VAEGABOND - After 1 year of traveling by bike in country #15 - Bulgaria

A few days ago we cycled through lonely mountain villages in the south of Bulgaria. Confusedly we were spoke to by one of the natives (which by the way was the only bulgarian speaking english in a perimeter of 50km), how we even managed to find this place. The road leading there became multiple rocky dirt roads with deep furrows after a few meters. The next 15km to the mounatin peak were apparently not getting better. We answered, that we were so fascinated by the landscape, that we prefered smaller regions and roads before cities and highways. And that was absolutely the truth. This stage was scenic, very tiring as well, but incredibly peaceful and beautiful. We had the oppurtunity to have a closer look at some of the houses of the small village with the man. Of 60 houses there were only around 20 with people living in them. The rest was in a very dilapidated condition. Still, the place had a sort of magical impact on us.

After that we went further towards the peak. The gravel slowly turned into sand and the furrows became bigger. The slope also increased. In Croatia and Montenegro we had already gotten used to constant uphill. Though, that was a little different here. After just a short while Melli already couldn't pedal anymore and had to push her bike. Dani did short, but very exhausting power thrusts. Cycling 5 meters. Break. Cycling 5 meters. Break. This way we made an amazing 5km in 4 hours. Crazy! We've never made our way up the mountain this hardly. We still agreed, that we had steeled more in the past months and manage these conditions better than before. It was worth it for us as well ;)

By the way exactly on year ago, we dared the step and got on our bikes, to explore the world. With that, Bulgaria is our country #15. And still we love traveling by bike! All that we have experienced until now, all the amazing encounters with the most diverse people, besides all the stress (over mountains, against the wind, while it was cold, while we didn't want to anymore), all the moments, that we celebrated together and when we couldn't stand each other – all of that was so worth it for it us quitting our jobs and and our apartment! We cycled over country borders and got to our own limits, grew beyond them and got to know lifestyles and mindsets, that we want to integrate in our life. For that, we are incredibly thankful! You can't book something like this in the travel agency, you have to take things in your own hand and with a little time on your back, go exploring yourself.

A really amazing Summary of our thoughts and moment during this year on a bike world trip succeeded our friend Max von Berglicht as a film production.
With this in mind, on towards Turkey :)

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