VAEGABOND - Starting into 2021

Last new years we were vainly waiting for a firework in Marrakesch. This time we spent the year switch near Antalya in Turkey. Even despite restrictions and closed borders for 4 days, a few firecrackers were lit and everyone wished each other a healthy and happy new year. We hope, that this year everyone can recover again and that the situtation gets better for everyone around the world.  

For germans, a stay of 90 days in Turkey is no problem. Beyond that, a extension of stay has to be requested. Our appointment for the extension of stay was a little adventure of bureaucratic nature. With our german manners we showed up about 10 minutes before the appointment. Then we realized, that it was only just receiving various papers and getting an immediate payment request. Stupid enough, that we were invited at a time, that made it impossible to pay the money. The payment office had already been closed for an hour by the time of our appointment. Unfortuneatly that meant cycling back through half of Antalya, past the police control, line up at the counter again. More than a month has passed since that happened. Sadly, we still don't know if we've got the permit. It is well known that bureaucratic mills grind slowly.

In the meanwhile we worked on our new articles and videos. But to not completely avoid exercise, we found a hobby alongside. With the help and equipment of our local friends we kept cycling to the mounatins, where we safely climbed the rock faces and aired our brains. We had never thought, that we would dive so intensely into climbing on our bike world tour. It keeps us fit and it's fun.  

We still don't know for how long we'll stay in Turkey. The border to Georgia and Iran are still not passable for us on the land route. We don't want to go back towards Bulgaria either. Turkey is very big and there's still so much to explore for us. As soon as it's clear, that we can cycle on, we probably head towards the Black Sea and then further towards east.

Best wishes from on the way, 
Melli & Dani

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