Highlights from over 34 years of company history


The 400,000th SPEEDHUB 500/14 is delivered.
E-14 2.0 for Bosch Smart System is introduced.


Due to the sharp increase in demand for gear hubs, the team was increased to 60 people.


All SPEEDHUB O.L.D.'sare officially approved for use in tandems.
The production team grows to 50 people and is thus able to produce a higher volume of hubs.


The 300,000th SPEEDHUB 500/14 was produced.
Operation of the E-14 is now also possible with the Panasonic FIT e-bike motor system.


The first SPEEDHUB reaches the distance from the earth to the moon with a mileage of 384,400 km.


Our electronic shifting system E-14 is now mass-produced and used by over 20 e-bike manufacturers.
Introduction of the Splined Carrier with lockring for safe combination with Carbon Drive/Rohloff splined sprockets.
All Rohloff oils are now "rapidly biodegradable".


The Rohloff E-14 for Bosch E-Bikes was shown on the Eurobike an wins the Eurobike Gold Award 2017.
A12 BOOST SPEEDHUB units introduced for 148mm Thru-axle frames


PM Bone (PM-PM Adapter) with PM Axleplate is introduced.
The Rohloff splined sprockets are premiered.
The Rohloff AG celebrates its 30th Birthday.


The Rohloff A12 Thru-axle system plus PM axleplate + PM Bone are premiered.
SPEEDHUB with a mileage of 327.000km is documented.


The Rohloff SPEEDHUB XL, Fatbike hubs are supplied to their awaiting customers.
Silver anodized hubs become available, offering better corrosion resistance.


The Rohloff AG  turn 25 years old!
The Rohloff Revolver 3 are dispatched to their awaiting customers.
36-spoke hole hub-shells become available offering a greater rim choice.
The new SPEEDHUB Dregriff are dispatched to their awaiting customers.


First round of the SPEEDHUB Championship race-series in Altenberg. The book Rohloff-Stories  becomes available in english.
Rohloff-Storiesbook made available in the English language.


Rohloff-Geschichten becomes available as of the end of November.
Rohloff Online-Shop available to all Rohloff dealers.
Completion of the Wanted-Campaign in Fuldatal. 55 SPEEDHUB cyclists awarded for achieving a mileage of over 60,000 Kilometers.


The 100,000th Rohloff SPEEDHUB is constructed live at our Eurobike booth from Bernhard Rohloff himself.


2009: 55 SPEEDHUB cyclists awarded for achieving a mileage of over 60,000 Kilometers.


The Rohloff AG turns 20 years old and now proudly employs approximately 35 people.
The 50,000th SPEEDHUB is shipped to its eagerly awaiting owner.
10 year anniversary of Rohloff online at


The 40,000th SPEEDHUB is shipped to its eagerly awaiting owner.


The Rohloff GmbH becomes the Rohloff AG.
Moving to our new premises in Fuldatal Ihringshausen on the outskirts of Kassel.


Innovations prize for Kassel county. 
Founding of our AU branch - Rohloff Australia.


The first SPEEDHUBs are dispatched to their awaiting customers.


Live presentation of the SPEEDHUB 500/14 at the Eurobike in Friedrichshafen, Germany.
Founding of our US branch - Rohloff Inc.



SPEEDHUB: - A name synonymous with maximum stability in bicycle transmission construction.


Introduction of the SPEEDHUB 500/14 at the 10th anniversary of the IFMA show in Cologne.
We go online at


The Oil of Rohloff chain lubricant  is premiered.


The Rohloff Lubmatic is premiered.


The Rohloff HG-IG Check is premiered.


The Rohloff Caliber is introduced.


The Rohloff Revolver is introduced.
All Campagnolo-Groups are equipped with S-L-T 99 chains.
Greg Lemond wins the Tour de France in 1990 using an S-L-T 99 chain.


The Rohloff Cash8 is premiered. It functions as an adapter to make Campagnolo cassette hubs compatible with Shimano derailleur cassettes.  The Cash8 is no longer available.


First Expo presentation of the S-L-T 99 chain at the IFMA Show in Cologne. Jahr nicht nötig!
Moving to our new premises in the Mönchebergstraße 30, Kassel.
The first S-L-T 99 chains are dispatched to their awaiting customers.


The Rohloff GmbH is founded by Barbara and Bernhard Rohloff.
Registration of the initial S-L-T 99 chain patent.