Rohloff E-14 1.0 Classic Android App

What you can expect to find on this page

Remote updates can be uploaded and installed in any Rohloff E-14 Shifter Unit via remote connection using an Android mobile device running the Rohloff E-14 1.0 Classic App.

Furthermore, dealers are now able to use this App to swap the software to that required by the motor brand in use.



The App is only required for servicing which is why this is to date only compatible with Android devices. An IOS version is not available.


The Rohloff E-14 1.0 Classic App is compatible with all Smartphones running Android version 6 or above. The App can be found in the Google Playstore by clicking on the following link:

App in Playstore

Current Firmware:

  • Bosch: since December 2018 (Serialnumber up to 8803002999998)
  • Bosch: since 2022 (Serialnumber from 8803003000006)
  • Panasonic FIT: since July 2019

Various Modes

Normal Mode

In Normal Mode, an E-14 Software update can be downloaded from the Rohloff server and installed on the E-14 Shifter Unit.


Admin Mode

In Admin Mode, dealers are able to install the correct software on the E-14 Shifter Unit – independent of actual motor fitted to bicycle.
Bosch ↔ Panasonic


Diagnostic Mode

The Diagnostic Mode can be used to forward critical system data to Rohloff if needed during servicing.



Displays important information with regards to the various permissions associated with the App.



Permission Requirements

The E-14 App requries permissions for various mobile device system features, in order to function correctly:

  • Location: The App initially asks for access to  the "location services (GPS)". This is necessary to enable the App to locate the remote signal emitted from the E-14 Shifter Unit. This requirement stems from the Android-Architecture. Rohloff would like to assure all customers that at no stage, will your physical location be made accessible to the Rohloff AG.
  • Data Storage: The E-14 software needs to be saved somewhere on your mobile device, between downloading form our server and uploading to the E-14 Shifter Unit.
  • Camera: Access to the camera is necessary to scan the E-14 Shifter Unit barcode.

Behavior during update process

The eBike must be switched on before starting the software update process. The batteries of both eBike and mobile device should be charged to at least 50% capacity. The mobile device must have an active internet connection.

During the update process:

  • Proximity – E-14 Shifter Unit/Smartphone must not exceed 2 Meters
  • Smartphone must not be switched off
  • Refrain from using the mobile device for other tasks
  • The eBike must not be switched OFF
  • The eBike batteries must not be removed