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Active for cycling. The sponsorship of Rohloff is diverse. From the amateur to the professional and racing series like the regional Rohloff Cup to the direct support of top athletes worldwide. In doing so, we see top sport not only in the respective races, but rather the sporting top performance in epochal travel companies in their most original form. We also like to support the athletes.

Rohloff is committed to cycling. Many national and international successes with Rohloff products are the fruits of our meticulous work. Many races and racing series are success stories through our support year after year. A sponsorship that benefits every Rohloff driver. 

Tilmann Waldthaler

Rider: Tilman Waldthaler

Discipline: Bicycle tours


Tilmann rides the Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14 cross both America's continents.


What else can be said about Tilmann Waldthaler? He's one of the most known if not the most famous bike traveller ever. Since 1977 he has almost been riding 400,000km on his bike crossing 108 different countries. Beginning of October 2001 he has changed the drive train on his Koga Miyata World Traveller to a Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14 and ran off immediately on his tour from Alaska cross America to Patagonia. 


He writes the following about the Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14 under equipment:


Up to now I´ve only ridden approx. 75.000km with the Rohloff products but I´ve been so impressed after this period of time. I had used Shimano and Campagnolo products for so many years and then finally decided to try something different and new. I've ridden over many bumps and passes in the states since October 8th and I´ve been convinced already over the quality of the products. Simply when changing a tyre, I think back to the decision to go with Rohloff products.


Look up under: www.tilmann.com

Elena V. Poddubnaja and Oliver Schmidt

Fahrer: Elena V. Poddubnaja and Oliver Schmidt

Discipline: Bicycle tours


A journey on the track of well-known naturalists of the last centuries, who have contributed a lot to the discovery and exploration of Siberia, Kamchatka and Alaska. Prime concern of this challenging expedition is to  follow the travelroute of Georg Wilhelm Steller (1709-1746), who - as the first scientist - on behalf of czar Peter the Great set foot on Alaska. Steller's long missed diaries have been found, looked through and newly published by the Hallensian scientist Dr. Wieland Hintzsche, who found these treasures in the archives of the Russian Academy of Siences in St. Petersburg some years ago. Because of these notes it is now possible on detail to trail behind Steller's route more than 270 years after his depart from Germany. But Elena and Oliver have not used horse carriages or sailing ships as means of transport, but bicycles and ocean kayaks to start, master and complete this demanding journey over 35,000 km by bike and 5,000km by kayak.


Accompanied by illnesses and tick-attacks after their tour through Gdansk/Poland, St. Petersburg/Russia and the Western-Siberian region of Novosibirsk, they reached lake Baikal after 9,600 km on their bikes. The 22nd  june 2005 marked nearly one third of the cycle route: a distance of 10,000km. Elena and Oliver's racing bikes overcame their way across icy, muddy and pathless terrain excellently. The 31st August 2005, after 13,913km, they reached a further important stage: the Seaport of Magadan by the Ochotskian Sea. After almost eight months on the bike at temperatures up to 50°C and below zero, thy started a canoe tour through Yakutia/ Russia which unfortunately didn't end in Cherski at the Arctic Ocean but - after 1,034km - about 700km further south in Magadan at the end of October 2005. Early in November 2005, the two extreme athletes flew to Kamchatka, a peninsula in Russia's easternmost region and home of Elena. On 24th November 2005, only Oliver arrived at Anchorage(Alaska, 264 years after the famous scientist, Physician and theologist Steller did his botanical examinations there. Oliver and Elena were meeting again in Canada at the end of December 2005. From the North of Canada they were planning to reach the Hudson Bay and the peninsula of Labrador. Thr route is leading on to Iceland, the Faeroe Islands, to the Shetland Islands and the British Isles, straight through Scandinavia and back to Germany, where the bicycle tour is expected to end after one and a half years.


More information (in German): www.terracirca.de

Peter Smolka

Fahrer: Peter Smolka

Disziplin: Radreise (200.000 km mit der Speedhub)

Er ist wieder unterwegs. Peter Smolka macht gerade seine zweite Weltumrundung auf dem Fahrrad. 2013 ist er losgefahren und 2017 möchte er in Erlangen zurück sein.

Peter Smolka ist ebenfalls ein "alter Hase" mit 40 Jahren Radreise-Erfahrung. Er hat als erster Fahrer die Welt mit einer Speedhub umrundet (71.000 Kilometer durch 55 Länder auf fünf Kontinenten - 2000 bis 2004 mit dem Getriebe Nr. 4711 - siehe auch: www.lemlem.de )Bis auf die kurzen Äthiopien-Expeditionen begannen alle seine Reisen vor der Haustür. Flüge versucht Peter Smolka zu vermeiden. Auf seiner ersten Weltumrundung reiste er von Südafrika nach Brasilien fünf Wochen in einer Segelyacht über den Atlantik. Auf der aktuellen, zweiten Weltumradlung fuhr er von Shanghai nach Kanada mit einem Containerschiff.Peter hat ungezählte Beiträge für Zeitungen, Magazine und Bücher verfasst. Er ist Autor des Pietsch-Buches "Fahrrad-Abenteuer Westafrika" und des Reise-Know-How-Bestsellers "Rad ab!".Zu seiner zweiten Weltumradlung ( www.tour-de-friends.de ) startete Peter im März 2013 mit zehn Grußschreiben des Erlanger Oberbürgermeisters an alle Erlanger Partnerstädte. Die ersten drei Briefe hat er in Wladimir (Russland), Riverside (USA) und in San Carlos (Nicaragua) inzwischen übergeben. Mit dem Homepage-Projekt sammelt er außerdem sehr erfolgreich Spenden für "Ärzte ohne Grenzen".Mittlerweile hat Peter rund 200.000 Kilometer SPEEDHUB-Erfahrung. Er ist absolut überzeugt von dieser Technik: "Lineares Schalten, ideale Abstände zwischen den Gängen, die Gänge sind immer 'drin', Schalten im Stand, Unempfindlichkeit gegen Sand und Staub - ich bin wirklich begeistert. Bernd Rohloffs SPEEDHUB ist in meinen Augen genial!"


Weitere Infos: http://www.tour-de-friends.de/

Weitere Berichte auf der Rohloff Seite

Waltraud Schulze & Andy Heßberg

Riders: Andreas Hessberg and Waltraud Schulze

Team: Mountainbike - Expeditions - Team
Bicycle tours


Andreas Hessberg and Waltraud Schulze have undertaken several expeditions to various deserted areas of the earth. As the most extreme example of a bike tour serves the expedition through the winterly Northgreenland where Andreas Hessberg and a friend were on tour for three months in arctic temperature along the frozen coast line. Together with Waltraud Schulze he discovered some more white spots on the bike-globe, like Patagonia, (Feuerland), Mongolia and the desert Gobi, made a tour through the Kalahari (letter to Rohloff) and the morst dangerous desert Namib in Botswana and Namibia. To cope with these extreme difficult regions and climat zones one has to rely 100 p.c. on the equipment. Mistakes are not forgiven. Especially the Rohloff chain S-L-T 99 had proved several times to on of the most reliable parts on tour. The chain always works dependable may it be +45°C or -45°C, sand and dust, snow and ice. The durability test of a prototype of the Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14 had been worked out to our utmost satisfaction. The hub has managed the 5,000km through Namibia and Botswana desert's sand and dust without any complaints and has shown no abrasive wear on the surfaces after close laboratory examination. The fact that the hub hasn't been spared can be looked up in the most informativ and richly pictured webpage of the MET under MOUNTAINBIKE-EXPEDITIONS-TEAM.


Look up under: www.mountainbike-expeditions-team.de

Tanja und Denis Katzer

Riders: Tanja und Denis Katzer

Discipline: Bicycle tours


Tanja and Denis Katzer on their  30 years lasting expedition - nothing much new recently. And still there is used a different means of transportation this time: Bicycles. Equipped with a Delite Black of the well-known bicycle company in Darmstadt/Germany they march on to the next stage of their great travel tour. Always equipped with top material it has been a logical consequence to use as drive a Rohloff Speedhub 500/14. As likewise the drive is often the decicive means of movement. The companies Riese und Müller and Rohloff are working together successfully for many years. This cooperation enjoys a great approval especially in the travel bike area.  Meanwhile, the 14-speed gear hub sets standards in the the travel bike sector.


As a logical consequence of it these parameters leads inevitably to a good cooperation between Tanja and Denis Katzer with the Rohloff AG.


Weiterführende Informationen unter www.denis-katzer.com

Frank Lorenz

Rider: Frank Lorenz

Discipline: Bike Travel Tour


Frank Lorenz on his way to the North Cape in Norway and to the Cabo Da Roca in Portugal. After some trekking tours which took him several weeks through Marocco, Senegal, Vietnam, Madagascar, USA, Mexico and a 6 months travel across Australia Frank Lorenz used during his 15 months travel across South America 2002 - 2004 for the first time a Speedhub 500/14. On September 1st he started a new tour from the Eurobike in Friedrichshafen/Germany. His Cape Tour leads him among other aims to Kap Arkona on the isle of Ruegen/Germany, to the Northern Cape in Norway and to the Cabo Da Roca in Portugal.


On July 29st 2007 Frank Lorenz abandoned his wintering grounds in Hammerfest and went on the second part of his Cape Tour zum Cabo Da Rocca in Portugal. His 8 months stay in Hammerfest he has used to reprocess his winter travel to the Northern Cape and to replenish his travel money by working as a carpenter, brick layer, tiler, slater and painter. As it should be a Summer respectively an Autumn travel he has started that time. Summerly temperatures between 10 and 20 degrees we have had just for 4 weeks.

Dr. Isabel Ritz and Dr. Uwe Ellger

Rider: Dr. Isabel Ritz and Dr. Uwe Ellger

Discipline: Bike Travel Tour


Die Kinderärztin Isabel Ritz und der Tierarzt Uwe Ellger lernten sich im Jahre 2000 beim Marathontraining kennen und liefen in der Folgezeit viele Marathons und Ultramarathons in diversen Ländern. In den Urlauben allerdings war stets das Fahrrad das Verkehrsmittel der Wahl. Mittlerweile beradelten sie etwa 50 Länder in Europa, Afrika und Asien. Von Februar 2011 bis Februar 2012 nahmen sich die beiden ein Sabbatjahr und fuhren durch 21 Länder 20.000 Kilometer von München nach Singapur. Auf dieser Reise kamen ihre neuen Velotraumräder und erstmals die Rohloff SPEEDHUB zum Einsatz.


Weitere infos: www.velo-traumreise.de

Christof Herrmann & Dagmar Dillen

Riders: Christof Herrmann & Dagmar Dillen

Discipline: Bike Travel Tour


Chris and Dagmars ways have crossed for the first time in September 1997 in the Fairytale Wood of Sintra in Portugal. One and a half year later they decided to live and make their ways together. Various travels with rucksack and public transport across Europe, USA and North Africa were following. In Autumn 2004 coincidence brought Chris und Dagmar after years of abstinence back on the bike. The preperation tour from Aachen/Germany to Nizza/France has worked out excellent, so that the couple had planned to realize their dream of a world tour. From February 2006 until July 2007 Chris and Dagmar had explored the globe and reported about their adventures in Europe, Asia and Australia. After returning they decided to move to Regensburg, the "northest town of Italy", where they still live in their dream appartment in the Konrad-Colony.


More information under: www.einfachbewusst.de