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The Rohloff E-14 has been developed with a focus on maximum durability and efficiency. Very few maintenance procedures are required so ensure this system remains in top condition. You can read all about these procedures for maintaining the Rohloff E-14 components and software below.

In addition, learn how to also deal with any possible operational failures as well as where to locate the serial and version numbers.

Failure Analysis

Consult your local Rohloff dealer to locate the source of any issues should your Rohloff E-14 system fail to operate as expected.

General instructions for how to proceed in the event of a system error can be found here:

Failure Analysis Instructions

Error Codes

Should an error occur, the display of your Bosch eBike System will indicate this by showing the applicable error code. The failure diagnosis and repair can then be completed by your local Bosch dealer using their Bosch diagnostic tool.:

Error Code list


E-14 Serial Number Location

Every Rohloff E-14 Shifter Unit has a unique serial number located underneath the shifter unit. This number will be required should any warranty claim have to be processed, as well as when updating the system software or adding further/future functions. (DO NOT USE FOR SPEEDHUB REGISTRATION)

Important: Removal of this sticker will void various aspects of the E-14 product warranty

Show Version Number

The software version number of both the Bosch eBike system and the Rohloff E-14 system can easily be read from the Bosch display. Find out how below:


Software Update App

The Rohloff E-14 1.0 Classic App can be used to update the software currently being run by the Rohloff E-14 Shifter Unit. The smartphone App connects to the Shifter Unit remotely.


Current Firmware:

  • Bosch: since December 2018 (Serialnumber up to 8803002999998)
  • Bosch: since 2022 (Serialnumber from 8803003000006)
  • Panasonic FIT: since July 2019


Should the Rohloff E-14 system suffer from shifting issues or fail to shift through all 14 gears, then a system calibration will help.

There are two different ways to re-calibrate the E-14 Shifter Unit:


Manually Automatically

Diagnostic Kit

For easy identification and localization of defective components should an E-14 equipped bicycle ever suffer technical issues hindering operation. Reduces customer downtime and helps uphold the expectations and customer satisfaction.