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This page shows an overview of important subcategories, dealing with the assembly of a SPEEDHUB bicycle. The topics order correlates with the installation order when building a SPEEDHUB equipped bicycle.


For a better overview, all Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14 versions are listed and explained here.

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Installation to Frame

This is about installing and securing the wheel in the frame.


Securing to the Frame

Here we explain our modular system. You will learn the basics for installing a SPEEDHUB in a bicycle.

Modular parts system

Torque Anchoring

The SPEEDHUB can be mounted to various frame styles, by simply selecting the correct Axleplate.

Torque anchoring


Information on the following subjects can be found here:

  • Wheel lacing
  • Choosing the correct spokes
  • Spoke length calculation
  • Flange rings for hub shells
  • Lacing examples for European / French drilled rims
  • particularly suitable rims



All relevent information on cranksets and bottom brackets.


Brake Rotor

How to correctly mount a brake rotor to the SPEEDHUB.

Brake Rotor

Axleplate Alignment

The orientation of your axleplate, is dependent on the location of the selected cable guide. Further information on the correct orientation for your bicycle can be found here.


Twist Shifter

The Rohloff Twist Shifter will fit on all standard, 7/8" straight handlebars. It can be mounted to either side of the handlebar, so right-hand and left-hand grip rubbers (which show the gear indicator) are available for the requried orientation.

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Twist Shifter

Cable Routing

Detailed information on the optimal cable routing of both Internal and External Gear Mechs.

Shifter Cables

Initial Oil-fill

When the Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14 is delivered fitted in a complete bike, then it is already filled with oil. When not, it will need to be filled with 25ml Rohloff SPEEDHUB OIL before usage. A 25mm bottle of  Rohloff SPEEDHUB OIL is included in the package.