First Oil Fill

When the Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14 is delivered fitted in a complete bike, then it is already filled with oil. Individual hubs are filled with oil if the note "SPEEDHUB -> already filled with oil" can be read on the original operating instructions (01.10.2023).


For a quick and clean filling of the oil or when changing the oil, we recommend the use of the Rohloff Oil Change Kit (Art. #8410).

How to inject the oil

Turn the hub so that the drain screw can be seen on the top. Remove drain screw (3mm allen key).

Screw the oil filling tube into the oil drain hole and insert the nozzle of the oil bottle into the filling tube. Continually squeeze the oil bottle until the contents has been completely filled into the gearbox.

To fill the hub via syringe, fasten the oil filling tube to the syringe and secure it with a drop of superglue before use. Draw the SPEEDHUB OIL into the syringe, then screw the tube into the drain hole.

Squeeze the Rohloff SPEEDHUB OIL into the gearbox.

To equalize the air pressure within the hub, approx. 25ml of air should be drawn back into the syringe. This will prevent the oil from leaking out of the hub, when removing the filling tube.

Replace the oil drain screw and tighten this up securely (3mm allen key, tightening torque: 0,5Nm/4in.lbs.).


The oil drain screw must not be inserted any further than flush with the hub shell. Any deeper could result in periodic drive loss in certain gears.