Firmware-Update for Rohloff E-14 2.0 - Improved Shift Performance

An important, new firmware update for the Rohloff E-14 2.0, electric gear mech is available as of right now, offering significant improvements.

The most important improvements offered by this firmware releasee include:

  • General improvements of the shift performance: The shift reliability and performance of each Rohloff E-14 2.0 unit will be significantly improved.

  • Bug fixes for pedelecs and S-Pedelecs: There have been a few isolated cases where users have noted occasional hesitation or refusal to down-shift – both in single- and multi-shift modes.

The Auto-Downshift feature is not affected by the Bug mentioned above.

This firmware update should be completed ASAP, to ensure all users are able to profit form the benefits.

Further information on this and other updates can be found on our website. Alternatively, please get in touch with our customer support for advice.


Update installation procedure is to be completed as follows:

  1. Download and install the Rohloff E-14 2.0 APP to your mobile device (Android or Apple iOS)
  2. Open the Rohloff E-14 2.0 APP and connect to the Rohloff E-14 2.0 Shifter Unit
  3. Enter the „Settings“ menu
  4. Select „Update Firmware“
  5. The new Firmware version will be displayed on the App, if an update is available
  6. Select „Install Firmware Update“
  7. The Firmware update will be installed
  8. Re-start the Bosch eBike System (switch off, then back on again)
  9. The Rohloff E-14 2.0 Shifter Unit is now running the updated Firmware, and is ready for use
  10. Going back to the update menu, and selecting „Update Firmware“ again, will show that the E-14 Firmware is up-to-date. This can be done to verify the success of the update procedure