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Experience the world with the most reliable bicycle drivetrain on the market.

You love cycling? You love to leave the stress and hectic nature of every-day life behind you for a few hours? Then why take the stress of an impaired transmission with you? Choose a Rohloff SPEEDHUB equipped bike for your next tour and use it to power your passion.

The Rohloff SPEEDHUB makes cycling simple. No longer is it necessary to constantly calculate which gear is required next or if the gear has correctly engaged yet. Simply rotate the Rohloff twist-shifter – regardless whether stationary of pedaling. Rotate up to shift up, down to shift down. It couldn’t be more intuitive.

Finding my Speedhub

Extremely Low Maintenance

Experience a bicycle transmission, that requires just a bare minimum of maintenance. One, quick oil change per annum or 5000km – that’s all that is needed.

Aside from this oil change, you need only keep an eye on the primary transmission wear. Childs-play when compared to the multi-sprocket transmissions of lesser bicycle transmissions with their delicate linkage derailleurs. We want you to ride, not repair! The SPEEDHUB helps you do exactly that.

Rohloff E-14: Perfect for Ebikes

E-14; combined with the SPEEDHUB 500/14 to provide the best shifting performance for your Ebike. High shifting comfort and a synchronized shift at the push of a button.

No bicycle transmission is able to cope with the large, E-motor forces
as well as the Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14 and no other transmission is able to shift faster. E-14 provides lightening quick shifts changing gears in just 180ms. Shift single, or multiple gears with just one press of a button. The Rohloff SPEEDHUB forms the durable basis of every premium

The Price is Right

Just as exceptional as the level of Rohloff quality, is the price/performance ratio of the SPEEDHUB transmission.

When one assesses the unbelievable life-expectancy of a SPEEDHUB, one quickly realizes that one is riding a product with extremely small running costs. The SPEEDHUB possesses zero cassettes, prone to fast wear, nor does it require the use of extra narrow and thus fragile chains. The SPEEDHUB is an investment that pays out, increasing its cost-effective balance with every kilometer covered as opposed to a regular derailleur transmission.

Perfectionist Workmanship

Made in Germany!

The Rohloff AG is still managed by the original founders (Bernhard and Barbara Rohloff), located in the center of Germany. 99% of our flagship product, the SPEEDHUB is produced in Germany ensuring premium quality at every step of the production process.

Die Rohloff AG ist inhabergeführt und ein besonderer Arbeitgeber in der Mitte Deutschlands. Alle Zulieferer stammen zu 99% aus Deutschland. Jedes kleinste Stück Material wird eingehend geprüft und erst dann verarbeitet. Entscheiden Sie sich für das Premiumgetriebe von Rohloff.


Production Video

Shift Evenly

The correct transmission shifts riding pleasure to the next level!

The most important aspect of a great transmission, is the correct size of increments between each subsequent gear. The linear gear ratios within the SPEEDHUB, combined with the large overall gear ratio and total number of gears is your guarantee for fluid cycling performance. Furthermore, one SPEEDHUB attribute that is impossible for a derailleur system to compete with, is the incredible shifting speed. Shift easily to and from any desired gear with just one wrist movement – while pedaling or stationary.

Rock Solid

The Rohloff SPEEDHUB – your trusted companion.

We are proud to state that even gear-units from our original pre-production series have yet to be returned due to damage or wear. We have been contacted by customers who have clocked up a phenomenal 326,000+KM mileages on their hubs and these units are still going strong. This is just one of a few reasons why the SPEEDHUB has become the benchmark transmission for expedition cyclists. As such, there is practically no space left untouched on this earth, to which a SPEEDHUB has taken an intrepid adventure.

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How do I calculate which SPEEDHUB I require?


135mm or 197mm O.L.D.? Threaded axle, Q/R axle or Thru-axle compatible? We have a SPEEDHUB for nearly every frame type.Von 135mm Einbaubreite bis 197mm.

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For distributors, manufacturers and dealers. Consumers are welcome to print their ‘basket’ and take this to their local dealer to place their order.

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