WANTED 100.000 km long term runners

“If all Rohloff equipped bicycles would be lined up behind each other, they would cover a distance of 250,000m, the equivalent of the distance between Kassel and Aachen”.

These are the words that Bernhard Rohloff used to begin his speech that he had prepared to accompany the completion of the 100,000th Rohloff SPEEDHUB. The stage was our expo booth at Eurobike in Friedrichshafen, Germany.

Many SPEEDHUB enthusiasts gathered together to experience a highlight in the history of the Rohloff AG. On a silver platter, wearing white gloves, Bernhard Rohloff assembled the 24 Carat gold plated SPEEDHUB with the Serial number: 100,000 whilst simultaneously explaining the individual components and their function. He also demonstrated the various grips that are required to ensure the interaction of the planetary gears and ring gears. The use of the different materials in construction and their function was also explained. He closed his speech by explaining the pawl sequence as he shifted through all 14 gears of the newly assembled SPEEDHUB – hereby ckecking the gear-unit and showing the audience how the gear mechanism works. The final stage was to insert and bolt the completed gear unit into the hub shell so that the 100,000th SPEEDHUB could finally rest upon its specially designed cushion for presentation.

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