All Rohloff oils „rapidly bio-degradable“

Alongside the high quality that all Rohloff products are known for, the Rohloff AG have constantly tried to act sustainably and decrease any negative enviromental impacts of our products. We are pleased to announce that following great research and testing, we are now able to change our SPEEDHUB oil formula to ensure these lubricants are now „rapidly bio-degradable“. This final step now ensures all Rohloff lubricants, both chain and gear-hub, produced and distributed by Rohloff can proudly claim to be „rapidly bio-degradable”.

New Rohloff SPEEDHUB lubricants can be used / mixed with original SPEEDHUB lubricants without hesitation.

All article numbers and container sizes available for SPEEDHUB oils will re-main unchanged.

  • 8406 - Oil of SPEEDHUB 1L-Set = 40 Oil Changes
  • 8409 - Oil of SPEEDHUB 250ml-Set = 10 Oil Changes
  • 8410 - Oil Change Kit (25ml Cleaning Oil / All Season Oil, Oil Fill Tube (Art.#8502), Syringe (Art.#8505), Oil Drain Screw Art.#8205)
  • 8411 - Oil of SPEEDHUB 25ml-Set and Oil Drain Screw Art.#8205

The switch-over will commence as part of the running series and should be completed by August of 2018 for all container volumes.