Normal Mode

In this mode, an E-14 software update – if available – can be downloaded from the Rohloff server and installed on the E-14 Shifter Unit.

The correct procedure is described below:

Switch eBike system “OFF” before starting the App

Start the App by tapping the App symbol on your mobile device.

The serial number of the Rohloff E-14 Shifter Unit must be scanned into the App using the camera on your mobile device, in order to create a connection between the two.

Simply click on the camera symbol to open the camera function.

The E-14 Shifter Unit serial number and its corresponding barcode are located on the underside of the Rohloff E-14 Shifter Unit.

Angle the camera so that the red line crosses through the bar-code and then move the camera nearer or farther from the E-14 Shifter Unit, to focus the camera.

The mobile device will scan the barcode automatically once focused, then switch back to the last screen. The bar-code section of the App screen will now automatically be filled with the bar-code number.

Switch the eBike system “ON” and wait for the 3 quite peep signals transmitted from the E-14 Shifter Unit.

The App now needs to be connected to the Rohloff E-14 Shifter Unit within the next 60 seconds. Do this by simply tapping the button in the App screen.

If a connection between Rohloff E-14 Shifter Unit and mobile device cannot be created, switch the eBike system "OFF" and then back "ON" again and go through the steps to trry and create a connection anew.

The mobile device should now create a connection to the Rohloff E-14 Shifter Unit.

Once found, the E-14 Shifter Unit will be displayed in the E-14 App. Tap on the E-14 Shifter Unit to select the component.

Important: If multiple Rohloff E-14 Shifter Units are located within range of the App, ensure the eBike systems of those not relevant to this process are all switched "OFF".

The Rohloff E-14 App will display both the software version currently installed on the connected E-14 Shifter Unit, as ell as the version available to download.

An update is not possible if both displayed version numbers are identical. The [ START UPDATE ] button will remain inactive.

If a new software version is available, the update process can be initiated by tapping the [ START UPDATE ] button.

Important: The distance between Rohloff E-14 Shifter Unit and mobile device, must not exceed 2 meters to avoid loss of connection.

The software update will take appoximately five minuten and can be cancelled at any stage by tapping the [ ABORT ] button. The progress bar shows the current status of the update procedure.

Confirmation that the software update was successful when the status: „finished updating device" is displayed. Tap the [ UPDATE SUCCESSFUL! CLOSE ] button to finish.

The Rohloff E-14 App screen will change back to the start screen. The Rohloff E-14 App can now be closed.

To complete the process, switch the eBike system "OFF", wait 10 seconds, then switch the eBike system back "ON". Check that the new E-14 software is listed as installed. The process for using the eBike display to check which E-14 software version is currently installed, can be found by clicking on the link below: