VAEGABOND - Unvoluntary break – used for creativity

We originallyalready wanted to tell you good news in the February update, in terms of our residence permit for Turkey... Now exactly 3 months since our official appointment have passed – without getting a sign from the turkish authorities. No reaction to our 15 mails and countless calls either. Today we'll again and call hopefully someone qualified with the help of a turkish friend. Other travelers are in a similar situation right now. So unfortunately we still have to wait and hope to get the permit. Kind of funny actually! If we think about it, the 90 days are soon over for the second time. Up to 90 days is the time period, a visit without a special permit is no problem in turkey. We'll see later if the long processing time of the turkish bureaucracy is actually our or their problem. 

After all we had a good time waiting. We produced many new videos and are already in Bulgaria in our latest YouTube episode. There, we explore thermal springs, cycle through beautiful mountain villages, meet amazing people again and set a new record: The forest road, on which we cycled, got replaced by a massive, jagged, furrowed... yea, how can I best describe this... a pebble and rock path. Cycling on that we really tried but just couldn't hit the pedals anymore. The path didn't even deserve the name „path“ and only reminded of the leftovers of a moray eel, that made its way to the valley some time ago. That day it took us more than 6 hours for just 5 kilometers. There's always a first time. ;) you can see the video here.

In addition there's new blogs on our website in the category tipps & tricks. For example we wrote an article about the „perfect camping spot“ there and what to look out for the most while wild camping. Because we also recieved many questions in term of route planing and navigation, there's also tips about that from us, where we download free map material and and and suggestions, which apps and tools we especially like to work with. Aside from that, there's also a new subcategory with various test areas.

This way we make something creative out of our involuntary break. So it's currently not even that bad that we're basically „stuck“. Besides that, the borders to Georgia and Iran aren't even passable for us yet. Opening them back up is already in discussion though. So we will be back on track soon. This way we could finally sort and write down all our ideas and traveling experiences and let our creativity go its way. We hope, that our articles help and inspire some with their own tour and even more so planning it.

In that sense, stay positive and healthy
Best wishes from on the way
Melli & Dani

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