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High quality, precision bicycle transmissions. Providing a proven, durable construction and outstanding performance coupled with extremely low maintenance costs. The Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14 is THE benchmark against which lesser bicycle transmissions are compared.

Rohloff products are constantly under the spot-light both in high performance sports as well as continuous operation in the touring cycling sector. A SPEEDHUB 500/14 bicycle transmission is the ideal complimentary component for high-powered E-bikes and capable of withstanding the enormous torque produced by both Tandem and Cargo bikes.

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THE CHAIN - news from the Tandem-Hilfen e.V. (tandem help)

There are still free places at „Tandem für alle“ (tandem for all) in Boltenhagen

Our traditional event „Tandem für alle“ (tandem for all) takes place from the 12th to the 19th of May 2023 in Boltenhagen (baltic sea). The…


Dream Build Falkenjagd Aristos R Rohloff Titanium

"The Falkenjagd Aristos R Rohloff Titanium is the new High End Titanium Gravel Bike from the German Bike Brand Falkenjagd. Parts of the frame, the fork and the complete stem are 3D printed from titanium. The frame is prepared for…


VAEGABOND - Our 2022 & Visa chaos for India

Our 2022 & Visa chaos for India Whoosh and another year on our world trip from Germany to Japan is over. Incredible, now it's been more than 3 years since we left Germany on our bikes. So we captured our most significant moments…



Technical mastery:
The Speedhub in detail

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Minimum Primary Transmisison Factors (eBike Applications)

Revised primary transmission factors for eBike applications: The SPEEDHUB is an incredibly robust bicycle transmission. Although not initially designed with the eBike market in mind, the SPEEDHUB has proven itself more than…


Tandem use of A12, XL and XXL SPEEDHUB units

All A12 hubs and XL/XXL Fatbike hubs now finally authorized for tandem use! Its taken a while but Rohloff are now extremely pleased to announce that all A12 SPEEDHUB versions and all XL and XXL Fatbike SPEEDHUB versions…

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Minimum Primary Transmission factor amendment – 13t & 14t Sprockets

13 tooth sprockets were initially introduced by Rohloff to enable owners of small-wheeled bicycles, to enjoy SPEEDHUB use with a full, useable gear range. These sprockets were never intended for use on regular bicycles. Where…