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Regardless of the type of cyclist you are, be it athletic, commuter, touring etc., when you mount your bicycle, you choose an extremely effective form of transportation and in doing so, play your part in conserving the environment. A SPEEDHUB 500/14 is the perfect transmission for those wishing to cycle rather than wrench on their bike. The resulting, reliable drivetrain, not only saves time in the workshop, but also saves money thanks to the number and size of components remaining subject to wear-and-tear.

Obviously not everywhere is as flat as Holland – the topology of some cities is far from flat and even. The SPEEDHUB provides a huge overall gear ratio to ensure you are able to cycle uphill as easily as you can down. Put your trust in an unusually durable product, capable of being transferred to future generations and from one bike to the next as it outlives all other components. That is what we call sustainability. Made in Germany.

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