VAEGABOND - The hardest stage on 2 years of traveling the world!

During our time in Georgia we have already seen some really beautiful corners and explored the High Caucasus. So now we wanted to cycle through the small Caucasus. We've definitley already been over worse streets, that didn't even deserve the name "street" or fought up more steep paths... But this put outclassed everything. The landscape was again incredibly beautiful, but the weather was just awful! It poured rain and in addition there was a dense fog. Our entire equipment gave up from the bags to our clothes - nothing stayed waterproof...

It was really cold and we were dripping wet to our underpants. After searching for a long time we found abandoned shepard hut on the pass in which we stayed for 2 nights to dry a little and to not get sick. In the end there was a happy end for us:
We were noticed by 3 georgians, that quickly invited us to a good bread with Puri, sausage, cheese and self made wine. The next day the fog disappeared and we had a good departure - in the end at only third accommodation of the entire world tour. We deserved it, i'd say ;)

Freshly dried we started our way to Vardzia, where we wanted to visit a cave town. We followed a river and were speechless seeing the beautiful landscape around us. The path going constantly uphill was completely compensated by the landscape. When we arrived in Vardzia, we were surprised. The place was only made up by a hand full of houses and we couldn't find any tourists anywhere. Must've been because of the cloudy weather... Because of the evening slowly arriving, we saved up the cave town for the next day and went to a hot spring. It was even a pool house over there and we bobbed around the cozy warm water. The feeling was just amazing, to relax in the natrually warm water after another bike day over the small Caucasus.

The next day we went to the cave town. There not many visiters, so we could explore the caves in peace. Unfortunatly there were no information cards, so you had to get a guide or an audio guide to learn more about the history of the place. The cave town was was founded in the 12. century and served around 1.000 monchs as a cave monastery. It was supposed to have 13 floors to have 50.000 people live in it, but an earthquake made the entire constructiob shrink to only a quarter of it. There are also daily fairs in the church. The Turkey we've already visited a underground city in Kappadokien. This one in Georgia was not any less impressive.


Best wishes from on the way, 
Melli & Dani

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