VAEGABOND - This was our 2021

We're always stunned by how fast time passes... Swoosh, another year has passed and we've now been on the way with our bikes for 2,5 years.
It's time for a little summary of our highlights of this year:

By the time of the year change 2020/2021, we were still in Antalya in Turkey. The borders around us were closed due to COVID-19. At this point we didn't know yet, that we would end up spending almost 9 months in Turkey. It didn't bother us though. ;) We discovered our passion for rock climbing, cycled to Cappadocia a second time and over the Taurus. Besides that we enjoyed the amazing turkish cuisine and got to know many cool people. Unfortunatly, we also had to say goodbye to our devoted work phone, that was run over by a truck in the mountains. We almost lost our drone too, because it just fell ca. 600 meters deep, while filming a beautiful golden yellow, orange sunset in Mardin. We were incredibly lucky and met a young turk, that had seen where the naughty thing came down. 

In May we went over the Eastern Anatolia Region to the Mediterranean Sea and into the wonderful, green Georgia. Just after crossing the border, we got us a cold beer. We also met people in short clothing again. The landscape is just fabulous and amazed us over and over again. By the way, did we mention it? Everywhere, like really EVERYWHERE you come across cows and pigs, that walk freely and relaxed over the streets. After cycling from one hot sulphurous source to another, we went back to the mountains. In the high Caucasus, we especially liked the region Svaneti. There, we cycled through the rustic Ushguli. Old defense towers are the landmark of the region and we kind of felt set back into the middle ages. Later we went to Kazbegi and to the region Tusheti. There, we cycled on of the most dangerous roads in the world. The road itself is not too well fixiated and very narrow. You basically only encounter SUVs and natives, that know the place very well. The landscape itself though, is very beautiful.

Just, like all around the little Caucasus, where we had the hardest adventure of our entire world tour in October. Rain and fog lasting for days, totally drained our equipment and at the end not only our underwear was wet, but also our bags from the inside. We tried to warm ourselves in an abandoned shepard's hut and dry us as well as everything else for two days. Coincidentally we got to know george, that made our last night on the pass with self made cheese and wine. The biggest reward was the view into the valley and the following downhill. 

We then left the loved Georgia a little wistful. There, everything was so tasty, so easy, the people so nice, the lanscape so breathtakingly. We wet on to Armenia. Even though we didn't make that many acquaintances here, there was a diverse landscape again. We went trough canyons, alongside the Sevan Sea, over mounatains and directly with the view on the Ararat into the capital of the city.

Now we're back to the roots for bit of time. After 2,5 years of continuous use we need to repair our equipment and replace it. With this oppurtunity we also get to see our families and friends again. So this is our third Christmas of the world tour. Just how fast time flies by... 

Christmas 2019 we were in the Dades valley in morocco and cooked a 4 course camping menu with other bike travelers out in the wild. We spent 2020 in the mountains of Antalya in Turkey with our climbing buddies. Now 2021 is the first christmas of the world tour, that we can celebrate with our families again. 

Our break doesn't last for long though and soon we'll be back on the road towards Japan!

Therefore we wish everyone a merry christmas and a successful, healthy year 2022!

Best wishes from on the way,
Melli & Dani

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