New electronic Trigger Shifter for the Rohloff E-14 system

The new Rohloff E-14 Trigger Shifter (Art. 8801-04) will expand the Rohloff range for MY 2025 and elevate the ergonomics of the E-14 system to a new level. For further improved comfort, the E-14 2.0 App will even permit E-14 2.0 users to decide which lever shifts in which direction, by simply inverting the shift direction.
"In typical Rohloff fashion, we have created an E-14 Trigger Shifter that offers true added value," explains Rohloff's product management. "Designed for maximum durability both mechanically and electronically - of course, completely Made in Germany. This allows us to achieve our self-imposed sustainability goals, but also provide E-14 SPEEDHUB users with a relaxed and precise shifting experience."
The new Trigger is retrofittable to all existing Rohloff E-14 / Bosch combinations and can be easily self-installed via our user-friendly plug-and-play design.
An E-14 firmware update will be required via the "Rohloff E-14 1.0 Classic App" before this trigger will function for owners of the older E-14 system (E-14 1.0 (Bosch BES2)). This App is free and downloadable from the Google Play Store for Android devices.
The Trigger (Art. 8801-04) will be available for individual purchase expectedly from Q4-2024.