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Product News

Latest NEWS on and about Rohloff products.


Bosch SX E-Gravel with Rohloff E-14 and TRP Brifter

Rohloff have partnered with TRP to add the Hywire brifters as an alternative E-14 shifter. The hydraulic/electric brifters are currently being put through their paces by various test riders and so far, the results are extremely…


Firmware-Update for Rohloff E-14 2.0 - Improved Shift Performance

An important, new firmware update for the Rohloff E-14 2.0, electric gear mech is available as of right now, offering significant improvements. The most important improvements offered by this firmware releasee include: Gener…


Reduced SPEEDHUB oil volume as of 10/2023

Rohloff are delighted to announce that following long and exhaustive testing in both commuter and touring cycling conditions, we are so confident in the performance of the "SPEEDHUB All Season Oil', that we have now taken steps to…


Rohloff E-14 with Bosch Smart System + ABS

The Rohloff ‚E-14‘ electric shifting system will be compatible with the Bosch BES 3 Smart System, as of MY2024. This BES 3 compatibility now also opens the door for the optional, simultaneous use of eShift with ABS. Both motor…


Minimum Primary Transmisison Factors (eBike Applications)

Revised primary transmission factors for eBike applications: The SPEEDHUB is an incredibly robust bicycle transmission. Although not initially designed with the eBike market in mind, the SPEEDHUB has proven itself more than…


Tandem use of A12, XL and XXL SPEEDHUB units

All A12 hubs and XL/XXL Fatbike hubs now finally authorized for tandem use! Its taken a while but Rohloff are now extremely pleased to announce that all A12 SPEEDHUB versions and all XL and XXL Fatbike SPEEDHUB versions…