B2B Retailer Shop

Welcome to the B2B Retailer Shop. In this retailer focused online portal our complete product pallet can be seen and ordered. 

Welcome to the Rohloff B2B Shop. Our complete product pallet can be viewed and ordered via this retailer focused online portal.
Please note that we are only be able to process orders from registered retailers with the use of their Rohloff customer number.
Retailers located in countries with an existing distributor, will need to order through that distributor and not via this B2B portal.


If you are already registered as a dealer, you can generate a password for the B2B shop. To do this, click on "Activate retailer access" and follow the instructions.

Activate retailer access


All consumers may use this facility to print their product wish list, however these components must be ordered through their local bicycle retailer.

We ask that you check your order carefully prior to processing!

Any questions can be directed to our friendly sales team under +49 561 510800 or email.