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Who are we? What is Rohloff? Rohloff was founded back in 1986 as a small family business determined to enrich the cycle trade with product development reaching far further than a short-lived trend. Every Rohloff product that exited our premises has been subject to our intensive quality control that ensures you the cyclist, are able to enjoy ten’s if not hundreds of Km’s cycling enjoyment. This quality has not only won us countless fans and loyal customers over the last 30 years, but has also won many international sporting events, world records and taken touring cyclists to the remotest regions on the planet.

Regular, everyday consumers, wishing to enjoy a day cycling rather than repairing their bike, have put their faith in Rohloff products thanks to the low maintenance offered. Enjoy the 14 speed Rohloff experience yourself with a SPEEDHUB 500/14 equipped bicycle – regardless of E-Bike, MTB, Fatbike, Tandem, Trekking bike, Recumbent, Cargo bike etc. etc. We have something for everybody!

Just Facts

Almost 100% of all components required for Rohloff products are produced exclusively in Germany by one of 150 specially selected, high quality subcontractors. Every individual component must successfully pass a stringent quality control process before moving on through our facility to become part of an exclusive Rohloff product. Rohloff work closely together with retailers and distributors in 35 different countries. This global support network enables us to react fast, ensuring all customers receive the support they may require, regardless of where they are located worldwide.

The Rohloff HQ is located in central Germany. Over 60 individuals are employed here, all ensuring the constant high production quality of our products. The Rohloff service team are available not only per telephone and email, but also in person at the many shows, expos, seminars and races at which we exhibit around the world.

Are you also ready to become a member of our Rohloff family? We would be extremely pleased to welcome you!

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