VAEGABOND - Georgia – a fascinating country

We're now on our way for almost 2 years with our bikes and Georgia is the 17th country on our world tour. To be honest... Georgia impressed us so much, that it's almost become our favourite traveling country so far.

Even though the country is quite small compared to Germany, it feels like reaching a new zone every 100km. On the coast to the black sea the climate is really tropical. In the inner land and especially in the capital it's more dry heat coming towards you. The landscapes are especially pretty in the high Caucasus - and also pretty cold.

The local kitchen is tasty and diverse. From tons of different sorts of cheese over eggplant with walnut paste to pastery with cheese or seasoned meat, theres something for everyone here. The beer also tastes better here, although you should rather taste one of the many different wines or even better the local fire water called Chacha. At last the charm of Georgia is also because of the people. The people are very friendly and if you find yourself in the role of the guest, the georgians are really in their element. We already had the oppurtunity for a few times to participate in an old georgian tradition, which is often connected to a sumptuous meal.

A man, often the host, takes the role as a Tamada, a so-called toastmaker within smaller circle. So everyone clinks glasses of wine all over again on god, the dead, the living and all participants. Of course this is coated with a little story and it's something very special for everyone. 

In Georgia you can stay for 360 day as an EU citizen without a Visum. We won't stay exactly that long, but we're excited what else awaits us here.

Liebe Grüße von unterwegs
Melli & Dani

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