Diagnostic Mode

The Diagnostic Mode enables system data from the E-14 Shifter Unit to be read and emailled to the Rohloff AG to help with servicing.

The Rohloff E-14 Shifter Unit must be connected to a mobile device for this function. The connection process is outlined in the Normal Mode section.

The [ ANALYSE ] button automatically activates once a connection has been established between E-14 Shifter Unit and mobile device. The button text then switches from light to dark to confirm it is activate. Tap this button.

The E-14 Shifter Unit data can now available to view and can be copied to the mobile device.

Now select an E-Mail App with which to send the data.

The eMail addresse service@rohloff.de will automatically be loaded as the recipient address. You may now simply send the email.

The ability to review this data will help Rohloff provide more efficient and comprehensive service support when necessary.

The Rohloff AG wish to assure you all: Only the E-14 Shifter Unit system data will be shared with us. Sending the email authorizes Rohloff with use of the data and email address provided, for matters relating to this service case.