Why sustainability? It's a case of preserving the ecosystems of our home planet.

Due to the accelerated climate change, our world is warming up fast. The consequences are serious: polar ice caps are melting and the sea level is rising. Weather conditions fluctuate wildly between strong storms and long dry periods. Animals and plants, both on land as in water, are threatened with extinction. Many people are already being involuntarily forced to leave their homes.

Sustainable actions help slow these processes and thus ensure the preservation of resources for future generations. Thats what sustainability means: it's about meeting the needs of the present, while respectinbg the long term consequences which affect future generations.

"For the environment"

This is a slogan which we like. The Rohloff AG contribute to conserving the resources of our planet in these various areas

Our Mutual Future

The United Nations 2030 Agenda for 'Sustainable Development' formulated 17 goals intended to promote sustainable development on earth.

These goals are based on the three basic building blocks of sustainability: environmental protection, social- and economic development. They apply to every countries and serve as an orientation for sustainable action within companies as well as private households.

We, the Rohloff AG, have been focusing on sustainability for many years and intend to continue this trend, standing as an example for sustainable action in the future.

Although Rohloff support all 17 goals of the 2030 Agenda, we would like to talk briefly about the 9 main areas in which we already focus our contributions to the implementation of all 17 goals:

Promote Education

Without education, development in poorer countries is limited.

For this reason, we are committed to supporting children in one of the poorest continents of the globe - Africa. : For several years we have been supporting the organization Kindernothilfe e. V. (children's emergency aid) via a project designed to educate children in Africa.

Even here in Europe, Rohloff continue our commitment to eductaion by offerin all employees the ability to better themselves and improve their knowledge through adult eductaion programmes and in-house opportunities.

Gender Equality

We believe gender equality is extremely important.

There is no gender pay gap with us. Our remuneration system is based on competence and responsibilities. Women and men earn the comparable sums for comparable work.

Parents of small children are also supported by offering flexible working hours and home office solutions. This is our way of counteracting the disadvantages faced by many parents when juggling their responsibilities and upholding a healthy work/life balance.

Clean Energy

Renewable energies contribute to environmental and climate protection.

As a member of the manufacturing industry, we use a lot of power. For this reason, we do what we can to reduce our carbon footprint by moving ove rto sustainable energy sources wherever possible.

Our roof is covered with solar cells which currently enableus to produce approximately 80% of our electrical needs ourselves.  In addition, a new LED lighting concept has reecntly been introduced and new, replacement windows installed to help reduce energy loss. Our long-term goal is to switch to clean energy completely and be 100% self-sufficient.

Decent Work

The growth of our company is constant, so that we can act independently of banks.

In this way we can guarantee job security and attach great importance to fair remuneration and profit sharing for employees in the company.
We want to ensure a healthy balance between work and leisure through flexible working hours, holiday entitlement that exceeds the legal requirements and paid breaks.

Innovation and Research

"The purest form of insanity is to leave everything as it is and hope that something will change."

This quote from Albert Einstein underlines: In today's world, the promotion of innovation and research for the future in combination with sustainability is extremely important. It is about securing resources for future generations on our planet.

We have also dedicated ourselves to this topic and are working with our development team on new and sustainable innovations for the bicycle market.

Reduced Inequalities

We want to promote social equality and thereby ensure fewer inequalities.

Together with the employment office, we enable long-term unemployed people who had to retire for a variety of reasons to find their way back into working life. With success.

Responsible Use

We are against a throwaway society and value longevity.

This applies both to our products and to our day-to-day operations. Our hubs are known to be an investment for life. A mileage of over 450,000 km is achievable. There is hardly any wear and tear, only an oil change is required and we also pay attention to the biodegradability of the oil. Should there still be a problem with a gear hub, we offer a repair and processing service. Even with hubs that are already 20 years old, this is still possible.

Internally, we source our coffee, drinks and catering for events regionally and in organic quality. Active waste separation policy in the company is a matter of course.

Climate Action

To curb emissions, we rely on short supply chains and sustainable mobility.

Around 98% of our suppliers come from Germany, which means that short transport routes are possible and no sea or air traffic is necessary. Other components of sustainable mobility are the use of electric company cars and fewer business trips by car or plane. Our employees also play their part, with around 35% of the workforce coming to work by bike or public transport every day.

There are also various conversion measures to save and generate energy. New LED lights reduce consumption and the installation of energy-saving windows reduces energy loss. With a solar system on our roof, we can currently generate up to 80% of our electricity ourselves. The aim here is to cover up to 100% of our energy requirements ourselves.

Reach the Goals Together

To achieve these goals, we must act together.

Individual awareness is important, but real change is only possible together. With the support of organizations such as Greenpeace or Kindernothilfe e. V. we promote – together with others – the achievement of some of the 17 goals. We also rely on partnerships with our suppliers and employees.

Joint development and implementation of ideas for measures of sustainable action creates community and cohesion on the way to securing the future of our planet.

It may be that not every one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals is achievable or feasible for us at this moment. Nevertheless, we will continue to work to achieve these goals and through our actions to motivate others for this topic and to join us on the way.

Tree Planting Event

In December 2021 and December 2023, together with Planet Tree, we planted 1040 trees in Hessenforst.

Through CO2 compensation, every single tree makes a valuable contribution to climate protection. The planting sites are located near the Feldberg (Hessen) and the city of Hanau, not far from the state border between Bavaria and Hesse.

More information and a link to the exact planting site below

Planet Tree

PDF download certificate
PDF download partner certificate

Our Solar Roof

With the solar system on the grass roof of the company building, we manage to produce 80% of the annual electrical energy at the Fuldatal site for ourselves.

The video shows how the solar system is positioned on the roof. From now on, our SPEEDHUBS will also be produced with as much solar power as possible.

Stadthonig Bees

We have had new neighbors since spring 2022: In cooperation with Victor Hernandez from Stadthonig Kassel, we have taken on the sponsorship of several bee colonies.

The hard-working bees have landed well: There are three beehives on the meadow right next to the company building now. There is always a lot going on at the entrances.


The revised user manual: A step towards sustainability

In a time where the protection of our planet plays an increasingly important role, it is crucial to act more sustainably. An example of this is the introduction of the new user manual. This approach not only enhances user-friendliness but also sends a clear signal of environmental awareness.

An outstanding aspect of this new manual is the reduction of package inserts and packaging materials. Traditionally, products were often accompanied by extensive brochures and multilingual instructions, which not only wasted resources but also required a significant amount of paper and packaging material. In contrast, the new user manual focuses on the essentials, providing clear instructions in a compact form, thereby contributing to the minimization of environmental impacts.