Dream Team: Central Motor + SPEEDHUB: Minimal Weight, Additional Range.

Aesthetic has an ideal measure: the golden ratio. The motor and transmission of a bicycle possess this ideal, too: The position of the motor in the middle and gears in the rear wheel. This advantage becomes immediately recognizable: Lift your SPEEDHUB equipped E-Bike and you will feel the harmonic, even distribution of weight. Additionally, a lower system weight making it easier to handle you bike will increase cycling pleasure no end. No other bicycle transmission is durable enough to sustain the constant high forces applied by S-Pedelec (up to 45km/h) for longer periods.

The Rohloff-SPEEDHUB is the perfect partner for mid, front-, and bottom bracket located motors. Thanks to a particularly high and continuous efficiency – the highest in its classification – nearly th100% of input energy will be transferred into forward drive. Your advantage: an extended range and a perfectly timed gear shift. Therewith, E-cargo bikes will profit, too. Heavier loads can be transported in the best ecological way. The SPEEDHUB is constructed in such a way to withstand maximum stresses – it can certainly not be destroyed by the typical forces of regular cycling. Whatever you intend to deliver with your bike, our transmission can cope!

Putting the motor in the central position of an E-Bike really is the clever solution. It functions under minimum torque, it is extremely reliable even under higher pressure, and it generally constructed at a lower weight. This results in minimum loads applied to the frame. Therefore, with the SPEEDHUB in the rear wheel, only a small strain will be re-distributed back into the system. Thus, a double advantage resulting in a longer bicycle life. Of course, the SPEEDHUB can be combined with a retrofit E-motor. Our IGH is the ideal complementary bicycle transmission for all mid, front, and bottom bracket located motors.

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