Into the adventure - Vaegabond world tour

We left Morocco with one eye laughing and one crying. Unfortunately with a the few setbacks like DaniĀ“s accident and the stolen phone, but the positive experiences definitely overweigh. We're now cycling quarter a year through the beautiful and diverse Morocoo. Towards the end of this wonderful stage, we had a few amazing encounters, that we will remember for a long time.

From Essaouira we cycled along the coast over Casablanca to Mohammedia. From there we went back towards the inland. On the way, we coincidentally got to know a very nice family, that provided completely  for itself with the help of its farm. Without further ado, two chickens got butchered before our eyes and freshly pepared for dinner. As a goodbye, there was freshly milked, very tasty milk. In Beni-Mellal the next culinary highlight awaited us. We ate escargots for the first time in our lives. Let's put it like this: If you're capable of surpressing the knowledge, that you're eating a slimy snail right now, it's not even that bad. ;) Though, we couldn't complain about the soup served to that. It was very aromatic and super tasty! We admired the amazing mountain panorama from Beni-Mellal and visited the nearby reservoir.

We've now arrived back in Germany and are already excited for the soon coming adventures. We're only making a small quick stop and are visiting some friends and family again. We will expectedly be back on our bike world tour in March. Then it'll go towards Croatia, Bulgaria, Georgia, India... basically further and further, until we reach Japan. How it will go on after that, is something we'll think about on the way. ;)

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