Rohloff quality is synonymous throughout the bicycle industry for a unique perspective towards the final product. Here at Rohloff, it is the customer that remains the center of attention. We publish in-depth technical information on our products and production methods, enabling every current or potential Rohloff customer a view into the high level of quality control only available from Rohloff. And let us not forget, quality Rohloff products are ‚Made in Germany’ to the highest finishing standards. Every product starts with an idea but this idea doesn’t stop once production starts. Our engineers idea that turned into the SPEEDHUB, is a product which is constantly facing new challenges to remain compatible with current brake, frame spoke etc. standards. Our engineers work continuously develop the idea, keeping it fresh and competitive in the modern world. This development is underlined by an ongoing question:- How does this solution effect our customers? We will continue to research and better our products on your behalf until we are happy with result.


The Rohloff Pledge:
Every small bolt will undergo one of the most intensive quality control procedure in the industry.

High material standards

The basis of an excellent product is the use of excellent raw materials. Our quality control starts right here at the very start of the production process. 99% of our subcontractors are located within Germany enabling us to avoid translational errors and act quickly should standards drop. Every component from the smallest bolt upwards undergoes the same intensive control processes before moving on to our production facility to be integrated in a high-tech Rohloff product. And again, before packaging the product, each component will go through a final quality control procedure to ensure you, the customer, never received an inferior product that we are not proud to see out name on.

**Come with us and take a glance at how Rohloff produce your goods.