New Rohloff Tool for Enhanced Workshop Support

Providing more support for specialty retailers, faster service, and happier customers.
With the new Rohloff Sprocket Carrier Removal Tool (Art.#8522), workshops are empowered, to get customers get back on the road as quickly as possible. This tool will ensure a workshops ability to remove the carrier, regardless of whether using a Splined Carrier, or Splined Lockring Carrier. Replacement can now easily be done on-site in the workshop, even with a stuck or worn Rohloff Splined Carrier.
Where it was previously necessary to ship the SPEEDHUB to Rohloff to remove a stuck Carrier, this new tool will eliminate that time-consuming process entirely. "We are not only aiding retailers with the ability to show their competence, but also resolving potential issues more quickly and effectively through direct consumer interaction", explains Rohloff's product management.
The Rohloff Sprocket Carrier Removal Tool (Art.#8522) is designed to be used together with the Rohloff Lock-Ring Tool (Art.#8518), and a standard ½” impact driver.

As expected from Rohloff: Quality Made in Germany.