VAEGABOND - Montenegro – The „Monte“ hides for a reason in the word

In the past weeks we hard-workingly cycled on through Bosnia Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro and now we're in Albania. The landscape is breathtaking, although it's also a little act of power for Melli. In Montenegro we topped almost everyday the altitudes of the day before. A special day there will probably forever stay in our memory.

We cycled along the bay of Kotor and every small village was prettier, than the other. The stone houses were lovingly pepared and decorated with plants and flowers with almost no exeptions. Benches, that were adorned with flower and chairs on the terraces made the picture complete. Because we were on the coastline, we obviously cycled on the height of the sea surface for a day, meaning 0 altimeters. Because the average temperature was 37°C in the past days, we already got up around 5 o'clock in the morning to enjoy the still cool breeze.

We've already been on 100 alitmeters for a few hours and sweated like crazy again. We used every oppurtunity for water and at every little cluster of houses in the mountains, we asked for a water hose, to splash us. One time, we were even offered to jump in the pool of the kids and got a 1,5 liter bottle of water. The most demanding part of the day came. Uncountable hairpin turns in a sweltering heat. The powers started to give up. The water was running out. Melli got to her limits, but at the end of the day we still somehow made 900 altimeters.

We asked at a bar, that made use of the amazing view and built its terrace directly on a rock, if we could build up our tent there. No problem. Over the time, more and more people came there. The reason for that was found quickly. The sunset was magical from up here and under us, you had a great view on the bay of Kotor.

With our last power, we cook our dinner on our stove. Germans discoverd us and were so shocked, that we actually cycled all the way from Bavaria to here and want to go even further, that they spent us a drink. We were totally happy. With a well-deserved beer in our hands, a full stomach and probably the most beautiful place to sleep that you could imagine.

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