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Easy, efficient and fast – the Rohloff E-14 shifting system works in harmony with the Bosch eBike system of your E-Bike to provide an excellent shift performance. Operation of the Bosch-Display and shifting via the Rohloff E-14 switch is incredibly simple. Learn more in detail below:

Turn on

Switch Bosch eBike System „ON“.

Gear Indicator

Press the „i“ button on the remote or the display, until “gear” appears in the display. The gear number indicator now remains permanently in view.
If an alternative display view has been selected, the gear number will be temporarily displayed for a short peiod following a gear shift.

Shifting Gears

Shifting Gears

The gear shift is operated by pressing either a button on the E-14 switch unit. The Switch Unit is equipped with 3 buttons:
 „+“:  Shifts gears upwards towards gear #14  „−“:  Shifts gears downward towards #1  „M“: For configuration purposes only
One gear change per press of a button.

Multishift Function

Should either of the Switch Unit buttons be held down permantly, the Rohloff E-14 shifting mechanism will shift one gear as normal, then pause, before shifting 3 gears in rapid succession. The Shifting system will then pause for 0.5 seconds again before shifting another 3 gears and continue to shift in this “3-gear, pause” sequence until reaching the bedstop gear for that chosen direction (i.e. gear #14 when holding the „+“ button or gear #1 when holding the „-“ button).

Warning Multishift-Function

Special care must be taken when shifting down (- button). The Rohloff E-14 can shift multiple gears in a very short time. Sudden loss of pedal resistance can lead to loss of balance and possible cause accidents and injuries.

Take care not to accidentally press and hold the E-14 Switch buttons during a ride.
Do not rest fingers on the E-14 Switch buttons unless intending to shift.
Unintentional shifting into low gears (- button) during a ride can lead to loss of balance/control and possible accidents and injuries.

Start Gear / Auto-Downshift

Tip: Use of this function is freely programmable for consumers and manufacturers alike. As such, this function could be either active or inactive upon receipt of your Rohloff E-14 and Bosch eBike Systems equipped bicycle.  

The Rohloff E-14 shifting mechanism, in connection with a Bosch eBike System offers the option of selecting a gear (between #1 and #9) into which the bicycle will automatically shift upon coming to a complete halt. 

When active, the Auto-Downshift function will shift down to any pre-programmed starting gear once the bicycle is stationary for a period of at least 3 seconds (no signal received from Bosch speed sensor). This process will occur as long as the last gear manually selected was higher than the pre-programmed starting gear, and the bicycle was initially moving at more than 10 km/h. Leg weight/pedal force should ideally be removed from the pedals while stationary to ensure smooth shift performance.

Step-by-step instructions for activating or deactivating the starting gear can be found here:

Intuvia Nyon Kiox

Nyon 2. Gen (BUI350) 


Each bicycle manufacturer has the ability to alter or deactivate the pre-programmed start gear (auto-downshift) from the default gear number in which units are shipped.

Cleaning of the Rohloff E-14 Components

Remove the Bosch eBike System battery from the bicycle.
Only clean the cables while connected to avoid contamination of the exposed plug ends.
The individual Rohloff E-14 components are water resistant and designed to withstand moisture levels as associated with cycling through rainy weather.
Protect the individual Rohloff E-14 components from excessive dirt.
Use soft cloths/brushes and mild cleaning agents only when cleaning the E-14 components.  Do not use of aggressive chemicals and solvents to clean individual components. Solvent use may damage of the component materials and lead to irreparable operational interference of the Rohloff E-14 components.
Do not use high-pressure jet/power wash systems to clean a Rohloff E-14 equipped bicycle. Water penetration will lead to irreparable operational interference of the Rohloff E-14 components.
Do not submerge individual Rohloff E-14 components in water.
Installation and activation of the Bosch eBike System battery is permitted only after the electrical contacts thereof have been fully dried off.

Energy Supply

The Rohloff E-14 does not require additional, individual power source if used in connection with a Bosch eBike system. The Rohloff E-14 shifting system will piggy-back off the Bosch eBike sytstem, drawing power from the Bosch battery as and when required.

Due to this configuration, the Rohloff E-14 will only function when the Bosch eBike system is switched to the “on” position.

The residual power in the battery will enable the integrated bicycle lighting system to remain functional for a period after the Bosch eBike System switches itself off. The Rohloff E-14 shifting system will also remain functional during this period.

Safety Information

General Safety Information

Always de-activate and remove the Bosch eBike System battery from its mount, prior to performing any service on the bicycle.

Rohloff E-14 components are not user-serviceable and must not be opened. Unauthorized opening/tampering of these components is dangerous and will result in immediate loss of product warranty.

Do not submerge individual Rohloff E-14 components under water.

Installation and activation of the Bosch eBike System battery is permitted only after the electrical contacts thereof have been fully dried off.

Reversing a deactivated Bosch eBike System equipped bicycle may automatically switch the system back „on”.

Warning - Cable Connectors

Disconnection of the cable connectors while the Bosch eBike System is switched „on“, may lead to erratic behavior and possible irreparable damage of the individual components.

Further Safety Information

Further, in-depth safety information relating to the general mounting, maintenance and operation of a SPEEDHUB equipped bicycle, as well as the Rohloff E-14 Shifting System, can be found in the Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14 Owners Manual and online at