The Travel bug

The benchmark transmission for touring cyclists

Rejoice in the shifting ease and simply enjoy your cycling experience far off the beaten track in the knowledge that your bicycle transmission will never let you down. 14 real gears, a huge 526% Overall gear ratio and a 13.6% linear gear increments – just facts.

A cycling expedition is a truly wonderful experience. The additional use of a SPEEDHUB however will provides the exact requirements in order for your expedition to become a true adventure. Our bicycle hub transmission will guide you to and away from every corner of the globe. Why not profit from the reliability that only a Rohloff bicycle transmission can offer? Reliability that is so easily describable – solely by the fact that forces applied to the SPEEDHUB through normal cycling are unable to destroy the gear-unit

If discussing cycling tours, then we must say a few words about service intervals. Each SPEEDHUb transmisison is designed to be extremely frugal. A little oil is all this mechanical masterpiece ever requires. That is the key behind our decade plus of success in all sectors of cycle sport. Reach the most distant destinations with the most efficient bicycle, rear I.G.H. that has ever been developed.

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In the deserts of Africa, the rainforests of South America or the Siberian winter ...

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Frequently asked questions about traveling with the Speedhub we answer here.

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