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Each Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14 has an individual Serial Number. This can be found printed either on the hub shell sticker or engraved into the hub shell. This Serial Number informs us about the production year and is important for guarantee or warranty claims, as well as a acting as proof of ownership.


You have acquired a high-quality gear hub with the purchase of your SPEEDHUB 500/14. We ask that you please register your SPEEDHUB with us ASAP, so we can ensure you receive our best service and full product warranty. Register your SPEEDHUB online by clicking the link:


Through the registration of your SPEEDHUB 500/14, you confirm that the hub plus included accessories, were all received without visual damage or defects.

The registration process ensures that your SPEEDHUB, its age and thus internal component specification, can be quickly identified. This ensures we can provide the fastest possible service should any issues ever arise.



The SPEEDHUB 500/14 has been designed exclusively as a gear hub for bicycles. Please read the Owner’s Manual carefully in order to ensure your SPEEDHUB 500/14 is mounted correctly!

The warranty over the reliability and trouble-free functionality of the SPEEDHUB 500/14 is valid for the duration of two years from the original date of purchase. Excluded from this warranty are components subject to normal wear and tear through correct, normal operation of the transmission.

Caution when using belt drive

Use of the ‘Gates Carbon Drive’ system in non-stiffness-test approved frames and/or with non OEM sprocket carriers will invalidate the SPEEDHUB 500/14 warranty. The Carbon Drive/SPEEDHUB Owner’s Manual must be properly read and adhered to before use!

Revision 01-2022

Parts subject to normal wear and tear are: circlips, chain tensioning jockey wheels, sprocket, sprocket carrier, Carrier lock-ring, shifter cables, hub cable, EX transfer box, EX cable pulley, twist shifter grip rubber, E-14 Switch Unit, brake rotors, bearings and hub seals/gaskets.

Parts not considered subject to normal wear and tear are: the oil-bath encapsulated gear unit, the hub shell, the twist shifter housing, and E-14 components (Shifter Unit, DC/DC Can Converter).

The warranty cannot be processed in case of damage by: accident, outside forces, modification or alteration of any kind, incorrect assembly, incorrect use, lack of maintenance, or disassembly of the gear-unit into its individual components.

The amount of wear to the above-mentioned parts differs depending upon maintenance as well as type of usage (cycling distance, cycling type and conditions, riding in rain and snow, dirt, salt, etc.). The life span of these parts can be extended by regular cleaning and lubricating with suitable agents. To ensure the safety of the components, all parts subject to wear and tear have to be replaced before their respective tolerances of wear have been reached. It is therefore necessary to ensure the SPEEDHUB 500/14 receives a service-check by an authorized dealer, including an oil change (exclusively with original Rohloff gear oils) after a cycling distance of 5000km or at least once a year - whichever comes first. The retailer should check all the above-mentioned components for any signs of fatigue or wear and replace if necessary.

The Rohloff AG reserves the right to replace or repair within the conditions of warranty at our discretion.

Warranty claim must be processed through an authorized retailer, service partner or distributor. All SPEEDHUB units must be correctly registered to the current owner when submitting a warranty claim or requesting service.

Warranty claims for SPEEDHUB units sold as original equipment on complete bicycles, should be processed by retailers with the Rohloff AG directly, rather than through the regular chain-of-purchase.

Completion of the regular service intervals outlined in the SPEEDHUB 500/14 Owner’s Manual ensure the warranty validity and long-term value of your Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14.

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All entitlements to a guarantee are deleted if this serial No. Can not be produced. Warranty claims can only be processed if the guarantee card can be presented with the hub. To help us keep tabs ontheft, it is advisable to register the Serial No. With us.

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