VAEGABOND - A fire, that burns eternally

It is always nice, getting surprised by a country all over again. Before cycling into Turkey, we had no expectations or greater experiences, that should be fulfilled. We got there fully unbiased towards the end of September. It's November now and we've reached Antalya.

We got to know so many great people on the way, that also had a big impact on our route through Turkey. We followed the advice of a passionate elderly turkish cycler and took a path along the coast towards the south. There, we passed lonely, but beautiful mountain villages, but also bigger places like Selcuk, Marmaris or Dalyan.  In Dalyan we got to know a turk, that not only makes jewellery in his shop, but he also makes unique bikes made of bamboo. We were also stunned by the royal tombs near the antique city Kaunos and a healthy sulphurous mud bath near Sultaniye made our visit simply perfect.

Another great stage awaited us from Kas on. There we met a frenchman with his packed folding bike and in Demre we collected an englishman with his bike. The four of us headed after countless mountain and valley routes along the coast towards the ruin village Olympos. After immaculate weather it rained torrents, that only came down on us every once in a while for half a day though. From Olympos we took a shortcut over the beach to Cirali. Even the short part of the beach was very adventurous. We pushed our bikes through the sand and shortly before the end we waited through the next rain shower under the roof of a restaurant.

Arrived in Cirali, something really special awaited us. Apparently, on the mountain there are small fire, that didn't go out in over 400 years. That's because natrual earth gas comes out of the rips and splits. A truly very magical and special plase, where we also had a gorgeous view on the sea and could warm ourselves at the same time. When it comes to people, culture and landscapes in Turkey, our heart definitely caught on fire. Like the fires in Ciral, we will probably keep these experiences in mind very well too. You can see more of that in our videos on


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