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news-4885 Mon, 29 Apr 2024 09:57:47 +0200 Bike Festival Riva We are at the Bike Festival in Riva from May 2nd - 5th, 2024.

Visit us at the Alutech stand. Further models with Rohloff Speedhub can be found at the stands of Simplon, Tout Terrain, Cybro and Nicolai Bike.

Expo Area

news-4862 Thu, 26 Oct 2023 08:08:29 +0200 INTERNATIONAL CARGO BIKE FESTIVAL Visit us from November 24th - 26th, 2023 at the INTERNATIONAL CARGO BIKE FESTIVAL in Amsterdam.

Together with Rad15 / Omnium / ten:07 / LeichtLast we are at stand 11,350.

"Our goal is to inspire the world to stop using cars and vans and instead start using cargo bikes. That’s why we've declared the 2020s the Decade of the Cargo Bike.

Why? We believe this is the decade the cargo bike will hit the mainstream. The potential impact is enormous, so join us, and together let's make it happen"

Jos Sluijsmans and Tom Parr,
organisers of the International Cargo Bike Festival

news-4855 Tue, 15 Aug 2023 09:24:16 +0200 VAEGABOND - With the monks in the Himalaya - Bike tour through Ladakh & Kashmir What we're experiencing right now is just indescribable! With every chapter, we get the feeling, having passed an even more extreme stage, than before. Maybe that's also a bit because of the special Route, that we have tailored together for our bike world tour throught the north of India. (Download all our GPX data here)
Before we left Himachal Pradesh, we had the unique oppurtunity to attend a buddhist wedding in Keylong. After that, it was on to Ladakh, where lots of offroad, partially flooded streets, a snapped tent, the majestic Himalaya mountains and a buddhist monastery awaited us. 
The Spiti Valley had already impressed us, but the Valley Zanskar in Ladakh was the cherry on top. Ladakh is one of the highest inhabited regions in the world. The high plateau lies on average at a hight of 3.000m. Okay, we do have to admit, that those many offroad passages with partially flooded streets or paths, was not for the weak. We stopped counting, that's how often we had to roll up our jeans and push our bikes through calf high, ice cold glacier water. Atleast it would go really high upwards sometimes and over passes beyond the 5.000m with rain and snow. And yes, let's be honest, there were also thoughts, like „I'm hungry, I'm cold, I've had enough of mountains. I want to lay at the beach with a coconut in my hand...“ Because we got to a point, where we just couldn't see scree roads anymore and didn't want to move our 60 to 75kg bikes up one meter. But looking back, it was very worth it! It always does that, no matter how bad the route was. We've always got lots of postive things from everything up until now!
After a couple of exhausting weeks, we finally reached civilisation again. In Padum, we wanted to find a comfortable place for our tent and put our feet up for a few days and just do nothing. We deserved it. It started to rain and we wanted to put up our tent as fastas possible. We had quickly found a nice spot, but were scared away just as quickly. The angry looking owner didn't exactly like that. Disheartened we moved to the next meadow. There, we got discovered pretty quickly again, but we were also nicely waved at, what we swiftly percieved as a „doesn't bother anyone“. Dripping wet we vanished into our tent and fell asleep very exhausted. How practical, having a tent, when it's raining. Do you know that, when it get dark outside and the rain softly drums against your window? And you tuck yourself in and think „Thank God, I don't have to go outside with that weather“.  We were woken up uncomfortably, feels kind of wet. Tent is leaky. Wonderful. It was Dani's new job checking every couple of hours where it leaked to fix the damage. The second day. It continued to rain. The third day. It would still rain. The fourth day. We were happy, the rain had stopped. It was snowing now. The happiness was only half as big in the end. 
As we said in the beginning, looking back it was worth it. Because the rain and snow were soon followed by sunshine and we dipped. This time we could suck up the unique beauty of the Himalaya  again and see how the people live there with our own eyes. In Pakistan we saw Yaks (zoo doesn't count), but
there are also Yaks here, that are really terrifyingly big. What impressed us even more, was the monastery in Phuktar, which comes from the 12. century. Monks there live from their childhood on until they're old. They live very seperated and have an ascetic life with daily rituals and prayers. The monastery itself is built into a rock and you can only reach it over a narrow path by foot or by mule, that winds through the mountains. Just before the end you cross a stable bridge that was done being built just 2 months ago. The old Pendant still hangs next to it and looks like someone had tied together Mikado sticks with dried fern. Spooky, but the view from the monastery is truly spectacular. 
We really hurried up, because we wanted to celebrate Dani's 4rth birthday on our bike world tour witha roof over our heads and toast to it. A not too easy plan in the muslim north India. Meaning the thing with the toast. But we actually made it to Srinagar in Kashmir last minute and we actually found a wine shop. It was completely overpriced, but it was just necessary for the sake of the birthday and the crazy stage. The thing with the roof over our heads also worked out. A very nice Kashmiri invited us, to sleep a couple night over at an accomodation. That was probably the best gift of all. How we missed a bed and a real toilette, and the shower! Unfortunately, we couldn't really rest. Dani is currently fighting a fever and a heavy tonsillitis and Melli an upset stomach. And there are also still those many videos, that want to be cut, Pictures of the grandiose exeriences need to be saved, sorted and edited, our socials need to be taken care of, answering E-mail and so on. The to-do-list is long, especially when you didn't have any internet and electricity for the laptop. But it's also fun and something very special for us, sharing the unique moments with you all! ;)
Soon, we're in Delhi and the next great adventures are planned! It's on to the south of India, where we won't just cycle. What we have planned specifically will be displayed in the next traveling update!

Best wishes from Kashmir in the north of India
Melli & Dani
Became curious? More about our world tour from Germany to Japan is on our website You'll find us on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

news-4843 Tue, 18 Jul 2023 08:07:28 +0200 idworx MTB test day at the mountain bike museum in Arnhem idworx MTB test day at the mountain bike museum in Arnhem

On July 22, 2023 we are represented in the mountain bike museum with idworx mountain bike test bikes, which can be used to ride a beautiful part of the Schaarsbergen route. The museum has a unique collection of mountain bikes, including the very first Idworx from 1999, the Double D, the first carefree mountain bike made specifically for Dutch conditions.

We take enough Rockn Rohlers and Rapid Rohlers with us, the latter with the Super geometry specially made for Dutch singletrack. You should definitely try it out and compare it directly with your current bike (so take it with you)!

We are there for you from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Registration at: Questions about the event can also be asked here. Please bring your own pedals.

news-4842 Mon, 17 Jul 2023 09:49:01 +0200 Tandem help - shifting gears quicky without a dictionary Everyone is talking in a chaos. It must be turbulent on the first day, when ca. 40 people from 4 countries are there, setting the bikes (more specifically the Tandems) and finding the right bike for every team. Half of the participants are blind.

And on the 2nd day - meaning after the first tour - it isn't looking any different, because not everything fit... What was gear shift in ukrainian again? I still had it yesterday, but now, that things are getting serious...

Unfortunately, the Tandem of a latvian team had problems, meaning it was actually just the chain, that didn't want to work. And because the next bike shop offered a repair date in six weeks, the Tandem had to go into the garage. Yes, gear shift in ukranian - we had a new problem now, because the alternative Tandem looked completely different.

Surprises such as these are of course nothing new at the international Tandem-Jugend-Camps.

Why would it look different at the 19th time in June in Cologne?

Oksana didn't really know how to handle the new bike as the pilot. She came from Kiev via buses and trains and together with her co-pilot Andrey, who had already found a temporary home in Nürnberg for a year, she came to the Tandem camp.

She didn't let it discourage her, even though she hardly had any Tandem experience. But 60 to 70 km daily on a bike, that you don't really know how to handle and the gear shift seems a bit complicated...

Cologne was the savior, to be exact it was the fact, that Tandem-Hilfen e.V. had placed a Tandem to „practice“ in the local school for the visually impaired.

It had to step in... And we didn't even have to know what gear shift means in ukranian, because it was easy to handle and perfect for the team...

Oksana and Andrey were happy and from now on always at front. Apparently, they didn't need all 14 gears on the managable terrain. But Andrey was amazed. It was not his fault, when starting up didn't quite go so well. Now, there no complications anymore when it comes to that.

Well, shifting with the Rohloff gear shift, is also possible without a dictionary.


Thomas Nicolai

Tandem-Hilfen e.V.

news-4840 Mon, 03 Jul 2023 11:56:06 +0200 4 day bike tour in Denmark On the 13th of June 2023 I went on an exciting bike tour along the Vestkystenruten R1 in Denmark. I started my journey on that wonderful sunny day in Esbjerg and I was full of excitement for exploring the breathtaking landscape and the captivating history along the west coast of Denmark.

My tour had just begun and I was already overwhelmed by the beauty of the landscape through other reports, that I read. The excitement was huge. The route led along the coast and while I was pedaling, a spectacular view on the shimmering sea and the endless beaches came up. The majestic sand dunes, that lined the path, presented themselves as a picturesque view, that entirely enchanted me. The path itself was built very well and provided me a comfortable ride - atleast that's what it should've done.

The heatwave without any rain for weeks had left its trail though and had notably changed the condition of the path along the Vestkystenruten R1. The constant dryness had made the paths unusually dry, sandy and dusty. The sandy terrain turned cycling into a real challenge, because my wheels kept sinking into the deep sand. I had to use all my power to even move foward and building up velocity also became pretty difficult. The instable consistency of the loose sand became a challenge for my balance and steering skills - it was a constant fight keeping the balance and to not start drifting.

Especially exhausting were the parts with deep gravel beds, that were located along the route. The merciless heat had loosened up the gravel, which created unsafe spots. Crossing these areas demanded lots of concrentration and the handiness to keep the balance and cycle through them safely. The efforts that these gravel beds demanded, were definitely noticable and took additional energy from me.

Even with the unpleasant conditions, I didn't let that discourage me and I decided to continue my bike tour. The fascinating landscape and the rich history, that waited for me along the Vestkystenruten R1, were worth accepting these challenges. I adjusted my speed to the difficult conditions and carefully mastered navigating through the sandy and gritty ground. Luckily, I could rely on my trustworthy Rohloff Speedhub, that stood through the harsh conditions with its encapsulation and empowered my trust in its performance.

When I distanced myself from Esbjerg and cycled further north, a breathtaking landscape began. The scene slowely started being dominated by small, picturesque fishermen's villages, whose houses offered an enchanting view with its remarkable, thatched roofs. I couldn't resist to stop by at a few of these villages to suck up the local atomsphere and to chat with the heartfelt habitants.

The route also led me through dense, magical forests, in which the scent of fresh moss bewitched my senses and the tranquility of the night laid itself around me, while I bravely kept moving throught the green rows of trees. It was, as if I had a secret place of peace and relaxation, that led me along the coast.

During my trip, I also stumbled upon fascinating, historical sights along the Vestkystenruten R1. This route already distributed to the history of the country in the 19th century and operated as a trade route for fishermen and craftsmen along the coast. Over time, The R1 would develop to a vital connection between the coast cities, that would shape the cultural and economic life.

But it was not only its history as a trade route, that made this route so impressive. The R1 also played an important role during World War II. Ruins of bunkers and defenses along the road still remained from terrible times. It was fascinating and a bit scary at the same time, discovering these historical relics and to imagine, what life and the war must've been like at this place.

On the northern hight of Aalborg, I said goodbye to the R1 and dove into the lively drive of the city. Aalborg showed me a fascinating history and a magical old town, had to be yet explored by me. Every step on these historical roads sent me further into the past and let me sense the roots of this wonderful place. 

Denmark is rightfully considered as one of Europe's most popular bike tour destinations. But my tour along the Vestkystenruten R1 was more than just a bike tour. It was an unforgettable experience loaded with thrill and atmosphere, that I associated with the beauty of the landscape, the heartfelt hospitality of the inhabitants and the fascinating history of Denmark.

news-4838 Fri, 30 Jun 2023 08:10:13 +0200 VAEGABOND - Spiti Valley in the Himalaya - bike tour north India It is just incredible! Last month we completed our yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, now we're on our bikes again and are exploring the wonderful high mountains of the Himalaya in India. Until now we could keep up our morning routine almost daily: getting up, drinking 2 glasses of water to stimulate the metabolism, around 45min of yoga and following that, doing Pranayama which is breathing exercises. Since we started doing that we've been starting so much more relaxed and with so much more energy into the day – and that's exactly what we need! Because since we left the region Uttar Pradesh, a new adventure. waited for us every day! India is huge. India is diverse. India is everything. We've already seen manorial, beautifully designed buildings and temple in Rajasthan. We slept under the star sky in the desert. We dove deep into the busy and colorful drive of Mumbai and Dehli. We jumped from booth to booth and and tried the many different delicacies. We enjoyed the beautiful beaches and had the feeling of vacation for the first time after travelling by bike for 4 years in Goa. Now, we're in the region Himachal Pradesh, where we admire the incredible and bizzare mountain landscape of the Himalaya. Our route (download of all our GPX data is possible here) next led us over Reckog Peo. The region is famous for tasty apples, because they grow especially well in the mild climate. What was rather bad for us, was that it was hard to find a place for our tents. On the left side of the street, there were steep mountains and fenced in military ground, on the right side, the torrential river. We asked, if we could build up our tent in the garden of a house und were invited to just sleep in the house and to rest there for a few days. We were really happy about the offer of our host, that had just retired. During this time we organized ourselves a permission, so we could cycle through the next door military ground and took a detour to Kalpa. In this picturesque village you can find traitional wood houses and terrace shaped ochards. The small place had something very rustical, original and gave off the vibe of deep peace. On the way back to our host, we got him a local, vers good sweet, that is made from smahed cashews as a thank you. We said goodbye to our host, that had given us two self self-squeezed applejuice as a refreshment and went on towards the high mountains. In the beginning we were lucky and the streets were well-built. That would change soon though. In the evenings, we build up our tents in villages in mostly not yet completed houses, that already had a roof though. For the owners and habitants it was probably just as thrilling as for us. Soon we reached a picturesque place, that was perfect for camping. Next to the course of river, there was a big area full of shady trees. The center of the village was a two minute walk away, that had a working water pump, that even delivered halfway drinkable water. Although we had no service or electricity to work for miles around, but that turned out to be just right for us, so that we could stay two undisturbed nights. The landscapes around us got more spectacular with every curve. A spectacular rocky landscape with peaks covered in snow presented itself before us. We arrived in Spiti Valley. The Spiti Vally, also known as the "middle land of the Himalaya", amazes with its breathtaking landscape and the deep rooting tibetan culture. This is because of its majestic mountain peaks, the picturesque monasteries and the untouched nature. After that, is when the slope and the off bike fun really started. We said goodbye to the paved ways and had no idea, what really awaited us. Perfect terrain for our Velotraum bikes with wide tires! The gravel from the beginning changed to a path, that was barely wider than a car and covered in rocks as big as our heads. The weather was getting worse now and up in over 4.551m on the Kunzum La Pass it would get really cold and rain in the night. Following this, the hollows in the so-called roads filled up with freezing cold mountain water. Cycling through it, was impossible with that rocky ground, that was barely even visible. So we took off our shoes, rolled our pants over our knees and grit our teeth. This kind of puddles got more and more common and reached up to Melli's knees. We weren't the only one who had to fight through these conditions. Countless cars got stuck in the middle of the water or because of the rocks. And also bikers got stuck one after another with their biker suit and got dripping wet from head to toe. We've now let the Spiti Valley and its terrible roads behind us and need a couple of days for a break from this thrilling offroad adventure! As fantastic as the view was, after the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal, it demanded another hard sacrifice. Herpes, a sunburn, tired limbs and a little emaciated, we did find a quiet and pretty spot in Jipsa, to recover from the stress and to work. The shower was long overdue after 2 weeks and lucky as we are, there's even a washing machine here. The clothes did three full laps, that's how dirty it was. Now we're trying to catch up with the work from the past weeks, looking at all our crazy material from the last stage, sorting out, producing new videos, and articles. Unfortunately, there's barely any internet connection again. Dani spent the past 2 hours, adjusting the smartphone perfectly on the 4th floor (almost on the roof) millimeter for millimeter, so that atleast the tiniest bit of signal reaches us and we can send these lines and pictures out to y'all.

In a few days, we'll throw ourselves in the next adventure already – we're going to Ladakh. Which road exactly we'll choose, is something we're currently still figuring out. You can already look foward to it!
Best wishes from the north of India
Melli & Dani
Became curious? More about our world tour from Germany to Japan is on our website You'll find us on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

news-4837 Thu, 29 Jun 2023 13:40:30 +0200 Stadtradeln 2023 At the Stadtradeln 2023 the Rohloff AG could place 1rst in company rating.

In total 18 cyclists have covered a distance of 9.402 kilometers together, which saved a 1.523,1 kg CO2.

news-4836 Wed, 28 Jun 2023 10:21:03 +0200 Eurobike 2023 That was the Eurobike 2023. We hope you had as much fun as us at the fair. See you next year! You can find the product news under:


news-4835 Mon, 26 Jun 2023 12:32:01 +0200 Alutech Punk Carbon Rohloff The new Punk Gravel from Alutech with Rohloff Speedhub: 

Frame:             Alutech Punk Carbon

Color:               Coral Red

Handlebar:      Faserwerk Baslerstab

Stem:                integrated

Seat Post:        TwinWorks

Saddle:             SQlab 614

Transmission: Rohloff Speedhub 500/14

Brakes:             SRAM Code Ultimate 160 /160mm

Crankset:         SRAM Force 1 Carbon 175mm 40T

Rotors:             SRAM HS2 160mm, Rohloff 160mm

Wheels:            Newman Evolution X.R.25

Weight:             9,9kg

Size:                  M, L

news-4830 Sat, 27 May 2023 09:40:47 +0200 We mourn the loss of Bernhard Rohloff It is thanks to his ingenuity that gearbox equipped bicycles were also able to establish themselves in the field of sporting use, and have since been portrayed anew, as innovative and stylish products.

Bernhard Felix Rohloff, who was suffering from Parkinson's disease, died peacefully and unexpectedly on Friday, May 19, 2023 at the age of 73.

"Bernie" was an inspiration for the bicycle industry, always with a penchant for the small details.

Born on February 21st, 1950 in Lengenfeld, Germany, Bernie grew up in Kassel and began his technical career with an apprenticeship as an office machine mechanic at
Olympia. After successfully completing his mechanical engineering studies, he found employment at the Daimler Benz plant in Kassel and later as a freelance developer.

Later in 1986, Bernie founded the ‘Rohloff GmbH’ together with his wife Barbara. As technical director, Bernie developed the ‘Rohloff S-L-T 99’ derailleur bicycle chain. A
development which saw huge success throughout the 90’s, in part thanks to the victories of Greg LeMond and Miguel Indurain at the Tour de France and World Road
Championships. In the years that followed, the popularity of the ‘S.L.T 99’ chain accelerated to cult-status, and the Rohloff product range expanded to include various
high-quality bicycle tools – tools which have stood the test of time and are still available from quality bicycle dealers today.

The now legendary Rohloff SPEEDHUB 14-speed IGH was introduced at the IFMA show back in 1996, and since then, the name of Bernhard Rohloff has been inextricably
linked to bicycle drive technology. This one innovation alone, has clearly pushed the boundaries of possibility, and continues to set new standards to this very day.

But all that aside, Bernie was much more than just a brilliant inventor. He was an inspiring character who could not only impress with his expertise, but also respected
and had time for the ideas and concerns of his employees. It is this humanity which made him a role model people trusted and were happy to follow.

Bernie leaves a void which simply cannot be filled. With him, the bicycle industry not only loses a visionary, but also an exceptionally warm and approachable character.
The company's employees and friends will miss his sincere and humorous manner – a trait which never failed to bring a smile to your face.

Condolence address: Rohloff AG, Mönchswiese 11, 34233 Fuldatal, Germany

news-4827 Thu, 04 May 2023 09:06:03 +0200 Phoenix Spendentour 2023

Together with our servive partner Fahrrad Holtkamp and Utopia Velo we support the Phoenix Spendentour 2023 from Werner Messing

Werner Messing nutzt zusätzlich das Stadtradeln 2023 um Spenden für die Phoenix Spendentour zu sammeln.

Auch die Rohloff AG nimmt am Stadtradeln vom 27.05.-16.06.2023 teil.

news-4826 Tue, 02 May 2023 09:45:54 +0200 2nd Mountain sprint of Kassel The second mountain sprint of Kassel on the 7th of May 2023: The Zweirad Gemeinschaft Kassel makes it possible again. You can take anything that has 2 wheels (but no engine) and sprint on the highest parking deck  - thanks for the repeated and excellent support by the GALERIA team. Start at 1pm.

Make it a family challenge. Send your youngest ones up the safe and car-free path. We're tracking your time on the overall 300 meters. The average slope is a little more than 8%

Can I make it? Of course you can. And the slope is also possible for younger cyclists. Our tip for the classes U17 and younger: A MTB or a similar bike with a very light gear. And we are sure, you can do it. You just have to be careful so you don't get dizzy. The starting cost of 5 Euros is free for our little ones.

Register now and save yourself a start number


news-4825 Fri, 28 Apr 2023 10:56:19 +0200 Factory tour on the 05.05.2023 We're offering a factory tour on the 05.05.2023 at 10.00 am.

Peaks into how the Speedhub is manufactured, length ca 1,5 - 2h.

Registration (including amount of people) is only possible through Email:

The capacity is limited, please wait for our personal answer.

Your Rohloff Service Team

news-4823 Mon, 24 Apr 2023 12:01:18 +0200 VAEGABOND - The Annapurna Circut in Nepal - our hardest stage in 3,5 years of bike tour One year ago in the small Caucasus we thought, that we had now reached our physical and mental limit with our bikes. Because there we went over the 2.182m high Zekari Pass in Georgia while it there were freezing winds, rain and snow. As if that hadn't already been exhausting enough, our entire equipment gave up on us, became leaky and got us completely wet down to our underpants. Coming to our rescue was only an abandoned windy shepherd's hut, that we found fleeing from the merciless weather. Back then we really thought, that that was the hardest stage on our entire bike world tour up to that point. Yea, so we thought...
Now, we've arrived in Nepal, the 22nd country on our tour to Japan. We got enlightend there. We've now repaired and partly replaced our equipment. We're especially proud of our new Velotraum wheels that make cycling so easy, especially offroad with its broad tires and the components, that we chose. Therefore full of excitement we entered the country, which is about half the size of Germany. What's so special about Nepal is the breathtaking mountain backdrop of the Himalaya, which is also known as the „roof of the world“. The highest mountains of the world are here and many travelers (yes, a couple of them also by bike) rave about the Annapurna Circut, the most famous trekking route of the country.
We met a young suckat in Pokhara, who had just completed his training as a guide. Over at his house we could get a glance of the everyday life of a nepalese family and load a big part of our luggage. Fully energized, we then went on to Annapurna. It didn't take long until the paved way turned into just a dirt road, here and there lots of boulders and rocks just for the fun. The first day there was already heavy rain again, that turned the dirt into mud. No problem for the bikes, it was actually quite fun cycling through the deep puddles and the mud. The motivation started to sink by day three. The bad road conditions and the absolute muderous rise from up to 40% made cycling almost impossible. From then on we mostly pushed our bikes. But the higher we came, the more the beauty and the magic of the Himalaya moutains developed around us.
We saw rice fields and mountain terraces, where they grew vegetables. Many colorful flags, that fluttered in the wind on small temples or on the roofs of small villages. We turned prayer wheels and listened to the slight rattle. Most of the time there were between 3 and 15 of these wheels on both sides of the road or they were attached to the side of a gate. Up here we met many herds of yaks and goats, that really love these barren and rough conditions.
To even be able to do the Annapurna Circut by bike, we really saved on weight, and only packed the most important things like e.g. sleeping bag, tooth brush, tools to repair anything, or the travel drugstore. To keep the expenses during our 5 year tour from Germany to Japan as low as possible, we ususally only sleep in our tent. Because of the extra weight, we cut out our mobile home and the kettle. We're now doing something, that we haven't done on our entire tour. We bit the bullet and entrusted the local inns with us. Sometimes we could luckily negotiate the prive and the night was „free“, as long as we ordered dinner and breakfast. That got more expensive though, because the price for the night just went into the food. It also got more and more expensive, the higher up we got. For example gas or groceries are rare and have to be brought up by a Jeep or mules into the small villages. While a Dahl Bat costs 150 NPR (ca. 1,07€) in Pokhara, the price increases over the course of the path to 400 NPR, 600 NPR, 850 NPR (ca. 6,07€) per person. So we happened to be already completely exhausted after a couple of days and countless altimeters. So we decided to add another 5km and 400 altimeters, to find a place to rest in the next village. Absolutely drained, we would only find a single guesthouse, that would charge astronomically high prices for a room because of the monopoly. Unfortunately, we could not negotiate, the food wasn't cheap either (Dahl Bat 900 NPR) and had to be paid for seperately. That was so beyond our budget, that we took, as done as we were, another 4km and 500 altimeters upon us. The clock had already passed 6pm and the sun started to set, the temperature fell down to 1°C. It was pitch black, our teeth chattering, when we finally reached the next village. We warmed ourselves on the oven in the common room of the next best guesthouse and stayed there for 2 days. On average, we had to pay much less money here (room was free, Dahl Bat 400 NPR), than if we would've stayed in the overpriced accomodation. The snow had now caught up to us and our journey to the roof of the world was continued through a winter wonderland.
On the 7th day, we reached the camp Thorong Pedi, that was approximately 1.000 altimeters underneath Thorong La Pass. We looked for a room there, left our luggage there, to go the apparent worst part of the pass, by our bare bikes. The rumor was true. The path was steeper and rockier than ever before with an over 40% rise. Just before the High Camp, we got a support pushing the bikes for a few meters by a couple of energetic nepalee, that couldn't believe we were up there with our bikes. We locked our bikes at the High Camp and went right back down to the Thorong Pedi Camp, where we spent a rather short night. This was due to a second rumor making its rounds among the trekkers: one should've reached the Thorong La Pass before 10 in the morning, because it would get way too stormy and windy after that. A few very tough ones already got on their way at 4 in the morning, we had breakfast and therefore got going at about 5:30am. The snow made getting on even harder with the bikes. We were lucky, the hikers in front of us had left a small trail behind them. In the end we reached the 5.416m Thorong La Pass at 2.30pm, with a sunburn and much herpes, overwhelmed by our emotions - In the Himaya mountains, on top of the roof of the world! An incredible feeling of shivers, a breathtaking mountain world covered in snow around us.

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Best wishes from on the way Melli & Dani
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news-4822 Mon, 24 Apr 2023 08:29:35 +0200 Experience yourself and the world - Scheibenelefant Get your bikes ready and accompany Antje and Francisco on their exciting bike tours through the world! These enthused cyclers from Schleswig-Holstein have already spent more than two decades, exploring the most beautiful places and landscapes during their expedition and had some adventures along the way. 

From the Via-Claudia-Augusta in south europe, the Rhine up to its estuary in the Netherlands, through Swedens forests or along the german baltic see coast to Poland, they got to know new places and cultures and enjoyed the freedom on two wheels.

The bike tour project "Scheibenelefant" is their call to everyone, to explore the world by bike and to go on adventures. Even though they have responsibility for their family and jobs, they found a pragmatic solution and devided their journey into different stages. Every stage they got to know new cultures, countries and people and challenged themselves.

In the year 2022 they mastered their first stage from Lübeck to Munich and in 2023 they'll go on their second stage from Munich to Zagreb. But not only do they live their passion for cycling on their journey - also in their everyday life and they're reguarly on the way on solo and pair tours and always explore new places and landscapes.

This year you can accompany Antje und Francicso on their bikes along Denmarks north sea coast and through the Normandy. They will take you with them on their journeys with lots of passion and enthusiasm for cycling and prove, that a bike can not only a vehicle, but also a wonderful companion for unforgettable experiences and impressions.

Accompany them on their weekend bike tour and let their stories and experiences inspire you, to go on your own adventures on two wheels. So get your bikes out and pedal to explore the world together with Antje and Francisco!

news-4818 Mon, 17 Apr 2023 09:09:32 +0200 Quit and Go - The sudden end & the new start of our bike tour We'll keep it short: 3 months after our last travel blog we suddenly had to cancel our bike tour. After over a year, 13 months to be exact, almost 10.000km and 9 countries it was over for now. Because no matter how beautiful traveling & exploring by bike may be, life goes on for everyone else and so unfortunately, we found ourselves confronted with two family emergencies at the same time. In 24 hours, we made it from the deepest outback and the highest mountains of Andalusia to the next airport (Malaga) and from there with all our stuff meaning all bike bags and the bikes, to Germany.

Bammmm, there we were. Reality had gotten to us.

This was now almost a year ago.

Coming back "home" was harder, than driving off. It was harder than anything we had to endure up until that point and it became a real mental challenge.

For us "home" is now, after over a year by bike and in a tent, mostly in the middle of nature, mostly absolutely just the two of us- no set place, no rented appartment in Germany, not the home of our parents where we grew up. It had become a feeling, a feeling, that happens, when we wake up in the morning in the tent, smelling the fresh air of the new da, feeling the dew on the gras under our feet, in the middle of nature with which we are connected, excited, what the new day will bring, what we will see & experience, which landscape we'll cycle through & who we will meet doing that. Being full of faith, happiness and peace, even though in the morning we never know where "home" will be by the evening and where we will set up our tent.

A feeling, that we suddenly didn't feel anymore and were desperately looking for. We looked for it by being with our families, we looked for in the first appartment and we looked for it by moving again into a more rural house. After 7 months and moving 3 times, we stopped looking for it where we were and decided to go back where we last felt it. On the way.

The 24th of April 2023 we will get back on the way with our bike, into the unknown, into the adventure, into freedom. We decided to quit everything again. The jobs, the third rented appartment by now (we're not sad about it), stuff, that had inevitably gathered in our appartment. Pushing all that away and getting rid of it again was a feeling, that already came really close to the one that felt like "coming home". Having made the decision, and getting back, what had fulfilled us so much, no matter the cost- felt amazing.

Right now, we're sitting in a chaos, surrounded by old and new equipment in half packed Ortlieb bike bags and are in the last steps of preparing our bike world tour 2.0 - and we can't stop whistling and smiling. 

You are thrilled, which direction we'll start into this time and what route it'll be for now? Here, we discuss possible routes: 

You'd like to know all about what we experienced last year on bike tour along 10.000km and 9 countries? Here's a summary:

In less than two weeks we'll start from our home town Osnabrück and so there will soon be new content on Instagram and bike tour vlogs on YouTube.

We're happy about everybody that virtually cycles with us:



YouTube Channel:



     Scan me :-)

news-4817 Fri, 24 Mar 2023 07:26:23 +0100 Congratulations for winning at the NRW Bombtrack and the Weser Ems Cup (of couse with ROhloff chain oil and tools) Citec CX team Lower Saxony with two wins at the end of the season!

What an ending of the Cyclocross season for the CX team Lower Saxony. Above all, especially Martin Nitzschmann could impress at the end of the season. After having worked his way up to the overall result, it seemed like the season was over for him when he caught COVID-19... But we didn't know Martin back then!! Here is a short resume of the past three NRW rounds:


26.02.2023 Dorsten: 


„After I caught COVID-19 the past week, I had to start the cup because of my placement. From the first starting row, I could reach position 4 in the first curve. By skipping the hurdles of two U23 national cyclists (Luca Harter and Jonas Köpsel) could distance themselves. In the second chasing group, I was fighting for the 3rd postition with two other cyclers. One of them, Tim Neffgen my direct enemy in the overall rating. Together we could quickly distance ourselves. Unfortunately I made a mistake 4 rounds before the end. I lost approx. 30 seconds because of switching the rear wheel. After one round of regenerating in the next group of four I quickly hived off and started going after them. Unfortunately to connect I missed 10 seconds/ one round on 3rd position. Therefore I ranked 5th. More importantly though, the first one in the overall rating made a mistake and lost his rank.“


05.03.2023 Cologne Pulheim:


„I actually got to know the overall leadership yesterday. The course was equipped with very steep stairs with over 50 steps, double hurdle and long straight ways. Of course there was a focus on the overall rating. Gerrit Rosenkranz just didn't have a chance against the competition Luca Harter and Jonas Köpsel today. After a cycling mistake and a fall on my side, I had to start catching up until I could attack Tim Neffgen myself, 2 round before the end and in the end placed 5th 2 points before him. A special highlight was the attendance of André Geipel, who only very closely placed 4th.


Here is a nice video of the fight with André Geipel:


12.03.2023 Finals in Radevormwald


The last run in Radevormwald was everything for Martin. On the very demanding and, because of the many rainfalls, heavy circuit, he had to concentrate on his direct competitor Tim Neffgen. Martin succeded that from the start. He quickly distanced himself from his competitors and cycled for the podest for a long time. In the end he had to put up with 4th place, but he did save himself the overall win in the elite in the Bombtrack NRW Cross Cup. He won with 244 points, before Tim Neffgen and Jonas Köpsel (both in the Radsport Nagel CX team) with 237 and 212 points. 


rad-net report:


Stephanie Buchheister could celebrate her second season win in her second cross season ever at the Weser Ems Cup. After she run herself a comfortable advantage before the last run in Preußisch Oldendorf, she was happy about the 8th place in the daily classification. After a good start, she cycled a safe race over the as expected heavy and muddy circuit in Oldendorf, to not endanger the overall win.

She won with 376 points before Stepahine Paul (RSG Hannover) 336 and Diana Westerheide (RSG Hannover) with 214 points.

That day, Tobias Lampe celebrated his biggest triumph of his career. Since the third run of the series, Tobias was among the top three in the overall classification. Just before the end of the series, after he had caught a bad flu, it almost seemed like, it unfortunately would not be enough in the end. But sometimes a little luck is also necessary... and so the evergreen of the CX team Niedersachsen, could, after a 12th place in Preußisch Oldendorf, defend his 2nd place in the overall rating.

Winner was Robert Mitschke (RSC Oldenburg) with 342 points. Followed by Martin Kaminski (RSG Hannover) with 311 points.


With these excellent results, the team says goodbye and goes into the well-earned summerbreak.

news-4816 Tue, 21 Mar 2023 11:15:07 +0100 VAEGABOND - Our book, our new setup & our world tour through India as well as Nepal We're really exhausted, everything, that's happened lately and everything that's still to come... but of course, we're super excited about that! It has been 3,5 years since we've started this world tour, it's crazy how the time flies by! Last time, we've been back in Germany for a very short time to replace our entire equipment and organize our book! Yes excactly, OUR FIRST BIKE WORLD TOUR BOOK! We can't believe we're authors now :)
„VERREIST, VERFOLGT, VERHEIRATET. Eine abenteuerliche Radreise durch Marokko!“ This is the title of our first book, which we've finally released just lately! The book is for every dreamer, traveller & explorer and is perfect for a gift. We're so proud and happy, that we could realize our heart project. Also a big thanks to all, that supported us over the book campagne or donations and that contributed to this! THANKS! More about our first world tour book and a glance into the book here:
The second big change is about our equipment! Day for day, we are dependant on our reliable and waterproof equipment for in total 5 years (or more?), with every weather, every season and in every terrain from desert to mountain stage - that doesn't only concern the tents or the bike bags. Afer 3,5 years of touring the world by bike, we're now switching to new bikes, that are not only a well fit for normal paved paths, but also off road paths. Both are now equipped with a Velotraum Finder of which we've adjusted the components to our needs. Of course, we chose the maintenance low Rohloff hub again, that completely convinced us and provided us with excellent service over the past world tour years. We already really looking forward to go off the road with our bikes, because there's one thing we already know - the route of our coming stages is not for the weak :)
Mittlerweile sind wir schon in das 22te Land unserer Fahrrad Weltreise eingeradelt – nach Nepal! Gerade bereiten wir uns auf die kommende Etappe vor, denn wir wollen den Annapurna Circuit radeln. Das wird zwar richtig anstrengend, wir müssen wahrscheinlich sehr viel schieben, aber die Aussicht soll gewaltig sein! Wir sind richtig gespannt, welche Abenteuer uns dort erwarten!
After a short break in Delhi, we already moved on to Varanasi, which is often described as the cultural capital of India. The place is one of the oldest habited cities in the world. Aside from the what felt like thousand of other indians and a few tourists trying to squeeze through the alleys with us, you could really feel the spiritual character of the city a bit. Varanasi lies directly at the river ganges, that is holy for the Hindus and where many pilgrims wash off their sins. There are also many Hindus coming here, that are about to die to break the everlasting cycle of being reborn with a traditional cremation. In the evening we were able to get one of the many boats so we could watch the so called „Puja“, a worshiping ceremony on the land. Really a extraordinary experience!
We've now come to the 22nd country of our world tour - Nepal! We are currently preparing for the coming stage, because we want to cycle the Annapurna Circuit. That will be really exhausting, we will probably have to push a lot, but the view is rumored to be breathtaking! We really excited for what adventures await us there!

Best wishes from on the way, Melli & Dani Gree
Became curious? More about our world tour from Germany to Japan is on our website You'll find us on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

news-4798 Mon, 27 Feb 2023 15:38:21 +0100 THE CHAIN - news from the Tandem-Hilfen e.V. (tandem help) There are still free places at „Tandem für alle“ (tandem for all) in Boltenhagen Our traditional event „Tandem für alle“ (tandem for all) takes place from the 12th to the 19th of May 2023 in Boltenhagen (baltic sea). The participants explore the region between Travemünde, Wismar and the island Poel in 6 guided tandem tours. There are still some places available. You can register yourself until the 28.02.2023. The tender with the registration from can be found under More events (all infos under ): Tandem spring 2023 28th of April until 2nd of May, Köthen (Spreewald) 19th International tandem youth camp 2023 10th until 18th of June, Cologne on the Rhine Tandem try-out 2023 7th until 10th of September, Boltenhagen (Baltic sea) news-4762 Mon, 23 Jan 2023 16:08:46 +0100 Dream Build Falkenjagd Aristos R Rohloff Titanium

"The Falkenjagd Aristos R Rohloff Titanium is the new High End Titanium Gravel Bike from the German Bike Brand Falkenjagd. Parts of the frame, the fork and the complete stem are 3D printed from titanium. The frame is prepared for a complete internal cable routing and the installation of a Rohloff Speedhub in conjunction with a Gates Carbon Drive drive belt. We have built this dream gravel bike with brake shift levers from Campagnolo which in conjunction with the Gebla box controls the Rohloff 14-speed hub. Titanium is THE material for light and noble bikes and the German Brand Falkenjagd is THE titanium brand par excellence in terms of experience with the light metal titanium."

news-4755 Tue, 10 Jan 2023 08:40:03 +0100 VAEGABOND - Our 2022 & Visa chaos for India Our 2022 & Visa chaos for India
Whoosh and another year on our world trip from Germany to Japan is over. Incredible, now it's been more than 3 years since we left Germany on our bikes. So we captured our most significant moments of the past 20 countries in this special 4 minute video. By this point we're hitting the streets of Asia with our fully packed travel bikes. Georgia, Armenia, Iran, Pakistan and India - these were the countries, that we connect something special with as well in 2022. Every country in its own way. Either culinary, because of the amazing witnesses with the natives, the incredible landscapes or even total flooding, because of an armed police protection close to the border of Afghanistan or the Visa chaos for India...
At the beginning of the year we still spent a lot of time in our secret favourite country - Georgia! Hardly any other country on our route has so many zigzag lines, circles and other special stuff. Over there we could barely get enough from Khinkali (filled dumplings) and Khachapuri (the best bread topped with cheese in the world). Of course there's also the beautiful nature around the Kaukasus mountains, which also shapes the landscapes of Armenia. The best view on these massive landscapes are found on our YouTube channel VAEGABOND. By the way you can find the latest travel document of our world tour in Season 5: Georgia and Armenia.
After Armenia we went on to Iran. There, the word „chaos on the streets“ got a whole new meaning in Teheran and all of a sudden we could only smile over the traffic chaos in the past big cities. After having seen the beautiful city of Isfahan, we absolutely wanted to the desert, through which we cycled for multiple days - without any water sources or grocery stores around. We challenged the hot desert ride and were rewarded with a unique landscape. The incredible width and a abandoned caravanserai made this stage an unforgettable experience. Another highlight was the persian gulf, where among other things we explored the stunning vulcano island Hormuz, where there was a new surprise waiting for us around every corner. Colorful salt mountains, silver glittering beach next to pink sand, a relaxed athmosphere and tasty seafood. Then came Pakistan, a country, that after 3 years was by far the most adventorous up to this point. On the day of the border crossing we cycled extra fast so we could enter Pakistan before the borders closed. We had already heard of the armed police protection, that would await us, that followed us for around 600km through the entire region of Baluchistan. The reason for the escorts is the sensitive border to Afghanistan and social tensions in the region. We arrived on the Taftan border in time and rolled with our bikes to the pakistani border guards, who we showed our Visa. Then the shock. Invalid! What?

Apparently we were issued only a provisional document, that did not permit us to enter Pakistan. Because of that, our border guard's phone lines started glowing hot, so we could enter Pakistans on the same day. Though, unsuccessfully. Disappointedly, were sent back to the iranian border. The border guard was already awaiting us, I mean it was just before the borders closed and we were the last ones trying to cross. Having just arrived at the gate, we heard a shrill whistle coming from behind us. We were so lucky! We were permitted to enter Pakistan in the last moment! We spent the first night in Pakistan in the police station. For our safety. The next morning we and our bikes were loaded into thousands of different police pick up trucks. Unfortunatly we, as tourists were not allowed to cycle on our own and so we switched the responsibles and the car ca. every 5 to 10 kilometers.

The water switched up and a sandstorm was followed by buckets of rain. We had to spend the second night on the police station as well, when we were woken up in the middle of the night: „Water ist coming“. The police station drowned in a matter of minutes and we had to flee on the roof. The next day we could see the extent of the flooding – standing the water reached our hips and we waded to the next empty road, that was luckily raised. We were accomanpied day and night by police officers for one week, until we realized, that there were even more escort awaiting us outside of Baluchistan. But this time were allowed to roll over the road with out bikes on our own. We were often given fruits and we quickly agreed, that the dried fruits from the north of Pakistan were the best we've ever ate.
On the second highest plateau in the world, the Deosai national park, we not only enjoyed our independency from the police, but also the huge landscape around us, that's also one of the most beautiful, that we've ever come by with our bikes. Here, we met nomadic people and among other things Himalaya brown bears too, that wandered around our tent in the night. Luckily they weren't really interested in us and no incident happened - except that the air got really thin and we actually suffered from mountain sickness on another pass crossing... But that's another story. The stuff that's happened in Pakistan reminded us especially of our daily witnesses with the police in Morocco all around the atlas mountains, but also of the other adventures that we went through there. We actually worked on our first book while we were in Morocco.  „Verreist, verfolgt, verheiratet. Eine abenteuerliche Radreise durch Marokko“ (away, followed, married. An adventurous bike tour through Morocco) was now finally published and is available in different versions (i.a. colored, or as an e book). We are extremly proud and sincerely want to thank everyone, that helped us realize this book project! You can find our first world bike tour on Amazon and in book stores (ISBN 9783756559893). More information under:
We're now in the 21rst country of our world bike tour, in India. It seems that the past 3 years bike tour over mountains and valley, through the desert, through the snow, against the wind and through continous rain, were the excact right training for India. India is different, India is special. It is chaotic, it is loud, it is dirty, there are no traffic rules except left-hand traffic (if there are, we didn't notice them), it is full of people. It really seems like India has the monopol for the two words „too much“. But when you look behind this smog curtain, you see colorful Saris, laughing faces, amazing dishes, that taste different every 15 kilometers, and diversity in basically everything. We cannot describe it any better. You either like India or you don't. We for our part, feel very comfortable here. One thing we find very stressing though, is the bureaucratic insanity. For example to take a bike with you in a long-distance train or (and especially this) the organisation of the Visa.
Because we came from Pakistan we were only granted 3 months, while other travelers get 6 months or even years (they still have to leave after 90 days, but they can just come back in). After having calculated our budget, we organized a flight and a stay for us for 1 week in Vietnam. For our bikess and the luggage we organized a place in Mumbai. Just before our India visum ran out, everything took a turn again... The flights were suddenly canceled from the airline and we had to quickly come up with an alternative, that ended up being Muskat in Oman. Just arrived, we requested a new Visa for India, that should arrive us after 72 hours of processing time. Totally not! An entire week we shivered. Calling the visa office: unsuccessful, no one called back. Countless E-Mails with a detailed travel course and additional travel data: unsuccessful, no one replied. Contact to the german embassy: atleast someone replied there: still unsuccessful though.. It looked like we were stuck between two countries, because we didn't have a visum for the Oman either (no visum required for up to 14 days). We were just about to loose our minds. The flight was on Sunday and we would've never thought, that we'd open our long awaited papers on Saturday evening in our mailbox (we didn't expect things to go back upwards on the weekend). At the en of the day: we could happily go back to India and spend christmas and new years eve with a friend from Germany as well as Lisa & Dario from Erfahr ung der Welt (experience of the world) on the beach of Goa. We're totally exhausted, but still happy, that the south has so many beautiful and clean beaches. The last days we cycled to the beaches around and there's amazing food here.
We wish you all a successful and healthy start into 2023 and we're already excited, what adventures and witnesses await us this year!

Best wishes from on the way, Melli & Dani

Became curious? We'd happy about your visit on our website You'll find us on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube too.

news-4746 Tue, 20 Dec 2022 15:13:39 +0100 Rohloff AG supports UNICEF - Emergency aid for children in the Ukraine Wars, catastrophes, illnesses and hunger – UNICEF is everywhere, where children need help or are being disadvantaged. As the children's charity of the united nations, UNICEF makes sure girls and boys are being medically taken care of, are provided clean water and can go to school in over 190 countries.

The children's situation in the Ukraine is terrible. The life and well being of 7,5 million children is endangered. Millions of children are fleeing. Children and families desperately need protection and humanitarian aid, especially now in winter.

With the engagement for the "Kinder Nothilfe Ukraine" (children's emergency aid Ukraine) the company lead and the family Rohloff decided to donate in spring 2022. We want to make a contribution and send a sign of solidarity.

Further more information like questions and answers about the UNICEF-help or how you can donate is to be found here: 

news-4745 Thu, 15 Dec 2022 07:32:20 +0100 world of mtb BEST OF 2023 BEST OF 2023 in the category drive.

Die E-14 überzeugt auf ganzer Linie The E-14 convinces across the board

With the E-14 the gear hub expert Rohloff has a electrically driven Speedhub gear hub in its portfolio, that stands out due to its 14 gears and the big translation bandwidth of 526 Percent. The E-14 is compatible with the Bosch and the Panasonic-FIT-eBike-System and is also fits well with Pedelcs as well as S-Pedelecs and eTandems. Furthermore details about the Rohloff are the precise and fast switching operations, low wear and the option to have the approach gear automatically be set when standing at a traffic light.


news-4729 Sat, 10 Dec 2022 15:11:00 +0100 A start into new times - once a solar mobile, today a pedelec: Rohloff delivers drives for clean mobility

It used to seem like a vehicle of the future: the racing solar mobile „Dyname“, which was designed and built by students of the university Kassel in 1987, together with vocational school teachers. One year earlier, Bernhard Rohloff, who had founded the Rohloff GmbH, specialized for bike chains with his wife Barbara, supported the team in the contruction of a light drive.
In one of Kassels professional schools, the Oskar von Miller school, everyone involved worked together to bring the oval-shaped capsule, which offered space for the pilot, on the street. On the roof a solar panel to power the engine. Goal: the Tour de Sol' 87, a quite new Solarrallye in Switzerland.

news-4739 Mon, 21 Nov 2022 09:58:18 +0100 Award ceremony Rohloff-Cup 2022 The Champions want to be celebrated.

On the 18.11.2022 the award ceremony of the Rohloff-Cup took place in the rooms of the Rohloff AG

We congratulate all winners.

Get well through winter, we'll see each other on the road in 2023!

Cycling for Kassel. Racing for RR/MTB/CX. Mass sport with Gravel & RTF. Targeted beginner promotion.

news-4736 Tue, 15 Nov 2022 10:50:39 +0100 VAEGABOND - Pakistan & India - anniversary & big plans We're still totally blown away and still trying to process all these impressions and impulses! There were an incredible amount of changes again last month, which, of course, still concerns and amazes us! We'll try and put it into 3 simple sentences: 1. We're more than 3 years on our world journey by bike now - incredible! 2. We've crossed the border of Pakistan and India - in Country Nr.21! 3. We will realize our heart project soon - our first book!
But before that, we'll go back into our past days in Pakistan. Especially the North with its impressive mountains stunned us a lot. After cycling over the second highest high plateau in the world and the home of Himalaya bears, we went from Skardu to the beautiful Hunza Valles. There, we tried the best apples, pears and dried apricots in our whole life! The view onto the mountains all around was fantastic. Every now and then, there was a mountain, completely covered in snow, peaking through. The natives often laughed at us, when we told them, that Germany's highest mountain, Zugspitze, is just under 3.000 meters high. In Pakistan, there's not only the K2 (highest mountain in Pakistan with 8.611m), there's also many other mountains beyond the 7.000 meters, that embellish the beautiful mountain panorama. Here, there are three massive mountain ranges meeting - the Himayalan Mountains, the Hindu Kush and the Karakoram. The Islamic Bath and the Kashgar are connected by the 1.300km long Karakoram Highway (KKH) in Westchina and the the highest set paved street in the world. Cycling this street was always one of our dream routes on our journey. The feeling of actually being there, was tremendous, even immense!
Given the fact, that we were already in the area, we couldn't resist but make our way to the highest set border crossing in the world and at the same time to the gate of the silk road. This border from Pakistan to China is located on the Khunjerab Pass (4.800m). Of course we knew, that because of COVID-19 this border crossing was unfortunatly closed and we couldn't cross it. Therefore it was very convenient, that we met two sympathic bikers from Lahore, who then brought us there as pillion riders. A few day later we coincidentally met again and because this really couldn't have been a coincidence anymore, we decided to travel to Natar Valley together. This region is famous for its dramatic landscapes. Though, this time, without our bikes and with their two motorcycles.
When it comes to streets we did experience a lot the past 20 years and we really thought it couldn't get any worse, but what they called a "street" in the Naltar Valley was outrageous and up to this point one of the most tiring and most dangerous stages, that we've experienced. The asphalt went down the drain after just a few meters. Big rocks and boulders made up the way. Every now and then there were slopes coming towards us which made even the motorcycles give up and we had to get off and push them. Lord, were we glad in that moment, that we didn't go by our heavy tourbikes. Plus the journey obviously went back the same way. The terrain even got so hard to handle, that we had to switch to a Jeep with all wheel drive, because going by motorcycle became impossible.
But even with a start like that, all the way up, at the end of the valley, there was a big surprise expecting us: two marvellous seas. One of them sparkled in a shining turquoise blue. The other one shined in shimmering green colours. The perfect place to celebrate our anniversary! Because 3 years go, exactly on this day, we left all our families, friends, the comfortzone and everything else behind us, to dare the adventure of our lifetime. We just published our most touching, most beautiful and most influencial moments over the past 3 years of traveling the world in our short movie.
Afterwards we continued on the bumpy Shandur Pass (3.738m), where the highest set Polo Festival of Pakistan is held annually, through the Phandar Valley, through the beautiful high mountain valley Chitral and back over the Islamic Bath to Lahore. Not too far away from the city, we went towards the Wagha Border. The border crossing from Pakistan to India, which is famous for its unsual border ceremony. Then, the time came and after circa 1,5h of border bureaucracy, country number 21 welcomed us on our bike world tour. Namaste India! To be honest we were glad that we cycled through Pakistan before so we could already tune in a little. Dani has been to India a few times before, he lovingly called Pakistan „India light“. And really. The food here is even spicier, the smells are even more intense, the colours are even more colourful, there are even more selfies and there and the amount of people is impossible to grasp... When it comes to India you could put a „much“ infront of every word that describes the country. The traffic is very chaotic, so it's very hard for cyclists to get through safely. But what's the saying again: every challenge makes you stronger! We're just cycling through the region Rajasthan, where we've already visited a rat temple with over 20.000 little rodents, the pink city Jaipur and admired the Palace of the Winds and just going through the streets of Pushkars with Millions of indians, to celebrate the famous Camel Festival. It's actually a livestock fair where especially camels are being traded. Unfortunatly we can't see that many camels, because this year, there is a flu going around amongst the animals. On the other hand the festival is also a big cultural event, which not only has a lot of market stalls and street food to offer, but also ride attraction to attract visiters. We were lucky enough to watch a ceremony in which the indians go for a so-called holy wash to wash all sins off of them. Afterwards ther was an amazing firework which technically made up the end of the festival. We're still in a party mood, because how I've already teased, we are totally excited! Three years after the beginning of our journey, we were able to put a very touching and meaningful stage on paper. If everything goes right, we'll publish our book „Verreist, verfolgt, verheiratet. Eine abenteuerliche Rundreise durch Marokko“ this December! Find more information here: There you can also take a look into the book.
We're already thrilled, what's going to happen in India and we'll update you!
Best wishes from on the way, Melli & Dani
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news-4734 Tue, 15 Nov 2022 10:32:09 +0100 VAEGABOND - Pakistan - Police escorts, floodings, mountain sickness & bears New country, new adventures - and really every day! We've reached Pakistan with our bikes, country number 20 on our bike world tour. What we thought about that country, before we left the iranian border behind us? Well, to be honest, we no longer believe the media everything, how it's supposed to be in other countries. We'd rather make our own experiences, armed with the most necessary info. And this is what we can say: Pakistan, you surprised us since the first second! Your people are  heartfelt, your landscapes are unique and you're totally underrated as a travel country. 
But now from the start, because our arrival was already an adventure itself. We were greeted by Hamid on the iranian side of the border. He made sure, that all the paperwork was quite easy to pass off for us and then we pushed our fully packed bikes through the pedestrian part of the border. On the other side we were greeted just as friendly by three Pakis, who provided cold water for us right away. We gave them our Pakistan Visas. Invalid! What? Two months before, we had already requested them and already held a document in our hands, that said we were authorised to enter Pakistan. Nothing helped. Minutes became hours and everybody in Islamabad tried their best to get us able to arrive in Pakistan today. Unfortunatly unsuccessful. We were already the last border crossers and the iranian colleagues were called to open the gate back up for us. We couldn't believe it. So close. We did everything right didn't we? The iranian border guard was already waving at us and welcomed us back into the Iran. But the very last second, one of the helpful Pakis ran out of his house and told us, that Islamabad had answered. We were allowed to enter! Yayyyy! Though, we didn't get very far. Our passes were controlled again and we were sent from one pakistani border house to the other, where we had to note our names an incredible amount of times and the ones of our parents and we had to register ourselves in a lined school book. Then we were escorted for two minutes by a moped rider to the next police station, where we were supposed to spend the night. Us and our bikes were put into Pickups the next day plus the following days and we were transported through Balochistan. For safety reasons no tourist is allowed to walk feely without escorts here. We had to switch the Pickup countless times, because after just 5 Kilometers, there were other police officers from a new district, that were responsible for us. That often meant waiting for the next truck countless minutes, but luckily we had super nice police officers, that gave us water and snacks every now and then.
First we went to the desert, not long and the first sandstorm came up, followed by a stom, like we had never experinced it before. Regions were flooded, streets were underwater and so we had to cancel the ride and spend the night at a police station. It was just before midnight, when agitated voices woke us up. „Water is coming!“ This still haunts us today! The police station filled up within minutes and we fleed with all our stuff on the roof of the building. We could no longer sleep that night. The next morning, the water had only receded a little. After hours of discussions if the rest of the street was still flooded, we got the GO to continue. We waded through the waist high, dirtbrown water to the slightly elevated street, where a romanian biker was already waiting for us. Then we were escorted to Quetta, where we spend the night in prison. Well actually on the roof. After a lot of effort and bureaucracy, we recieved the permission to drive on. Of course with our police protection, that changed every 5km.
Right before Islamabad, we were finally free and could move around without the police. A news team discovered us on the street and interviews us about our world trip. After a short break in the capital of Pakistan, we went right on in the direction of Karakoram Highway. It is one of the highest set paved border crossing car streets and connects the autonomous region Xinjiang Uighur in China to Gilgit-Baltistan in Pakistan. Our happiness over being able to travel independently again was suddenly destroyed. After around 50km we were accompanied by the police again. This time though, we were allowed to go by bike. We went through beautiful mountain landscapes and around afternoon the weather got worse surprisingly fast. The current escort was made up of a pick-up again and the police officers offered us to load up our bikes on it. Rain and many heights awaited us. So of course we said yes. When we reached 4.100m at the Babusar Pass, Melli was extremly shivering. It was super cold and all the rain had gotten to her at the back of the car. So we were invited into the police cabin, which was stationed at the peak and we could warm ourselves with a plate of Daal Mash and Chai at the fireplace. We could sleep in a small room, which was moldy and drafty but at least it protected us from the rain.
The night was horrible. Both of us got a terrible headache, had trouble breathing, threw up and had diarrhea. So mountain sickness DID exist. The day before, we had gone too far up, too fast and now he had to pay for that. The reaction of the police officers: „Everybody gets sick up here for the first 3 days“. We had to get into lower heights as soon as possible, and after that, luckily, we were feeling better. And then we had suddenly reached him, the Karakoram Highway. An incredibly beautiful landscape appeared infront of us and was waiting to be explored. Soon after that, we branched off, because we really wanted to bike through the Deosai national park. It's found in the pakistani western Himalayas and is the second highest high plateau in the world. We broke our height record for the second time and had cycled to up to 4.200m now. Even if it was incredibly exhausting, Melli was pushing her bike more than biking, the view onto the giant landscape was just amazing. We had never seen something beautiful like that before. We cannot compare this Pakistan with any other country. Every now and then there were groups of nomads with their loaded pack horses.  
But it was not only an amazing nature spectacle concerning us, animals like bears were at home here too. So we started searching one camp after another, to put our tent there, because this way the chances of a bear attacking were lower. Bears actually started to walk around our camp nightly, but luckily WITHOUT any incidents. Exhausted, but happy we reached Skardu, where we made a pause from all those altimeters and finally had time to create new videos and posts. But our nerves were tested there too. There was only eletricity for ca. 1 hour per day and the internet connection constantly broke down. No good circumstances to work to look at the huge amount of films and videos. Still, we put all our effort in it (and also much time and money of course), even when sometimes it took really long, until we can produce something... For that reason we're really thankful to all the lovely people, that support us, for example on our membersite! By the way, there, you get early access to our videos, posts or access to our special podcast "Melli & Dani Spezial". Because this way we can take the time to produce, upload and release our posts and especially affort the calm workplace. Thanks to you all! Also, we would be really glad, if you'd donate us a plate of Daal Mash, so we can pepare the next advenureous story for you all refreshed.
In the next update we'll tell you about how we celebrated our anniversary – 3 years bike world trip in Pakistan!
Best wishes from on the way, Melli & Dani
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news-4733 Mon, 07 Nov 2022 10:41:20 +0100 City cycling 2022 STADTRADELN (CITY CYCLING) is a competition, where it's about cycling as many everyday ways as possible. It doesn't matter if you already bike everyday or if going by bike is a rather rare option for you. Every Kilometer counts – especially if you would've usually gone by car.

The team of 10 of the Rohloff AG has cycled 2700km and by this, has avoided 416 kg CO2.


news-4732 Tue, 01 Nov 2022 09:21:11 +0100 Dream Build: The Alutech Cheaptrick with Rohloff Speedhub A dream build par excellemce: Innovation, power, dynamics, Made-in-Germany, reliability - everything comes together in one bike. The construction story with interesting insights in the hub production and the assembly of the bike paired with big trail-action.

For installation test for Rohloff A12 system click here ->


news-4731 Tue, 01 Nov 2022 08:50:25 +0100 SPECIALEDITION: Rohloff buzzes - 275g Honey We've had new neighbours since spring 2022: we took on the Patenschaft für mehrere Bienenvölker (sponsorship for multiple bee colonies) in cooperation with Victor Hernandez from Stadthonig Kassel.

The busy bees landed well with us: The bee houses on the grass next to the company building is always busy on the flight holes.
This way we take on the conservation of our ecosystem and offer a new home for around 200.000 bees. Further on, we want to share this big passion for the regional nature and the love for bees with other people. That's why, with this sponsorship, we support many promising projects with kindergartens, with schools, with institutions of social therapy and even with the correctional facility.

Now the tasty result of this cooperation is finally filled into jars and available in stores or even in the Onlineshop von Stadthonig.
The jars conatin 275g mixed flower honey. It's stirred fine creamy and is perfect for a healthy breakfast ;-)

news-4730 Thu, 27 Oct 2022 11:55:41 +0200 Tandem-Hilfe e.V. with Speedhub on tour That was my season


I would've never thought, that my first active year would be so interesting and full of surprises. Sure, the first oh-experience was finding out i belong to a tandem. Man oh man, my siblings were already jealous, before I went on tour. And it started extraordinaly. While I was - polished to a high shine  - preparing for honored looks, i was sensitively touched by blind and visually impaired tandem bikers. They've already heard a lot of me and desperately tried to make me complete the newly aquirable double seat by my energetic drive ability.

And what should I say; after a tandem-season i claim: I used all my skill to be helpful; after all it was also about inclusion.


After being properly checked, i already heard the first appreciation, that casually came from a blind stoker to his pilot: „Then i can fix an error myself sometime.

It's so easy to take out and build in the back wheel with the R.S. and i mean; there's not much to clean up either. Even rain doesn't seem to bother him“.

The R.S. is me and i am only adressed by my last name - Rohloff. Additionally saying gear shift - o.k.

I could prove my skills in many different places:

First at the tandem-spring in the Spreewald. When there's a group of 15 tandems, people often stop and look. Everyone loved the tandem pilot being able to set his desired gear while standing. And even the tandem pilot heard the quiet click and could pepare for the start. I gave my best, also at the sandy floor.

Actual mountains were around Meiningen and Thuringia. Setting the gear on the mountain was of course no problem for me and for the tandem-team, that biked the first time together, it was a special experience, because right when you're not exactly sure how much your partner can give, I am a sweetheart. And at Tandem-Hilfe e.V. blind and visually impaired co-pilots are often on the way with pilots, that they didn't know before. I am active as a team builder in these cases, which I am very proud of. 

On the baltic sea there was constantly wind coming towards us. Luckily, in the front wheel, colleague engine helped out. We do also harmonise quite well otherwise. Sometimes though, he gets upset, when we get fast in the 14th course and he has to turn off at 25 km/h.

In Gifhorn and around, the team, which I was on the way with, could try out, how simultaneously and therefore harmoniously my gearing ratio could be increased. That obviously makes it go from two people on a tandem to a whole team.

Also in the Senftenberger Seeland I could show off my variability. The tandem pilot only said: „It's now going upwards, seemingly a former spoil heap; 12 percent rise“. The 2nd gear was actaully needed there; the co-pilot had of course just properly felt the mountain when it already became serious. I could help here too.

And named the meeting of the beginners „Tandem-Schnuppern“ (tandem-try out).

Again, it was the first time on a tandem for the pilot and the co-pilot had never ridden a tandem at all - well, try out. And what am I supposed to tell you: this might sound arrogant, but without me, some teams might've taken a little longer to get going. 

Usually I am not really the organization type-of-person, but i feel super comfortable at Tandem-Hilfen e-V. and especially I feel in the right place, because helping, that is is my thing

Meeting an ancestor, had me buzzing even more pleasantly in the free-wheel. There was actually a tandem, that has - equipped with one of my sisters already been on the way for 18 years and during this time it not only got to know Germany, but also Paris, Rome, Athens, St. Petersburg and all the other countries, that were on the way there.

It still doesn't show any signs of aging. Sets gears like always.


(written by:

Thomas Nicolai

news-4728 Wed, 05 Oct 2022 11:44:34 +0200 Racing steel 853 Rohloff Speedster Gates Carbondrive - Get Fast 2023 „One Bike for Life“ – one couldn't word it better.

The Racing steel 853 Rohloff Gravel has a maximum wide range of uses – fast roads and terrain use, long distance travel bike, and sport vehicle all in one. The option is between wide 650B or thin 28″ impellers. The implementation on one of a split like this was connected to a row of technical adjustments: For example, the sliding dropout for tensioning the belt drive has been adapted to the modern Flatmount standard. This way actual shift brake lever units can be montated like in racing bikes, which just fits for Gravel handlebars. Racing steel adjusts the shifters to the customer's wishes, so that it can either be downshifted on the left and upshifted on the right or vice versa. This way not only a clean appearence is possible but also ergonomic switching of the 14 evenly spaced gears. To switch gears, you no longer need to change your grip on the usual twist grip. Shift and brake levers are ergonomically perfect in your hand. The slightly flared handlebar provides more control in terrain. This bike is designed for durability in all aspects. The steel frame has a cathodic dip coatin by which he is protected internally and on the outside from corrosion. Thanks to the standard belt drive, the bike impresses with minimal maintenance and a long service life - ideal for daily commuting to work in any weather. The in-house luggage rack consequently also allows an internal, well-protected light cable routing and allows the bike a payload of up to 165kg. The extra-long lamp holder from Falkenjagd ensures a perfect light image without shadows, even when the lowrider is mounted.

news-4726 Tue, 12 Jul 2022 13:29:25 +0200 Start into the north cape tour Around 3000 kilometers "Honeymoon on the bike" to the north cape are expecting Sandra Butscheike and Steffen Mender from Waltershausen. They have camera equipment, to capture their impressions and to process their travel vlogs. Their current projects is named „northwards“ and contains more tours to Skandinavia. We're looking forward... news-4725 Tue, 05 Jul 2022 16:53:38 +0200 Inclusion rocks and rolls through germany Auf meiner Weltreise hatte ich viel Zeit darüber nachzudenken, für wen so eine Umrundung der Erde so weit weg ist wie eine Reise zum Mond. Ich habe mich an eine Begegnung vor ein paar Jahren erinnert: Ich traf eine blinde Frau, deren großer Traum es war, auf dem Fahrrad durch Japan zu fahren. – Unmöglich? Nein: Sie saß hinter ihrem Mann auf einem Tandem und wirkte sehr glücklich, fast euphorisch. While on my world tour I had a lot of time to think about for who circumnaigating the earth is as far as a trip to the moon. I remembered a encounter from years ago: I met a blind woman, whose dream it was to travel through Japan by bike. – Impossible? No: She sat behind her husband on a Tandem and seemed very happy, almost euphoric. news-4724 Wed, 11 May 2022 12:25:04 +0200 VAEGABOND - Iran – Mountains and Desert We're finally there, in Iran. Actually, we already wanted to go here in 2021, but most of the time things don't go as planned. Last year we were still in Turkey and the borders were all closed due to COVID-19. So unfortunately we coulnd't directly enter Iran. When Georgia opened it's borders back up we took a little turn to the North and then went over the green Georgia and Armenia to enter Iran. Almost an entire year later we're now in the 19th country of our world tour and again we're in a country. that we cannot compare to any other.

In Armenia there were still roads covered in snow and snowrain. In Iran, from the border on, there were dusty, dry roads and later the desert. Our clothes also changed. Atleast essentially those of Melli. In Iran women are obligated to wear a headscarf and a wide shirt, that covers their butt. Men should wear long pants. A little challenge with those rising temperatures.

Instead of going over the main route from the armenian border towards Täbris, we decided to go over a less full road over the mountains at the very beginning of our Iran trip. We took about two day to get into the next village. The landscapes around us were amazing, even when it started to rain. We now had the choice to follow our road or to take a little shortcut. The alternative offered by far less altimeters and even 15 les kilometers. Great! We thought! The first 7 kilometers were really nice, it went downhill and the driving surface was not even that bad. But one thing we totally missed, was that it had rained the past 7 days straight in this regon. You really shouldn't go these amazing shortcuts with unpaved ground and rain by bike. So we went through muddy hollows and all the dirt on the wheels completely blocked them so they woulnd't move for even one millimeter. Both of us started, pushing the bikes, but that didn't a lot of sense. One stayed with the bikes and the other one went looking if the way would get better. Actually, were just 3 kilometers ahead of us until we would hit the original road.

We thought about how smart it would be to just unload all luggage and tranport it all step for step, meter for meter. But then we had to admit that this adventure did seem a little hopeless, if we didn't want to push our bikes until late at night and arrive at the intersection totally annoyed. We were already wet and fully covered in mud anyways. So we turned around, pushed the bikes, that felt like they got heavier by hundredweights, until the ground got bette again and went the amazing way back. The mud, though, sticked to the rim and the brakes so persistently, that Mellis brake got completely blocked and she couldn't move her bike anymore. Now, not even pushing was possible anymore. Atleast we could now test our exchanged equipment, like the new Ortlieb backpacks, for their waterproofness and we can say - test passed!

Coincidentally, one of those little blue pack cars, that we had already seen out here, passed by. The man offered us to take one of the bikes to the next village. So one thing led to another and young iranians brought us to the garage of one of their fathers. Quickly many people surrounded us to watch Dani screw. At the back corner of the screw garage there was a gas hose being lit, that brought us comfortably warm fire. One of the men spoke good english and invited us to the the neighbour house to spend the night at his. There, he slept with his friend and his father in law after coming back from gold digging. Because there were goldmines nearby. We learned a couple of words in Farsi and got a first look at the culture. The next day we reached Tabriz where we straight up collided with a huge bike group. Again, we were invited and slept over at the group leader's that showed us the city. In the evening he brought us to break the fast on a mountain, where we ate together with many families and had a great view over Tabriz.

Our trip through Iran went on. We decided to meet our swiss bike friends Lisa & Dario from Erfahrung der Welt (Experience of the World), that were also in the country right now. We had already spent some time with them in Turkey and Georgia and they are also headed East with their bikes. They are on the opposite route through Iran and so they gave us a few helpful tips. Then we were headed for the iranian desert. We were alone for more than 350 kilometers, 90km of them without water, without villages and barely the trace of a human. The few cars, that passed by, stopped and the iranians in them gave us ice cold water and sweets. All of a sudden we had enough water. Melli's long clothes and the scarf around the head ended up proving themselves as very helpful. It was a good protection against the sun. The temperatures rised up to 36°C, which we could be glad about, because one week later they were supposed to rise over 40°C.

On the third day in the desert we saw a building flare up on the horizon. No, not a Fata Morgana. We arrived at a old, abandoned caravanserai. In some places she was dilapidated, but not any less impressive. The best ever – no one was there. We had the caravanserai for ourselves and went to explore. We couldn't have found a better place for the night. So we set up our indoor tent in one of the half open rooms and imagined, what this place must've looked like a long time ago. The caravanserai served as a contact point for travelers, a goods depot and a water source in the middle of the desert. Just amazing. After a week we had passed through the desert and we can say: again a unforgettable and terrific moment on our world tour!

Just like the countless encounters we had this month in Iran. Let it be in the capital of Iran, in Teheran, in Isfahan, in Yazd, in the many small villages inbetween or just on the steet. Again we met wonderful people, that showed us their everyday life and their culture and from who we could learn so much new stuff. Especially there encounters with the natives make this trip so unforgettable, so wonderful and unique.

Yesterday we could extend our Visa, yay! The Iran is just way too big and there's still so much to explore! We're looking forward to what further expects us on our trip!

Best wishes from on the way
Melli & Dani

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news-4723 Tue, 05 Apr 2022 11:33:56 +0200 VAEGABOND - New equipment & a breakdown after 2,5 years of the world tour After 2,5 of traveling around the world, new equipment & a breakdown Hello from Georgia! Again?! Oh yes, but let me tell everything from the start. We were back home for a short while. It was very nice seeing family and friends again. We were also able to take care of our damaged eqiupment there. Our bike world trip already has been going for over 2,5 years, more than 17.500km and 18 countries. We already went through extreme temperatures between -15°C and over 45°C as well as all kinds of weather conditions like snow, hail, floodings, rain, fog and even sandstorms in the Sahara. But our equipment also had to hold against different street conditions or high bike loads. Not to forget that we would use it all the time and every day. Some equipment objects were able to serve us well, others couldn't withstand the sometimes extreme conditions of our tour. After more than 2,5 years we were totally overdue to optimize our setup, replace many things or to switch to other products.

For that reason, here is the packing list. Here you get to our equipment for 5 years of traveling the world: There we also give a quick look into why we use certain stuff or why we switched to that equipment object. With our Rohloff on the other hand, we had no problems the past 2,5 years. We love this hub and are very happy with it!

During our time in Germany we maintained our bikes and of course we worked a lot to pepare many new blog articles. We will now publish these bit by bit. For example we were often asked how we work on the way. We even wrote two articles about this. Firstly about the topic „Digital Nomads – cutting films on the way “ and „Outdoor Podcast“, how we record our podcasts and what we use for that. Besides that there's also Tipps from 2,5 years outdoor cooking and what you can use for the „outdoor kitchen“.

Then we publishes a trailer about the past 2,5 years of our world tour and and summarized all of our articles so far. Because the most often asked question we got was: what does a world tour on a bike even cost? We documented all that including acquisition costs in our blog article.

Now we're back on the road, again in Georgia and again there was adventure and action from the first minute on. Unfortunately we realized after our arrival, that there was something wrong with Dani's Rohloff. We assume, that something sharp got under the sealing lip and the Rohloff got leaky because of that, but like, really leaky. Freshly refilled oil completely leaked in just a few minutes. Of course we had the oil to refill every 5.000km with us. Though we used up our reserves and the problem wasn't solved either. Of course the Rohloff is tough and we could've gone a little further even without oil. The problem was, that in the next 5.000 to 10.000km, there was neither a Rohloff merchant, nor any service options. In addition to that, there was no place like Georgia to recieve packages. Therefore „just going on“ would've just made the problem worse. Luckily Rohloff has an excellent service. After a short research, where we could actually recieve a package, they instantly sent a package to Georgia. Again, many thanks to our contact man at Rohloff!

The only thing we still needed was a chain whip to loosen the pinion to clean the spots. This was not really easy to find, so we had to get creative. So we opened our bike chain and fixiated it with spikes on a piece of wood. The principle was genius, but our construction was unfortunatly not strong enough. So we tried something new bit by bit. Dani had another idea. We built in the rear wheel and the pinion puller, fixiated everything and pedaled backwards. That worked very well, but unfortunately, there was not enough thread protrusion on the sprocket side when installed to screw the nut on. Because of that, the bike only went forwards. So we needed a new solution.

After a lot of back and forth, we went back to the idea with a self-made chain whip. Dani fixiated a few spikes, small vice and wood as the chain protection on the handle of an old axe. And voilà, the DIY chain whip was done. We were actually successful with this new construction and so we could loosen the pinion and finally repair everything. The method worked out really well and nothing was damaged or scratched. In case you also get into an emergency like this, and don't have a chain wip with you, you should really make sure, that the spikes or screws don't damage the chain. If possible, you should always pad. 

Now we can finally go on, in fact straight to Jerewan, the capital of Armenia. Yes exactly, we've been there before ;) That's why we want to get back to the point where we last stopped as soon as possible - just before the border to Iran. And then a new chapter of our world tour begins!

Best wishes from on the way
Melli & Dani

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news-4721 Mon, 04 Apr 2022 13:57:19 +0200 Introducing our new US Service Partner - Propel 2022 marks Rohloffs 36th anniversary and 26 years of SPEEDHUB production. Our flagship product, the SPEEDHUB 500/14 may be 26 years old, a testament to the durability and foresight of design, but that doesn't mean the construction hasn't evolved.
2017 marked a milestone in SPEEDHUB development with the introduction of the E-14 electronic shifting mechanism. It is now possible to add the worlds most durable, multi-speed bicycle transmission as a fully integrated part of a Bosch equipped ebike. The future seems most definitely electric, so who better to join our US Service team than renowned eBike specialist 'Propel'.

Rohloff wish to take this opportunity to welcome Propel to the team. They will be joining Peter White Cycles as of Q2 2022, to complete our US Service Team, bringing a wealth of eBike knowledge to the table and providing both east and west coast servicing at their Los Angeles and Brooklyn facilities.

Propel founder and eBike Guru Chris says "There are few companies up to the task of producing a reliable and low maintenance eBike transmission, but Rohloff comes through in spades. It's become one of our more popular transmissions and we're excited to be able to increase the service level and experience in the US."

Contact details of Propel, Peter White Cycles, and all our official global Distributors and Service Partners, can be found on our website at the link below:

news-4720 Mon, 28 Mar 2022 12:38:10 +0200 Falkenjagd Aristos R - titanium wheel from the 3D printer Das Falkenjagd Aristos R Gravel ist der Gewinner des diesjärigen Design & Innovation Award 2022. Die Begündung der Jury:  "Es gibt keine schönere Art, Titan auf Gravel zu genießen als mit einem Falkenjagd Aristos R. Falkenjagd interpretiert mit ihrem zukunftsweisenden Aristos R-Gravel- und R-Speedgravel den Werkstoff Titan neu. Dabei trifft maximal gekonnt traditionelle Handwerkskunst auf die innovativen Fertigungsverfahren des 21. Jahrhunderts. Das daraus neu interpretierte Aristos R besticht mit einer fließenden Formensprache sowie einer unübertroffenen Integrationsgesamtheit von Leitungen und Anbauteilen, so wie es in dem Ausmaß für ein Titan-Bike weltweit absolut einzigartig ist. Die 14 Gang Rohloff Schaltung mit ihrer enormen Bandbreite und hohen Wartungsarmut bereichert die Gravel - Welt um ein weiteres wertvolles Segment - nämlich das der Langstrecken-Gravelräder und Commuter Gravel-Räder."
The Falkenrad Aristos R Gravel is the winner of this years Design & Innovation Award 2022. The Reasoning of the jury: "There is no better way to enjoy titanium on gravel than with a Falkenjagd Aristos R. Falkenjagd reinterprets the material titanium with their trendsetting Aristos R-Gravel and R-Speedgravel. This way, traditional craftsmanship, meets the innovative manufacturing processes of the 21rst century. The reinterpreted Aristos R captivates with a flowing design language as well as a an unsurpassed integration of cables and add-on parts, which is absolutely unique in the world for a titanium bike. The 14 gear Rohloff shift with its massive bandwidth and low maintenance requirement enriches the gravel - Another worldwide valuable segment - is the one of the Endurance gravel bikes and commuter gravel bikes."

news-4719 Mon, 28 Mar 2022 12:31:43 +0200 Rohloff on the DEW21 E - BIKE festival in Dortmund Experiencing e mobility! The world's biggest e bike festival presents itself from the 1. - 3. April in the downtown of Dortmund.

You can find us on the EXPO Reinoldikirche süd.

news-4718 Wed, 09 Mar 2022 09:34:59 +0100 Rohloff auf der Cyclingworld 2022 in Düsseldorf 18. – 20. März 2022 Together with the bike manufacturer Rotor Bikes and the bike light manufacturer Busch & Müller you can find us on the bike fair Cyclingworld Düsseldorf. On the 18. and the 20. March you can visit us from 10 - 18 o'clock on the fair. The team from "Rotor, Busch & Müller und Rohloff" is excited to meet you.

It is strongly suggested to get the tickets online.

news-4717 Thu, 17 Feb 2022 11:34:19 +0100 Quit and Go - Disc prolapse on the long time bike tour- what happened next? The diganosis was a shock. So Fabians backache rooted from very serious cause and on the route we stood just before the crossing of our first pass- the Pyrenees. We didn't let our heads down and didn't want to cancel the journey. Fabian spoke to some doctors and got the green light to continue. Slowly, with attention, best no strong vibrations and in no way heavy lifting. Luckily we are a team and Franzi helped Fabian with the heavy bike bags and building up the tent.

So we went on, now in our 6. country Spain and we reached the last village Irurita before the pass, set up our tent for the night and mentally prepared to cross the Pyrenees. On 12km rise we had almost 1000 altimeters awaiting us. A friend, that also travels the world by bike and that has already 15.000km and 15 countries behind him, told us it was going to be hard. He had pushed his bike up the rise for four hours and there is also a bus. However, we wouldn't dream of that.

Long story short, we made it! We even made it so good, that no one had to push his bike at all! It took us five hours until we reached the top, it also took us enorme muscle strength and we were sweating like old men after going to the sauna of the finnish type- but it was all the way worth it. More than that- we actually had lots of fun! It was amazing seeing your own body so self effective. After having reached the top, we couldn't believe, that our first pass went so good. We rewarded ourselves with a wild camping place of the special kind- 1000 meters high we build up our tent for the night in the middle of the Pyrenees. A breathtaking view, no one else around us, only wild horses, cows and foxes. Foxes? Yes, we would see three of them at night. Afer having cooked our well deserved dinner on our gas cooker, we didn't have enough water left to do the dishes, because we needed the amount of water, that we had brang up to the pass to drink. So we put the pots a few meters away from our tent. Then in the night we heard a sudden rumble and clink. We were instantly awake. We peaked out the tent with our head lamps. Three pairs of eyes looked at us. A big fox instantly ran back into the night, another one hestitated at first, but then left the dishes after loud yelling and followed the other one. The last one though, the smallest one, didn't let our light, clapping and yelling bother him while grabbing a pot with his little teeth and running into the other direction with it and vanishing with it over the green hill into the dark. A little amused we thought, we could process this loss. Luckily we saw the next day, that the little fox had left the pot on the grass beneath us. The wind had increased over night, and under roaring breezes coming from everywhere, we took down our tent, packed our bikes and went on towards the valley until we reached the village Eugi. There Fabian had his first flat tire. Glad, that this didn't happen at the rise.

You can find the travel documentation of the pyrenees passing here: 

We reached the city Pamplona and got on the pilgrimage, that so many people follow with the desitantiob of Santiago de Compostela. The Eurovelo 3 runs parallel to the way of St. James, crosses it every now and then, on a few spots they even intertwine. And so it was hardly surprising, that we were quickly intrigued by the special mood and the athmosphere and after just a bit of time Santiago de Compostela became our new stopover. We also really liked the many small pilgrim hostels alomg the way in which you can get a bed in a sleeping hall for on average 7-12€. We also got us a credential also known as a pilgrim passport and collected the famous stamps. „Buen Camino“ is probably the most common phrase of this route, you hear him every day (too) often. But it's true, during the day beautiful lonely regions and small old villages, in the evening many communicative people, everyone with a different story, most of them want to tell theirs. A big destination for all, Santiagp de Compostela, for most them the way is over then, the route is done. Not for us though. We go on to Portugal. We especially enjoyed this way of thinking, of realizing, of walking or cycling together and will never forget many acquaintances and the special mood, politeness and openness of the way of St. James.

The last day on the Camino de Frances were pretty though, daily we went 700 to 1000 alitmeters and 50 to 80 km high and wide. We reached the „Puerto de Foncebadon“ on 1504km the highest point of our trip to this point. the mountain range demanded a lot from us, but we were in good shape. We enjoyed the time in northspain on the way of St. James, even though some rises made the Pyrenees look like a little hill. 

Our drive on into country number 7, Portgual, brushed aside our last doubt, if there even were any, that we truly made a good and right decision. The decision, to free ourselves from all the unnecessary and overrated stuff and to realize and experience the true beauty of life. This country is a pearl on the Atlantic, meter high, roaring waves on wide, long, beaches that are acessable for everybody, red cliffs, secret caves. The coast of Portugal has all these and were in the middle of it every day and every night and were amazed by the breathtaking nature. The waves put us to sleep in our tent and the first sun light woke us back up. Portugal is a paradise for freedom lovers and the alternative living in their vans and campers or of course on their bikes and with their tents. So the time we spent on our route along the coast of Portugal flew by, we spent Christmas on the Algarve with new friends, that we got to know on our way.

A thrilling year passes by, maybe the most thrilling we've ever had. We'd love it to continue like this.

Unfortunatly, the pandemic goes on and so we had to change plans and cancel routes. Therefore we cannot, how had actually deeply hoped, sail through the gate of Africa and enter Morocco over Gibraltar. Because the way is completely closed, no ferries, no flights, no good connections to Germany at the moment. But we're glad to be able to go on in the first place, in that case over south spain through Andalusia, the Sierra Nevada as the highlight, to Barcelona. From there, we want to go to Sardinia with a ferry, further to Sicily, back onto the mainland over Messina to Bari, where another ferry awaits us and brings us to the balkans. Through Albania to Greece and then to Turkey.

Such a journey doesn't only change the body, it becomes more muscular and more athletic, but much more the mindset changes, it is so important to experience yourself as effective. While planning this trip we never thought of ourselves as people who just casually want to go on a world trip with their bikes. We need to admit, that we couldn't even identify with it, as were the type of kids, that never liked the Bundesjugendspiele. With a micro view, though, we could imagine ourselves cycling a little bit every day, a few kilometers daily, with a few break days inbetween as well. Small steps then go together as a whole and suddenly, you're already in the middle of it. We intentionally do not write „at the finish“, because the way is the goal. You should really let this saying affect you sometimes and not act like it's just some phrase. Nobody can take the thousands of kilometers by bike, the many countries and past months from us anymore. The time seemed like it flew by, as if it was the length of a movie, that played in a hurry. Then again, we think of our first kilometers, the first days and all that what's happened seems, like it's happened years ago. In the past months of our journey, we've experienced so much every day, like never before in many years.

Dies kannst auch Du alles mit- und nacherleben auf unserem Youtubekanal gibt es alle Radreiseepisoden vom schwierigen Start in Deutschland, über den Abstecher nach Tschechien bis zur westlichen Route kannst du alles nachverflogen.
Wir nehmen dich virtuell mit auf unser Abenteuer. Ungeschönt und ungefiltert, zeigen wir, wie wir unser neues Leben erfahren. Auf welche Schwierigkeiten wir stoßen, wie wir manche Herausforderungen meistern, wie wir vor Freude verrückt lachen oder vor Überforderung weinen. 
Sei auch du mit dabei und erlebe gemeinsam mit uns Abenteuer auf der ganzen Welt. 
Vielleicht spürst du ihn aber auch- den Drang in dein ganz eigenes Abenteuer, den Zog nach draußen, den Ruf der Freiheit.
Worauf wartest du? Wenn wir es schaffen, dann schafft du es auch! Denn- weltreisen kann jeder!
You can experience all this with us, all bike travel episodes are on our YouTube channel from the rough start in Germany, over our detour to Czechia to the western route, you can follow us through all of it.
We digitally take you with us on our adventure. Unbeautified and unfiltered, we show how we experience our new life. What burdens we face, how we master challenges, how we laugh histerically because we're happy or how we cry, because we're so overwhelmed. 
Be with us on adventures all around the world.
But maybe you feel him to- the urge to go on an adventure of your own, the pull into the outside, the call of freedom.
What are you waiting for? If we can do it, you can do it too! Because- everybody can travel the world!

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news-4716 Mon, 20 Dec 2021 15:24:16 +0100 VAEGABOND - This was our 2021 We're always stunned by how fast time passes... Swoosh, another year has passed and we've now been on the way with our bikes for 2,5 years.
It's time for a little summary of our highlights of this year:

By the time of the year change 2020/2021, we were still in Antalya in Turkey. The borders around us were closed due to COVID-19. At this point we didn't know yet, that we would end up spending almost 9 months in Turkey. It didn't bother us though. ;) We discovered our passion for rock climbing, cycled to Cappadocia a second time and over the Taurus. Besides that we enjoyed the amazing turkish cuisine and got to know many cool people. Unfortunatly, we also had to say goodbye to our devoted work phone, that was run over by a truck in the mountains. We almost lost our drone too, because it just fell ca. 600 meters deep, while filming a beautiful golden yellow, orange sunset in Mardin. We were incredibly lucky and met a young turk, that had seen where the naughty thing came down. 

In May we went over the Eastern Anatolia Region to the Mediterranean Sea and into the wonderful, green Georgia. Just after crossing the border, we got us a cold beer. We also met people in short clothing again. The landscape is just fabulous and amazed us over and over again. By the way, did we mention it? Everywhere, like really EVERYWHERE you come across cows and pigs, that walk freely and relaxed over the streets. After cycling from one hot sulphurous source to another, we went back to the mountains. In the high Caucasus, we especially liked the region Svaneti. There, we cycled through the rustic Ushguli. Old defense towers are the landmark of the region and we kind of felt set back into the middle ages. Later we went to Kazbegi and to the region Tusheti. There, we cycled on of the most dangerous roads in the world. The road itself is not too well fixiated and very narrow. You basically only encounter SUVs and natives, that know the place very well. The landscape itself though, is very beautiful.

Just, like all around the little Caucasus, where we had the hardest adventure of our entire world tour in October. Rain and fog lasting for days, totally drained our equipment and at the end not only our underwear was wet, but also our bags from the inside. We tried to warm ourselves in an abandoned shepard's hut and dry us as well as everything else for two days. Coincidentally we got to know george, that made our last night on the pass with self made cheese and wine. The biggest reward was the view into the valley and the following downhill. 

We then left the loved Georgia a little wistful. There, everything was so tasty, so easy, the people so nice, the lanscape so breathtakingly. We wet on to Armenia. Even though we didn't make that many acquaintances here, there was a diverse landscape again. We went trough canyons, alongside the Sevan Sea, over mounatains and directly with the view on the Ararat into the capital of the city.

Now we're back to the roots for bit of time. After 2,5 years of continuous use we need to repair our equipment and replace it. With this oppurtunity we also get to see our families and friends again. So this is our third Christmas of the world tour. Just how fast time flies by... 

Christmas 2019 we were in the Dades valley in morocco and cooked a 4 course camping menu with other bike travelers out in the wild. We spent 2020 in the mountains of Antalya in Turkey with our climbing buddies. Now 2021 is the first christmas of the world tour, that we can celebrate with our families again. 

Our break doesn't last for long though and soon we'll be back on the road towards Japan!

Therefore we wish everyone a merry christmas and a successful, healthy year 2022!

Best wishes from on the way,
Melli & Dani

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news-4715 Tue, 14 Dec 2021 15:16:33 +0100 Quit and Go - 7 months, 7 countries, 7000km … and we're still going. And we love it. So we introduce ourselves, to this third travel report on the Rohloff News, though, it's been a couple of months since the last one. From June, we had only went 2000km by bike in two countries, Germany and Czechia, Everything was new and we were totally untrained and unexperienced. Those are our keywords for the new introduction.

Hello, we're Franzi and Fabian, two completely normal people, at the beginning of thei 30s, that used to work two completely normals Jobs and lived in a completely normal apartment, drove two completely normal cars- mostly to work and back. At the weekend we liked playing board games with friends, but mostly looked for peace on the couch and in front of the TV after a stressful week. We felt like life was just passing by, like we didn't use it and we were really unhappy with that.

Sometime at the end of 2019 we decided, that we wanted to change something, to choose a whole new everyday life- we wanted to experience life completely actively and conciously.

We decided to make a world trip- by bike.

So we made our first kilometers in the lockdown-Germany and went over the Elbe cycle path to Czechia. After getting our Covid vaccination we could go our actual prefered route, western over the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Spain to Portugal. This time we were allowed to cross the borders of our western neighbours, cycle on the wide cycle paths of the dutch and enjoy the right of way of the cyclers. After Czechia, this was a welcoming change. We crossed the Ijsselmeer on a dike, that was over 30km long from Lelystad to Enkhuizen all the way to Den Helder. From there we always cycled along the coast, through beautiful dike landscapes, over the Den Haag and Delft, we looked at both cities, further to the province Zeelande to Middelburg. In the Netherlands we spent our camping nights mostly one of the many farmer campings, that are really found everywhere over there. For 15€ per person on average (2 people, 1 tent), you get a spot between chickens and cows, a shower, most of the time a little outhouse or a bungalow and especially as cyclists your peace.

From Middelburg we went over into our forth country, Belgium. In Antwerp we found stuff like warmshowers (platform, similar to couchsurfing, only for cyclists) and an accommodation for 2 days to explore the city. After just 4 days in Belgium, we went over Ghent into country number 5: France

We were proud. Very proud, when arrived the sea in France. That was truly an undescribable moment for us being the first time on the cliffs of France, even if it was only the english channel- we would reach the Atlantic too, for sure. With arriving at the french coast, over confidence went up and our muscles and condition have also had a noticable change. While the altimeters in Czechia had us cursing and sweating, the cliffs in France had us less cursing, but surely equally sweating, but now we would happily drive them up and down. And up and down again. In France it was the first time feeling like we've actually arrived on this journey. As far as it makes sense to speak about „arriving“ on a journey. But we finally had the feeling of experiencing this journey like we had imagined it. We started a little rough and of course quite helpless in Germany- we had to handle route navigation and completey changing plans, because of the pandemic situation back then- we could follow follow the coast for the first time in France, the sea always to our right, to get into the direction of the sun and the south. So wehoped. How we all know now this year's summer turned out as a total disaster and we didn't get much sun on the bike. So going on, there was much water from above and wind from the front. As opposed to Belgium and the Netherlands though, wildcamping was much better possible in France. We always found a place for our tent, if it was on the beach or anywhere else in nature. The French still live after their saying „Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité“ (freedom, equality, brotherhood), which stems from the french revolution and is deeply ingrained in the constitution of France. Therefore everybody lets the others do as they please, as long as they greed and don't cause any trouble. The French love to go camping themselves in the landscapes, the nature and land can be used together. Therefore building up the tent in the evening especially on the natrual cycle paths, along the many channels, was relaxed and peaceful.

France is a big country and we spent pretty much exactly two months there. We first met other bike travelers on our journey, some coincidentally, some planed. We cycled with all of them for a while, exchanged our experiences, learned from each other, until the ways parted again.

The west coast of France was especially beautiful to us, on the same height as La Rochelle, on the south past Bordaux. In Arcachon, we climbed the biggest wandering dune of Europe- the Dune du Pilat- with over 100 meters. The view from the top to the sea side, was something that we've never seen before. It seemed like a different world being stuck in the deep sand on the top. Our tip for this destination: make sure to climb the dune in the morning. This way you avoid the other Pilgrims and the dune is almost empty.

We cycled through Le Landes, the biggest coherent forest region in west Europe. Created after the afforestation order of Napoleon. A good idea he had. It is artsy beautiful, idyllic and smells incredibly good like pines, heather and a lot of nature.

Over Biscarosse and Mimizan the coast led us further to Bayonne and Biarritz just before the spanish border. We were just before the Pyrenees now. Of course we wanted to cross thes, our first pass of 1000 altimeters, our first summit challenge. We were ready, we finally wanted to enter our sixth country on our world tour and we also wanted to cross the pass. Although we were stopped on a camping site in Biarritz.

Fabian's back gave up. After our start in Czechia Fabian had already noticed a heavy backache. While barely feeling anything while cycling, the pain got even worse in the morning and in the evening. We tried a couple of things until we reached the west coast of France. Tons of stretching exercises, appointments with an osteopath- everyone, who we talked with, doctors, physiotherapists assumed a sciatica, which is pain that comes from the sciatic nerve and goes over the lumbar region and buttocks, down into the leg. After the pain juust didn't get better in months, we had to demand a serious examination. We had to bite the bullet and pause our journey, contact international health insurance and go to a hospital. In Biarritz a CT (computed tomography) was issued. The results shocked us all and all of a sudden our world tour was strongly endangered. The CT showed, that Fabin had a disc prolapse ob the left side. He did the wrong back exercises every morning and every evening for months, because we had thought the pain had a different cause.

We didn't let that discourage us and we didn't want to cancel the tour. Fabian spoke to the doctors and got a green light for going on. Slowly and advisedly, no stronger vibrations and in no way heavy lifting.

How we continued our journey and how Fabian got over the first pass over the Pyrenees with a disc prolapse, will be in the next article.

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