philosophy must be realistic. A good company philosophy must mediate values. A good company philosophy sets the foundation on which the company acts.

We at Rohloff allow our daily actions to be directed by true facts…or put a different way:
No slogans – just facts!  This phrase has accompanied us throughout the entire Rohloff company history.

The Rohloff name is synonymous with long-term success. Our success is built upon the trust and dependability of all our staff, customers, dealers and subcontractors.

Keeping promises

Loyal customers know when they purchase a Rohloff product, that they can depend on us to deliver what we promise We publish detailed information on all our products so customers can educate themselves on the quality in advance of purchase. In addition, we are constantly investing in the quality of existing and the further development of new products to ensure our product selection remains contemporary and attractive for all Rohloff customers – new and old.
Partner choice

Partner choice

The extremely high standard of quality that Rohloff strive for is of course equally expected from all our subcontractors and partners worldwide. For this reason, all Rohloff partners are selected for their quality as opposed to focusing purely on sales figures. This characteristic has become synonymous with the Rohloff name and continues to play a major role in the upkeep of our company reputation for fairness and dependability. This is a two-way street and the Rohloff AG equally prides itself on our fair and dependable nature of trading. As such, we are proud to state that the vast majority of our business relationships have remained true for many years/decades. Although we have and continue to set many new trends, long term innovation and development can only remain possible thanks to the constant readiness of all our trading partners.


Analyze. Improve. Re-develop. A constant process at Rohloff.

From riders, for riders

A company is nothing without motivated employees. Motivation is the key to producing high quality products and the best employees are the best requisite for a stable company success.  Rohloff believe strongly in the concept of fair trade and equality. We have always ensured both sexes of Rohloff employee receive an equal pay for equal labor and have a great understanding for the sometimes-strenuous juggle of work and family, ready to discuss compromises where necessary.

One world

Global natural resources need sustaining and our own individual carbon footprint needs tob e kept in check. These are the two most important challenges of the modern age. We at Rohloff know that the initial investment in environmental conservation is not cheap. We also know however that this is an investment and not a short-term project. That steps are necessary if we want to preserve the world we love for future generations. We therefore feel it our duty to act responsibly and develop products and production processes, use packaging and transportation which offer as little environmental impact as possible. With this in mind, we regularly review the emissions of both Rohloff premesis and infrastructure, searching for ways to reduce our footprint further, doing our bit for the future of our planet.

Athletic support

The support of young, upcoming athletes is equally important to the sustainability of both sport and industry. Achievements in sport not only help promote our brand, but also directly help us build better products to enrich the cycle trade. The extreme application of our products in training and races alike, is the best way to fully investigate the weaknesses and thus help improve product design and production.

No Slogans just facts!