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This page attempts to clarify the topic of correct SPEEDHUB maintenance. There isn´t much to do ...

Maintanance Tips

The internal gears of the Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14 are protected from dust and moisture by running in an oil bath. The maintenance and care of the Rohloff system is limited to just the few points listed here.

Maintanance Tips

Oil Change

An oil change must be completed every 5000 km or once per Annum to ensure the 25 ml quantity of oil is retained and is free from dirt/moisture contamination. This process ensures that the SPEEDHUB 500/14 will always contain enough oil for lubrication (regardless of oil lost due to sweat oil) and also ensures that any penetrated moisture is rinsed out.

Manual oil change


In order to clean the Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14 only use un-pressurized water and gentle cleaning fluids.

Do not use a high power jet wash system, brushes or abrasive materials for cleaning purposes.


Water may pass under the SPEEDHUB seals when using a high pressure wash system, steam cleaner, transporting the bicycle on a car through heavy rain or submerging the rear wheel. For this reason, these situations should be avoided.

If not avoidable, we recommend that an oil change is performed immediately after so as to ensure any potentially penetrated moisture is rinsed back out of the SPEEDHUB before it can do any damage.

Components Subject to Wear

The wearable parts are: The sprocket, chainring, jockey wheels on the chain tensioner, twist shifter rubber grip, shifter cables and the brake disc. How quick the parts wear is down to how the product is used and cared for (pressure, dirt, weather and care).


To guarantee the safe function, these parts must be replaced as soon as they are no longer capable of performing correctly.

Let the workings of your bike be regularly checked over by a professional bike workshop.

Sprocket Reversing / Replacing

If one side of the sprocket is worn out, it can be easily turned. This applies to screwed and splined sprockets.


Rubber Grip Replacement

When replacing the Grip Rubber, it is not necessary to remove or replace the shifter cables.