Professional tools for your bicycle transmission. Measure correctly and fasten safely.

The Revolver 3 chain riveting tool is capable of safely joining and securing all bicycle chains from singlespeed to 11-speed and riveting those chains with re-useable pins to the highest workshop quality. Check the wear level of your chain and HG sprockets using the Caliber 2 and HG-Check tools respectively. Replace damaged or worn SPEEDHUB sprockets and carriers with the use of our SPEEDHUB Sprocket Remover Tool and you’re your SPEEDHUB shifter cables correctly with the help of our Cable Hook and Measurement tube tools.

Revolver 3

Universal Security Riveting Tool (…and one for all!)

Regardless as to which attachment method your bicycle chain uses, the Revolver 3 is capable of fastening them all. Bicycle chains are subjected to enormous forces and in a world where ever thinner, lighter materials are implemented, the demands we place upon the material become less and less rational. It is therefore all the more necessary that the components we use are correctly mounted. The Revolver 3 is the professional chain tool, trusted by countless high-class workshops worldwide. Able to open and safely close all derailleur chains as well as singlespeed chains in 1/2” x 3/32” and 1/2” x 1/8”. The current generation of 12-speed chains can be equally opened and closed with the Revolver 3 tool as can all 10, 11 and 12 speed Campagnolo chains thanks to the second spindle included with the Revolver.

Our Revolver 3 is constructed from high quality nylon and hardened steel, making use of incredibly hard Carbide where necessary. This tool is in constant use in bicycle workshops worldwide and can be found in the toolbox of many a hobby mechanic, ensuring a perfectly joined chain is fitted to both race and everyday bikes.

Here you can see how the Revolver 3 works with different chain models in detail.


Instruction Manual

The operating instructions of the Rohloff Revolver 3 can be found in the download area of our website.

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Caliber 2

Keep an eye on your chain wear.

Only a fully functioning chain is able to perform smoothly – and only then, are sprockets and chainrings protected from excessive wear. The Rohloff Caliber 2 tool shows at a glance if its time to replace those sprockets. Replace your sprockets and chainrings at the exact point where they reach their limits and in doing so, protect your sprockets from excessive wear.

The Caliber 2 allows you to quickly determine chain wear before your chain gets to this condition.


Hook the Rohloff Caliber 2 into the chain as shown in Figure I. With a new chain the measurement finger (2) barely moves between the rollers.

The greater the wear, the deeper the finger moves into the chain:

If side A of the Rohloff Caliber 2 tool sinks in fully, allowing the Rohloff Caliber 2 to lie flat on the chain rollers (Figure II), the chain wear factor has reached 0.075mm per link. To protect ALUMINUM sprockets from premature wear, chain replacement is recommended at this time. If side S of the Caliber 2 tool sinks in fully, the chain wear factor is 0.1mm per link. The chain should now be replaced to avoid skipping and to prevent wear on STEEL sprockets.

Instruction Manual

The operating instructions of the Rohloff Caliber 2 can be found in the download area of our website.

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Perfect transmission thanks to fresh sprockets

Ride with the highest transmission efficiency. Place your trust in a reliable transmission. The Rohloff HG-CHECK enables you to concentrate on your tour or race without worrying about your transmission letting you down. The HG-CHECK tool allows you to check the condition of your Shimano sprockets easily.

Place the Rohloff HG-Check on each sprocket of the HG-IG cassette block that you wish to check.

Sprockets with a tooth count between 12 and 21 should be measured as follows: place the last link of the measurement chain (2) on the sprocket with the test roller (5) inclining slightly outwards and press it against the measurement chain (Figure I). With the other hand forcefully press the handle (approx. 10 kg/22 lb) in the drive direction and swing the test roller (5) into the tooth pocket while the measurement chain (1) is under load.

If the test roller (5) moves freely in the tooth pocket (Figure II), your HG-IG sprocket is still working well. This indicates that even a new chain will run well on this used sprocket.

If the test roller (5) hooks on the tip of the tooth or if you need to use some force to move it into the tooth pocket, the sprocket should be replaced.

If the measurement chain (1) slides from the sprocket profile while the handle (6) is under pressure (Fig. III), the amount of wear is excessive. Sprockets with more than 21 teeth are rarely worn out, so they should not cause any problems while in use. Therefore, a check up is normally not necessary. Nevertheless, you can check whether the measurement chain (1) slips off the tooth profile while putting pressure on the grip (6) (Figure III)

Instruction Manual

The operating instructions of the Rohloff HG-Check can be found in the download area of our website.

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Sprocket tool

Threaded sprocket and sprocket Carrier remover tool

The Rohloff Sprocket Remover Tool should be used together with a chain-whip and 24mm wrench, to remove original threaded sprockets from a SPEEDHUB 500/14 unit. Removal of our new splined sprocket Carrier and original Carbon Drive Carrier can also be accomplished with the use of this tool.

The lock-ring which secures Carbon Drive sprockets to the Lock-ring Carrier, can be loosened and secured to the correct torque, using the special lock-ring tool (Art.#8518)

Manual Note

The method illustrating how to reverse and/or replace the SPEEDHUB sprocket is shown in the Owners Manual - Service and Repairs section.

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Description: Article No.
Sprocket tool for CC/TS 135mm/170mm and 142mm/177mm with A12 Adapter/Screw 8508
Sprocket tool XXL for CC 190mm/A12-197 with A12 Adapter/Screw 8509
Lock-Ring tool (for 8540L/8540SL) 8518

Set of cutting aids

Easily trim shifter cables to the correct length

It is near impossible to cut SPEEDHUB shifter cables more precisely. The brass measurement tubes are simply slipped over the shifter cables, pushed up to the housing and the protruding inner cable then trimmed at the end. Set consists of 2 tubes; one at 165mm for the internal hub cable, and one at 200mm for the external shifter cable.

Manual Note

A full description of these articles and their correct use can be found in the Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14 Owners Manual.

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Cable hook

Shifter cable trimming tool for the Internal Gear Mech.

The length of the shifter cables protruding after the cable adjusters of an Internal Gear Mech, can vary wildly depending upon the frames rear triangle length. The Cable Hook tool enables shifter cables for Internal Gear Mechs to be trimmed precisely, regardless of frame design.

Manual Note

A full description of these articles and their correct use can be found in the Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14 Owners Manual.

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Service Box

Order for replacement SPEEDHUB components

A tidy workshop is an efficient workshop. The Rohloff Service Box includes all spare parts for the SPEEDHUB that are prone to wear-and-tear, ensuring a fast SPEEDHUB service is always within reach.

Service Box Content

Description: Article. No.:  
8190 Rubber grip for twist shifter "light" 1
8191 Twist shifter cable stoppers 1+14 for twist shifter "light" 2
8193 TX20 screws and clamp for twist shifter "light" 1
8194 Cable pulley for twist shifter "light" 1
8205 Drain screw 1
8231 Torque Arm screws with washers 1
8236 Axle-plate Torx screws (6 pcs.) 2
8243 Chainring spacers (5 units) 1
8248 Conversion kit Chain Tensioner 1
8251 Chain Tensioner jockey wheels 1
8257 Long mounting bolt + Distancing washers for chain tensioner 1
8260 Cable Guide 0° (straight type) with frame clamp 1
8262 Pipe Clamps for Art.No. 8240 1
8263 TS Axle nuts (M10 x 1) including washers 1
8268 Shifter cable set: 2x inner (1.1mm) + housing 1.8m 1
8271 Hub cables for Internal incl. tubes and ties 1
8274 Bayonet connectors, 1x male type, 1x female type 1
8275 Freewheel springs (2 units) 1
8295 Owners Manual Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14 1
8410 Oil change kit (with syringe, drain screw and filler hose) 1
8504 TX20 Torx T-Grip key 1
8506 Cable hook for shifter cables (internal gear mech) 1
8508 Sprocket tool 135/142/170/177 1
8517 Silencing Grease 2
8540 Splined Carrier 1
8540 Splined Carrier with snap ring 1
8540s Splined Carrier "slim" with snap ring 1
8544 Splined Sprocket 16T 1
8570 Grub screw bayonet connectors 1
8573 Hub cable Easy Set (from Serial no. 25300) 1
8701 Empty Box 1
8704 Cable adjusters for cable box 1
8706 Washer and circlip for Chain Tensioner 1
8707 Bolt and circlip for locating fork (long torque arm) 1
8709 Bayonet springs 1
8710 Paper gasket kit for axle-ring 1
8713 Set of hub/shifter cable measuring aids 165 + 200mm 1

E-14 Diagnostic Kit

Step-by-step instructions for finding a defective E-14 component directly on the eBike by replacing it with the corresponding component from the E-14 Diagnosic Kit.

E-14 Diagnosic Kit Content

Description: Article. No.: Amount:
8801 Rohloff E-14 Switch Unit 1
8802 Rohloff E-14 DC/DC CAN Converter 1
8803 Rohloff E-14 Shifter Unit (for diagnostic and cross exchange only, not for re-sale) 1
8810 1000mm Extension Cable (lilac, 6-pole, Rohloff E-14 Shifter Unit ⟷ Rohloff E-14 DC/DC CAN Converter) 1
8811 1000mm Extension Cable (blue, 4-pole, Rohloff E-14 DC/DC CAN Converter ⟷ Rohloff E-14 Switch Unit) 1
8714 Axleplate Screws and Paper Gasket Set 1
Original Rohloff E-14 Owners Manual   1