Rohloff E-14

Electronic Shifting System for Bosch and Panasonic FIT eBike Systems

In this manual you will find everything you need to know about the Rohloff E-14. Choose a topic:


Everything you need to know on the operation of your Rohloff E-14 Shifting System



A rough guide/overview of the general Rohloff E-14 components

System Overview


Everything you need to know on assembly of the individual Rohloff E-14 components.

Assembly Instructions


Everything you need to know on correctly maintaining the Rohloff E-14.

Maintenance Instructions

What defines the E-14

  • load-free shifting in connection with Bosch and Panasonic FIT eBike systems
  • shiftable through all gears, even while stationary
  • Multishift function
  • start gear/Auto-downshift
  • power supply via Bike transmission power source
  • unlimited for S-Pedelec use
  • increased riding comfort
  • increased battery range

Cycling and shifting with the Rohloff E-14

The Rohloff E-14 shifter unit, combined with the Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14, works in unison with Bosch and Panasonic FIT eBike transmissions to provide an optimally coordinated shift between gears. This in turn increases both the rider comfort, safety and battery range while simultaneously drastically reducing the wear of all bicycle transmission components.
The direct connection and thus permanent communication between Rohloff E-14 Shifter Unit and eBike transmission via CAN-Bus, ensures the continuous evaluation of:

  • current support level provided by the eBike transmission
  • current crank position
  • current power input level of cyclist

A single push of either the ‘+’ or ‘˗’ button on the Rohloff E-14 Shifter will trigger a chain of commands, calculating the ideal time for the Rohloff E-14 system and eBike transmission to perform the actual gear shift.

  • the support level of the transmission will be reduced 
  • the shift command will be sent to the Rohloff E-14 Shifter Unit
  • the selected gear will be quickly and precisely engaged at the exact point where cranks are vertical   (least human input   force applied)
  • the support level of the transmission will be re-applied
  • this entire process will be completed in approximately 0.2 seconds

A small amount of rider input is still required to ensure load-free and comfortable shifts are completed within 0.2 seconds:

  • an optimal cadence of between 50 and 80
  • avoid increasing pedal load during shift process
  • foresightly cycling, e.g. downshifting before a hill rather than once on it

All the above will ensure the battery range is extended and the number of charges is reduced.