VAEGABOND - Good news & and a catastrophe

We're rolling again!!! Finally back in the saddle and cycling through beautiful landscapes! First of all we went back to Cappadocia, were we explored the underground city in Kaymakli. Even though Turkey had issued a hard lockdown, the tourists and touristic attractions stayed excluded from that. So we could take a closer on 4 levels of the 8 floor of the underground city. The athmosphere was really amazing, the corridors small and narrow. Even Melli with her 1,60m had to duck every now and then, to not bump her head. Russian groups came past us intermittently with their guides. We tried to imagine, how busy it must've been here before covid and were glad to have the caves to ourselves.

After that we went over towards Adana over the Aladaglar mountains, that's also called the Anti-Taurus mountains. This stage was especially tiring, because we had to cycle up a sometimes over 20% rise, often cycle on tracks across the field and then temperatures were already over 32°C in the shade. But the view was absolutely amazing! The mounatins looked beautiful before our eyes and around every curve (even though Melli had to push her bike sometimes for minutes) a breathtaking scenery awaited us.

We'd like to add really cool photos to the article for you here, BUT... we were currently bumping over a single lane dirt road. Then the accident happened! The phone unnoticably slipped out of its holder, we dodged a truck and yea... real shi***... the truck ran over the mobile workplace just as unnoticably... What can I say, we were shocked! Usually we save all our data every month, especially the past amazing week, with photos, that we were already super thrilled to see, simply vanished into thin air in that moment. Not only all photos were gone, we navigated with that phone, did basically everything with it, it was the office of VAEGABOND. The screen was shattered, didn't react and we couldn't transfer data onto our laptop anymore. For now it's find the next biggest city, find a way to save the data and replace the phone. That will probably still take a while...

But there's also good news! There are more activities in our bike travel regular table with 5 other bike travel channels. We've already done a livestream with all participants and together we made a whole series with bike travel tips. In the videos every channel shares their experiences in terms of for example equipment, bike, planning etc. On our YouTube channel you can find tips about wild camping. There's a video to watch here

Luckily we've taken some photos on another device, so this time there's only photos from option 2 :-( In case you know someone, that's well versed with data saving, we'd be very thankful for everybody, that helps us. Besides that ONLY for those, who want to see more articles from us as quickly as possible and want to help us with getting a new work phone: you can support us here directly or via transfer. Of course we'll buy a new phone one way or another, but just like this it'd take longer. Thank you very much!

Best wishes from on the way
Melli & Dani

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