VAEGABOND - Digital chaos and „merhaba Turkey“!

The last days in Bulgaria were were nerve wrecking for us again. That didn't have anything to do with the country though. We became the victims of a horrible hacker attack. Firstly our site on Facebook was hacked, then renamed and we were removed as administrators. We tried to communicate with Facebook for days – really hard considering the automatic answers with absolutely no helpful information. Then it got even worse and the site was completely deleted. For a short while we had the sad, horrifying and stunning feeling, that all that we have build up over a year, all the stories, pictures and lovely people, that are behind that would be gone forever... We don't know how exactly all of that happened, we only know, that we ended up sending about 7 messages to all possible Facebook contacts - suddenly the site was back activated by Facebook.

The next down came with our notbooks refusing to work. We already had problems working with it before. For example we sat before our video cutting program for hours, because every 5 seconds the screen froze for another 7 to 12 seconds (yes we counted). We would sometimes blindly edit our video clips and hoped, that at the end something somewhat passable would come out. Now our laptop completely shut down its service. Unfortunatly, that'll be expensive, since we need a replacement. If you like our videos and want to see more in regular intervals, we are happy about every supporter on

Besides that, we were happy to leave the virtual world behind us and to get on our bikes again to cycle through Turkey. From Swilengrad in Bulgaria, we crossed the border to Turkey towards the end of September. Crossing the border was already a little adventurous. We heard, that it was forbidden to cycle on the highway in Turkey. Stupid enough, that the path over the border went exactly over a part of the highway. We trid it nevertheless. We passed the exit without any problems, then at the entrance we had to go through a cloud of disinfection. It was triggered by a movement detector and couldn't be avoided - that meant close your eyes, hold your breath and through it. Having arrived at the border house, the police officers was impressed. In english he said: "You're not allowed in here... unless you promise me to also put a turkish flag on your bike." We laughed with relief. Of course, that was our plan anyway. Very friendly we were waved through. No one talked about bikes and highways.

From Edirne we went partially over the troia culture route towards Assos and further towards the south. The turks are really nice and we are often invited to cookies and tea. The turkish kitchen is also amazing! Luckily we're on our bikes, because otherwise we would gain much weight in a short time and become roud like a ball...

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