Splined Carrier with Lock-Ring for Carbon Drive / SPEEDHUB splined sprockets (15t upwards)

The new Rohloff lock-ring Splined Carrier (Art.#8540L / Art.#8540SL) have been specially developed for the use with Carbon Drive splined sprockets and will be available as an addition to the ‘regular’ (Art.#8540) and ‘slim’ (Art.#8540S), tool-free Rohloff Splined Carriers. These can however also be used with SPEEDHUB Splined Sprockets with 15 or more teeth.

The main difference between these new lock-ring Splined Carrier's and the other two existing Splined Carriers, is that the ‚L/SL‘ versions secure the sprocket in place using a lock-ring which will require the use of a face-wrench, hook-wrench or the special Rohloff Lock-Ring tool (Art.#8518).

The lock-ring should be secured with a tightening torque of 30 Nm (do not use screw locking agents).

The lock-ring ensures that sprockets are secured laterally to the Splined Carrier 'L/SL' and thus eliminates the micro-movement that can occur due to the the pre-tension of the Carbon Drive belt when using Carbon Drive splined sprockets.

These new articles (#8540L, 8540SL & #8518) became available since the end of August 2018.

Compatibility of Splined Carrier 'L/SL' with SPEEDHUB Splined Sprockets:

  • 13 & 14 tooth SPEEDHUB Splined Sprockets: - Not compatible!
  • 15 - 19 & 21 tooth SPEEDHUB Splined Sprockets: - Compatible!
  • We recommend use of the regular splined carriers (Art.# 8540 & Art.# 8540S) for chain use due to the advantages of tool-free sprocket mounting/removal.

The Splined Sprocket Carrier 'L/SL' is not compatible with any Hebie Chainglider.

  • Art.#8540L: Rohloff Splined Carrier L (incl. Lock-Ring)
  • Art.#8540SL: Rohloff Splined Carrier Slim L (incl. Lock-Ring)
  • Art.#8538: Rohloff Lock-Ring (available separately)
  • Art.#8518: Rohloff Lock-Ring tool

Splined Carrier Lock. Art.#8540L

Rohloff Lock-Ring Tool Art.#8518