Please contact the Rohloff distributor for your country of residence to find out more about Rohloff products.

Here you will find the form for ordering your A12 hub for thru-axle frames. Please note that you can only fill it out if you have determined the relevant data using the A-12 test box.

Important Information for Service Returns

Please read through our FAQs before deciding to send packages for conversions, repairs, warranty claims or other service requests.
Get in touch with your local bicycle dealer if the FAQ information fails to help cure any issues you may be experiencing

Important: All returns must be processed through a bicycle retailer/workshop, who will need to forward a fully completed service form as well as possibly include a copy of the original purchase receipt. Hubs which are already correctly registered, do not need to include a copy of the purchase receipt in the package. If you know that your hub has not been registered, then this can still be done retrospectively by submitting the online registration form.

The turnaround time for service cases arriving here in Germany, is currently:

  • 3 Working days for hubs still under guarantee (2 years from purchase date)
  • 10 Working days for hubs outside the 2 year guarantee period