Brake discs

The Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14 uses a disc mount with a central diameter of 52mm and a stable four bolt mounting system which in turn has a diameter of 65mm.

The special Rohloff brake disc must be additionaly ordered.

Remove the five axle plate screws (M4x25 - Torx TX20) along with the axle plate. Secure the external transfer box in place with one of these axle plate screws L.

Place the brake disc over the external transfer box and locate over the center disc mounting. Pay close attention to the directional rotation of the brake Disc!

Place the four mounting bolts M into position and screw them in tightly (M8x0.75x8.5 - 5mm allen key,  tightening torque: 10Nm/87”lbs) without applying any thread locking compound! Remove the axle plate screw L from the external transfer box and then replace all five axle plate screws through the axle plate itself and secure them back tightly into the hub axle (M4x25 - Torx TX20, tightening torque: 3Nm/25”lbs).


The external transfer box should not be removed as the gears within could fall out of synchronisation. See chapter ‘Service’, paragraph 5. "Exchanging of the gear mech".

On OEM versions, the removal of the axle plate is not necessary when the axle plate lies direcly over the external transfer box (Pic 4). The brake disc can be mounted directly over these two components (fig. 5).