Manual Calibration - Rohloff E-14

Should any operational issues arise while using the Rohloff E-14 system (e.g. inability to shift one or more gears), and the auto-calibration feature fail to rectify the issue, then it will be necessary to manually calibrate the E-14 system.

Please note

These following instructions assume the correct function of all E-14 components as well as various other eBike transmission components.

  • Switch eBike system "off"
  • Remove eBike battery
  • Remove SPEEDHUB wheel. Click here for tips on wheel removal
  • Place/hold wheel so the Rohloff E-14 Shifter Unit is facing upwards

Make sure to note the Axleplate position in relation to the E-14 Shifter Unit.

Tip: Take a photo of the position with your Smartphone.

Remove all 5 TX20 axleplate screws  (Torx TX20 wrench = Art.#8504).

Remove the axleplate, making sure the E-14 Shifter Unit remains attached to the SPEEDHUB.

Remove "Cog D". Use tweezers if necessary.

If the SPEEDHUB was not shifted into gear #14 prior to wheel removal, do this now as follows:

Use an 8mm socket wrench to rotate the hexagonal end of the shifting shaft. Rotating this shaft fully counter clockwise to the bedstop will select gear #14.

Now follow these steps::

  • Connect the Rohloff E-14 Shifter Unit to the eBike.
  • Install eBike battery.
  • Switch eBike system "on".
  • Use the " + " button to shift the Rohloff E-14 Shifter Unit into gear #14 (gear 14 should be visible on Bosch dispaly).
  • Switch eBike system "off".
  • Remove eBike battery.
  • Disconnect Rohloff E-14 Shifter Unit from the eBike.

Safety Relevent eBike Information

Take extra care when working on an eBike if the battery is installed and/or the system is switched "on".

Warning - Cable Connection

Disconnection of the cable connectors while the Bosch eBike System is switched „on“, may lead to erratic behavior and possible irreparable damage of the individual components


Ensure "cog D" is refitted over the hexagonal shifting shaft in the correct orientation. The small/round end must face into the gear-unit.

Attention: See Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14 Owners Manual „Changing the Gear Mech“.

Attention: Cog "D" will only slip lightly over the hexagonal shifting shaft in one ofthe 6 possible positions.

Installation of the axleplate with an incorrectly fitted cog "D" will result in internal SPEEDHUB 500/14 component damage.

  • Re-fit the Axleplate in the correct position with regards to the Rohloff E-14 Shifter Unit
  • Re-fit the 5 TX20 Torx screws and tighten to the required torque with a calibrated torque wrench (Torx TX20 wrench, 3Nm)
  • Re-fit SPEEDHUB wheel. Click here for tips on wheel removal/installation.
  • Install eBike battery
  • Re-attach Rohloff E-14 Shifter Unit with eBike cable loom
  • Switch eBike system "on"
  • Use the " +/- " buttons to check that all 14 speeds are now accessible (check if all gears are visible on Bosch display)