VAEGABOND - First borders opening - We're rolling again

Luckily, the general corona situation got better, so that the borders to other countries can open back up step for step. We seized the moment, because we could barely wait to finally cycle on anyways and left Bamberg (now for the 2nd time).

The feeling sitting in the saddle again was just undescribably amazing. But we have to add, that we still had a bit of a queasy feeling. Despite all the loosenings in terms of the corona pandemic, the awareness of the devastating disease is of course still very present. We were all stunned. In some german cities, we saw people, wo took the situation very seriously and still followed the security precautions, like e.g. the safety distance and wearing a mask. Even car drivers who were alone in their car wore masks. In other cities though, the people came together in public places and chatted to police officers without standing six feet (ca. 1,82cm) apart and even had little folk festivals with snack booths. Of course we wanted to harm neither us nor anyone else during the continuation of our bike world tour. For that reason we try to avoid contact to others as much as possible and following the precautions. Because we've received many questions in terms of traveling after the corona lockdown, we already published a brand new FAQ video connected to the first traveling days in germany. You'll find the video here.

Despite that we've already crossed the border to Austria and also crossed the Alps with our fully packed bikes. We're incredibly proud, that we made this quite exhausting part of our further stages despite pretty long breaks. Our reward is the breathtaking view on the mountains, the The alpine pastures and the valleys lying far below. Soon it'll take us to Adria towards Croatia. But all in good time. Until then we'll inform ourselves frequently about the current border situations and the health precaution respectively the measures to be maintained and enjoy nature – far away from crowds.

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