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To the sea by bike. A travel blog from Daniel Kast & Melanie Steinigen

From Amsterdam it took us to the north sea. The sea was grey, the water got slightly whipped up and the noticeable breeze came up. It didn't bother us though. The feeling of reaching the coast with both our bikes was just indescribable. Crazy! To the sea by bike, from Bavaria to the coast of the north sea - just amazingly crazy! Full of euphoria we turned to a small path. There we were left speechless once more. After a couple of meters we were in the middle of the dunes and the view was just gorgeous.

Blown by the wind
Our path lead us further south to the half islands of the Netherlands. Logically there's more of a rough breeze on the sea, than on the inland. As soon as came closer to the dam and the coast, we were basically blown by the wind. In the last October blog we were still glad, that we got spared from the headwind so far, but now it hit us. Unfortunately all the sloppy comments of our friends became true. On one hand the Netherlands were super beautiful and flat to cycle, on the other one there was the wind... it stole every motivation to ever get somewhere quickly. Sometimes there were 60km/h blowing in our faces. We pedaled even more, to not go backwards in a moment of weakness. That was probably the price for being able to cycle through such a wonderful landscape. But we agreed, that it was definitely worth it!

We're on our last legs
We reached Belgium. After the visit in Bruges, we made a little longer of a break in Gent. Dani's SON stopped delivering electricity, because of which a part of the technical devices couldn't be charged on the way anymore. It took a little while until the problem could be solved. Although we lost a few days because of this, but we had even more time to explore the beautiful city.
Following that we left the dutch part of Belgium and cycled on to the french part. We were happy because we cycled through many small forests and the headwind was gone without a trace. It got more hilly now though. We had taken a few nice photos of the romantic city in Dinant, but now the peak of torture awaited us behind the net curve. Never before was it so steeply uphill. Bathed in sweat, we saw a sign that said 15% rise. We got off our bikes rather quickly and pushed them, because we couldn't stay in our saddle. We were on our last legs. But as the saying goes: where it goes uphill, it goes downhill too. The wind did us really well.

Adventure every day
Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France ... We had originally thought, that traveling by bike would be much slower. It actually feels like the past
days that we've been on our world tour flew by. Every day a new adventure awaited us, every day
new experiences every day new faces. You get to know your limits quickly, physically and mentally. 
We're currently visiting relatives in the black forest and optimising our packing system for the 
further route towards Morocco.

If we've had enough?
No, definitely not yet! The week before the last we hit 1.500 kilometers, since we've started in the 
middle of September. There are more kilometers to come, until we reach Japan. Und how many
have already noticed: No, we not going the wrong direction. We just don't take the direct route
to Asia ;) The path stays our destination.

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