Oil change

The Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14 is initially filled with around 25ml of Rohloff SPEEDHUB oil. This exact amount of oil is optimum for both the bearings and gears of the Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14.

An oil-change must be completed every 5000km or once per Annum to ensure the 12.5ml quantity of oil is retained and is free from dirt/moisture contamination. This process ensures that the SPEEDHUB 500/14 will always contain enough oil for lubrication (regardless of oil lost due to sweat oil) and also ensures that any penetrated moisture is rinsed out.

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For easy oil change, we recommend the use of the Rohloff Oil Change Kit (Art. No. 8410).

The Oil Change Kit consists of:
A 25ml cleaning oil in a 50ml bottle*
B 12.5ml Rohloff SPEEDHUB OIL
C Oil filling tube
D Non returnable syringe 50ml
E Drain screw with new seal The oil filling tube should be placed over the syringe and secured with a drop of super-glue before use.


* There will already be approx. 12.5ml fluid in the hub (old oil and any penetrated moisture). After the cleaning oil is filled into the hub, there will be approx. 37.5ml fluid to extract (in therory). For this reason the cleaning oil comes in a 50ml bottle so that the old fluid can be drained out into this bottle for safe disposal.

To change the oil, the Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14 should be left at room temperature (because the oil flows better). Turn the hub, so that the drain screw can be seen on the top. Remove drain screw (3mm allen key).

Draw the 25ml cleaning oil into the syringe, screw the filling tube into the drain screw hole and fill the cleaning oil into the hub. After this, use the syringe to draw out a little air out into the syringe. Remove the filling tube and refit the drain screw.

To rinse the hub properly, ride approx. 1km or turn the wheel by hand using the cranks for approx. 3min whilst simultaniously swiching between gears #3 and #5. In these gears all planetary gear sets are in use, making sure that the cleaning fluid is well rinsed through in order to thin out the old oil for easier removal.


It is important to protect the brake disk/pads (if mounted) with a clean cloth to minimize the possiblity that oil could spray out onto them.

Remove the drain screw (3mm allen key) and refit the filling tube and syringe. Turn the wheel, so that the filling point is underneath the hub. Wait approx. 15mins with the wheel in this position, then use the syringe to draw out the old fluid. Remove the syringe and filling tube, use this to empty the fluid into the empty 50ml cleaning oil bottle.

Draw 12.5ml SPEEDHUB OIL into the syringe and insert this into the hub. Draw out approx. 12.5ml of air to keep the pressure correct inside and therefore, avoid oil seeping back out, when removing the filling tube.

Fit a new oil drain screw and tighten correctly (Allen Key SW3, tightening torque 0.5Nm). As long as the thread sealant is not worn, then the old oil drain screw may be used repeatedly.



The Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14 must be filled exclusively with Rohloff oils (gear box/cleaning oils). The use of other types of lubricants and/or cleaning fluids could lead to the damage of the inner mechanism's nylon components.

Used oil should be taken to a specialized oil disposal point, so as to keep pollution levels down.

Rohloff SPEEDHUB OIL and cleaning oil can be disposed of together with other motor oils.

Do not expose to direct sunlight.

Keep out of reach of children.


The oil drain screw must not be inserted any further than flush with the hub shell. Any deeper could result in periodic drive loss in certain gears.


Too much oil within the gearbox increases the risk of oil leaks. Therefore, when an oil leak is discovered, new replacement oil must not be added (risk of overfilling). Reduced oil level by leakage through the seals will not cause problems and riding further until the next oil change (annually or every 5000 km) is possible.